Monday, August 28, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig claims to Subpoena the Newtown PD, Gov. Malloy

I felt I needed to publicly share Wolfgang's latest email.  I'm very glad he takes the time to CC me as I must admit, I enjoy them immensely.

Wolfgang Halbig is claiming he will subpeona Gov. Dannel Malloy and numerous Newtown Police Officers into Lenny Pozner vs Wolfgang Halbig.  Wolfgang is being sued for posting "Dox" information of Lenny Pozner.

InfoWars fake news reporter Dan Bidondi gives
Sandy Hook Hoax Conspiracy Leader Wolfgang Halbig a duckie.
Wolfgang would later raise money claiming the duckie gave him a
urinary tract infection after he put the duckie in his mouth.

The email was sent to his "witness list" as people he thinks he can depose in the case.  The list is:  (Note: I edited the list removing generic emails like "FBI", etc):
Malloy, Governor
Murphy, Colleen
Christine Plourde 
Hennick, Thomas
Webster, Antoinette
David Altimari
Debbie Leilein
Steven Barry
Newtown Police: James Viadero, Christopher Vanghele, Felicia Figol, felicia, Leonard Penna, Liam Seabrook, 
David Kullgren,  Aaron Bahamonde, William Chapman, Michael Mcgowan, Ben Mulhall, Matthew Hayes.

The second thing to notice about this email is Wolfgang again claims Leonard Pozner is seeking "55 million dollars"; a random number he appears to have invented to help bolster his own fundraising.   Incidentally, I believe he said that in many fundraising interviews. 

Here is the email:
Governor Malloy:

I have never taken the deposition of a Governor before, so please work with me on this.

Ever since our meeting in your office, I sensed that you wanted to help me, so the best way to do that is by allowing me to issue you a Subpoena and take your deposition in Hartford. CT.

As you can see, Leonard Pozner wants answers regarding the Sandy Hook Shooting in my Interrogatories and Discovery Motions and only you will have the truth.  So I need you urgently.

The rest of those on the email I look forward in meeting you and issues Subpoenas for your deposition in the Leonard Pozner Civil lawsuit against me.

I have posted the link so you can follow along.

He is seeking 55 million dollars so you can see my urgency in defending myself with your testimony in court.

I have attached a Chapter of what I found in the Newspapers and the CT State POlice Final Report so you have something to review in order not to forget your statement on the news and in your police reports..

One Chapter everyday.

Do not want to overwhelm you with your stories.

If you have any questions, please call me at 352-729-2559



While my instinct is to scoff at Wolfgang and his harebrained ideas, I've seen many in Newtown bow to his idiotic subpoena's before.  Personally, I think it's an abuse of the states power to attempt to subpoena out of state witnesses without cause and, if he tries to enforce it through the courts, he should be heavily sanctioned.  I'm just not sure they will attempt to quash the subpoena or simply give in to the conspiracy theorist.

They could just simply ignore the toothless subpoena's from Wolfgang.  It's not like Lake County Sheriff's will go arrest someone in Connecticut. They wont even get off their tails and arrest an harasser in their own county.

We are well beyond what should be tolerated from Wolfgang and what Newtown should tolerate.  I would think that once his right-hand man was convicted of harassing a Sandy Hook parent, that would have been enough and they would put a stop to his nonsense. 

The email is part of a string of emails between Wolfgang and Lenny Pozner's attorney.  Lenny Pozner's attorney responded to Halbig by demanding Halbig retract the false 55 million dollar claim. Wolfgang refuses, claiming it's true.

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As an FYI, Lenny has spent over $30,000 in the lawsuit against Wolfgang Halbig.   Very few donations have come in to cover the mounting legal bill.

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