Friday, December 30, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig uses Discovery to Bully and Attack Sandy Hook Parent

Halbig doxes Lenny Pozner - Gets sued
The case is very simple - Wolfgang Halbig is accused of "doxing" Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner, in violation of Florida laws by posting unredacted correspondence containing Pozner's address, email, and phone number on Halbig's fundraising website. Case documents may be downloaded here.

Halbig apparently refused demand letters from Lenny's attorney to remove the personal information from Halbig's fundraising website.  Halbig ignored the demand.

According to the complaint, Lenny Pozner suffered harm as a result of Halbig's doxing.  Pozner filed suit seeking compensatory damages, an injunction,  and attorney fees.

That is the only thing at issue in this case - Pozner's private information (dox), posted in violation of Florida law.  Halbig has seemingly decided to use the case to further bully the beleaguered Sandy Hook parent by obtaining even more information about Pozner.

What kind of person would do such a thing? Why, a hoaxer, of course.

Bully and Fundraising - the Hoaxer credo
In addition to bullying Lenny for more Dox info, Halbig appears to be hoping to pad his fundraising scheme. Halbig admits he has raised over a $100,000 from his hoaxer followers.

 To raise money, Halbig is pretending the case is much more than it is. Recently, Halbig claimed he would depose Dr. Wayne Carver; Connecticut's former Chief Medical Examiner, for the Florida case.

What information could Dr Carver possibly offer about the doxing of Lenny Pozner's personal information by Halbig? Obviously nothing. But the sales pitch plays well with Halbig's hoaxer followers, thus helping Halbig line his pockets with more donor cash.  By the way, the donations are not  being used in the Pozner case because Halbig is not using an attorney. Where do Halbig's donations go? No one knows. Halbig refuses to disclose expenditures or account for the funds.

Halbig seeking more dox info
Halbig recently filed for discovery and is obviously abusing the discovery process to further attack, dox, bully, and intimidate Lenny Pozner.  After all, is there any other reason for asking for private items such as Lenny Pozner's birth certificate?

Since the items requested by Halbig have zero relevance to the case, they will obviously be quashed by the court. The point is that Halbig's attacks on Sandy Hook families, especially Lenny Pozner, continue unabated.

Let's look at some of Halbig's bullying requests:

Somehow Halbig believes he is entitled to birth information, including Lenny's birth certificate.

And, Halbig believes he is entitled to Lenny's Naturalization and Citizenship papers.  What do those papers have to do with anything related to the case? The answer is obvious: nothing.

Lenny's Birth Certificate and Naturalization papers are not enough Dox information for the wide-eyed conspiracy theorist leader; Halbig wants Driver's Licenses from three different states.  For what? Obviously all of this information would likely be spread to the hoaxer stalking and harassing group's, such as Tony Mead's predatory Sandy Hook Hoax group.

The predatory hoax group is breathlessly awaiting the dox information:

Doubtless this sought information would be used to further threaten and harass Lenny Pozner by the volatile hoaxer followers

And Halbig wants corporate filings; which of course, have nothing to do with whether or not Halbig doxed Pozner.

Hoping to score some hoaxer points, Halbig asks if Pozner has ever been an employee of any person or government agency.  Over broad and irrelevant much?  Much too much, Halbig.

It is obvious the case is being used to attempt to bully and further dox Lenny Pozner.
Let's hope the court does the right thing and sanctions Halbig to the fullest.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hoaxer Justin Woolee Justin Hess - Premeditated Murder

Hoaxer Justin Woolee Justin Hess - Premeditated Murder

UPDATE 12/23/16 - Woman called 911 on Hess the day beforeOn Thursday, a woman who wants to remain nameless, said she too called 911 the day before Newson did. She said she was outside at a local daycare when she claimed Hess began to follow her, first on foot.
"I was at the school trying to get in a door and he was at a door trying to get in also," the woman said.
The school was locked and the woman said she knew she had to get away from Hess when he started telling her that he was, "the chosen one."
"I turned the corner and I ran to my car," she said.

Read more:

As covered in my first blog on the, well known gun nut and Sandy Hook hoaxer / truther has been arrested for double murder.

Hess had a long history of threatening commentary, such as claiming he was going to "vote from the rooftop" because the election was "rigged" for Hillary Clinton.

Hess was also a radical alt-right gun hoaxer truther and suffered from obvious mental illness.  Hess was on my radar as a possible hoaxer who would turn into a shooter/killer; as a result, I subscribed to him and kept tabs on him.  Many others felt the same way. Several called him "Justin Adam Lanza Wooley".

A recent Youtuber commented "I'm surprised he killed his mom. I thought he was going to blow up a building like Timothy McVey".

I second that.  Hess was a ticking time bomb and authorities ignored it.

Hess' recent posts and videos clearly indicate that he was likely planning his killing spree that left two dead, including his own mother.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Justin Hess "Justin Woolee" Arrested for Murder

Justin Hess aka Youtube "Justin Woolee" has been arrested for double murder!  Hess is accused of shooting his mother to death, then driving to nearby Sandy Springs and stabbing to death an innocent teacher.

Few in the online community are surprised at that murders; in fact, several Youtubers referred to Hess, an avowed Sandy Hook truther, as 'Justin "Adam Lanza" Woollee 'due to his psychotic rants and threats during videos. Hess also had no job and appeared to be supported completely by his mother and owned a cache of expensive weapons that were possibly provided to him by his mother.

 Hess drank all of the Alex Jones ultra alt- right kool-aid; From Bundy Ranch to chem trails, FEMA Camps, fake moon landing, all Hoaxes - you name it, if Alex Jones preached it, Hess believed it religiously.

Hess is a radical gun nut, often seen on Youtubes wandering around his mother's basement (literally, he lived in his mother's basement) armed with pistols, knives, rifles, and more. He considered himself a "Sovereign Citizen" and a "III'er".   This Sandy Hook Hoaxer is the type of person Sandy Hook Facts has been warning about and documenting.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A Cobb County man was ordered to be held without bond Monday in the shooting death of this mother, 61-year-old Carol Hess.
Justin Hess, 31, made his first court appearance Monday on charges of felony murder and aggravated assault. His next court date is scheduled for January 10, 2017.
Cobb County Police responded to a call on Saturday evening at Mulberry Farms that shots were fired at 403 Bridle Path Northeast in Marietta. Police arrived on the scene and found a 61-year-old female deceased.
Her son, 31-year-old Justin Hess, lives with her, but was not home when police arrived, according authorities. Cobb County Police issued a lookout for him Saturday evening.  And Sunday morning, officers received a call that Hess was back at the residence.
SWAT arrived and later arrested Hess after a police standoff.

Is there anyone who watched Justin Hess videos who didn't see this coming?  Justin Hess, also known on Youtube as "Justin Wooley"and "Counter Tyranny Ops" was a rabid Sandy Hook Hoaxer. In fact, he is a radical "gun truther" who believed in just about every conspiracy theory.  Justin Hess is well known for his cheesy martial arts and firearms mixed paranoid anti-government rants laced with vague threats of violence.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Appeals filed in Wolfgang Halbig Freedom of Information Dash Cam Case

Both parties have filed an appeal of the Freedom of Information Commission ruling in Wolfgang Halbig versus Connecticut State Police.

Halbig was requesting seized Newtown Police Sandy Hook dash cams. The Commission found partially in his favor, ordering those released.  Halbig is seeking four dash cams; two of which he already received in a timely fashion from Newtown Police (Seabrook and Sinko).

Halbig was also requesting Newtown Police Officer Sandy Hook statements. The final report only released summaries of these statements because the  State Police maintain the position that these are exempt from disclosure based on the fact they  are "witness statements".

The appeal by the Connecticut State Police, filed 12-14-16, asks for a stay on the order to release the dash cams and a ruling overturning the order to release the Dash Cams.

The appeal by Wolfgang Halbig, filed 12-12-14. asks for a ruling ordering the State Police to release the Newtown Police Officer statements.

Kay Wilson stays on board
It is note worthy that L. Kay Wilson is still representing Wolfgang even though Wolfgang has been degrading and disparaging her lately; in one recent interview saying "she's compromised" and that he "did not trust her".   I suspect that Wolfgang must be paying very well since Kay Wilson continues to represent Halbig, even though he humiliates her publicly.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

James Tracy Lawsuit vs Florida Atlantic University DISMISSED

James Tracy's rambling conspiracy laden confusing complaint has been dismissed!

Several counts, including all state claims and the Fourth Amendment due process claims are dismissed with prejudice. This means Tracy cannot refile those claims Federally.  The ruling is summarized, with a link to the full order, below.

Some claims are dismissed without prejudice; thus the court is offering Tracy one last chance to present even a single coherent claim.

Tracy obviously could appeal the ruling.

The Judge apparently not appreciate the hoaxer "gish gallup conspiracy" methodology of the paranoid hoaxer professor; the judge opened his order stating:

Plaintiff’s  allegations  are  not  clear  because  Plaintiff’s  narrative  intertwines  multiple  constitutional  theories  and,  as  a  result,  both  this  [court]  struggle  to  define  the  alleged  constitutional  injury  in  this  case.  

As to the ruling itself-  Tracy's claims were addressed in eight points.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December in Sandy Hook - Four Years After

12/14/14 Update - I  have received more photos. They are shared below.

On this fourth year since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school, I'm very proud to present a few photos sent to me by a prominent Sandy Hook resident.  These photos were taken December 13, 2016 especially for the Sandy Hook Facts 12-14-16 blog post.

I am personally honored and grateful to receive these photos.

I am told the weather is much like it was four years ago and that is perhaps adding to the grief.

Note the "Ben's Bell" hanging from the tree behind the new Sandy Hook sign.

These Belgium stones have been laid out in a yard on Philo Curtis Road since shortly after the shootings. I left part of the outbuilding in the background to give you a sense of scale.

The house is across the road from Treadwell Park, where the press conferences were held, and it's just around the corner from the firehouse.

Sandy Hook fire department and their annual Christmas tree sale.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sandy Hook Truther Lucy Richards arrested  - Facebook  -  Twitter: @cwwades

Exclusive Breaking News!
Another Sandy Hook Facts Scoop!

Sandy Hook Facts is announcing the arrest of Sandy Hook hoaxer Lucy Richards
for felony charges related to stalking, threats, and harassment of Sandy Hook parent, Lenny Pozner; identified in the federal Indictment with the initials "LP".

The voicemail / phone threats may be heard here:

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Lucy Richards was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and subsequently arrested in the Tampa, Florida area. She has been released on $25,000 bond.

Hoaxer Lucy Richards faces 20 years in prison.

Her court date is December 19th, 2016 at 11:00 am.

Lucy Richards mugshot according to MSM

Full Grand Jury Indictment:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sandy Hook Hoax Truthers: Questions or Hate? - video

Sandy Hook Hoax Truthers: Questions or Hate?

They call themselves "Truthers".  Some call them "Gun Truthers".  They are conspiracy theorists; but these are not your grandfather's conspiracy theorists peacefully enjoying "In Search of Big Foot..."

Those who know them best call them Sandy Hook Hoaxers; and for good reason. 

The hoaxer is a dangerous, coercive, intimidating, and threatening breed of radicalized cult like conspiracy theorists; their actions taken in response to Youtube videos are bone chilling and in many cases, outright criminal.

The top echelon of the Sandy Hook "Truth movement" have built a narrative on false claims, fabricated photoshopped "evidence", misrepresentations, and outright fraud.

Worse still, the groups are operated by mentally ill, white supremacist, and /or militia members; most of whom are heavily armed and believe little children and mothers are in a plot to "take their guns".

Alex Jones has recently been attacking Sandy Hook Families, trolling them with false information and lies and doing so to breed hate and of course, to cause them pain.  There is really no other rational explanation for why Alex Jones is intentionally misrepresenting facts about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Sandy Hook Hoaxers are an organized group with leadership group, propaganda division, hackers, and attack trolls. At the top, are shills who line their pockets with cash, advancing hoax, and controlling the direction of the narratives.

The hoax leaders demand a lock step thinking. To ensure compliance, those that get out of line are subject to ridicule, banishment, and stalking.  Any one who publishes something they do not agree with are attacked, defamed, and stalked, and harassed. The hoaxer cult represents a danger to society.

Each and every day the hoaxer cult put out videos attacking anyone they believe to be affiliate with Sandy hook. For example, they have tried desperately to silence Sandy Hook Facts.

Sandy Hook Facts has had to wage TWO court battles as a result of hoaxer efforts; one to fend off a lawsuit from Wolfgang Halbig attempting to silence this blog and one to slap a restraining order on a Sandy Hook Hoax Group troll who went to far with his threats.    Wolfgang still owes Sandy Hook Facts about $25,000 for his assault on my free speech.

This video is a 20 minute compilation of the hatred Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook Hoax group have bred; however, it is just the tip of the ice berg anyone affiliated with Sandy Hook faces every single day.

Should this group be recognized as a hate group?
If you only watch one video on Sandy Hook truthers, this should be it.

Sandy Hook Hoax Truthers: Questions or Hate? 

For more information and a full debunking of the Sandy Hook Hoax charade, visit

A research journal by CW Wade - investigative journalist.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sandy Hook Death Certificates and Records Sealed- Alex Jones Fully Debunked

"All Death Certificates from the Sandy Hook shooting are available from Newtown Town Clerk; I have five of them to prove it."

Recently, Alex Jones' crew at Infowars began spreading the false hoaxer meme that the Death Records are not available from the Sandy Hook tragedy.  The crew also spread the false hoaxer claim that the Social Security Death Index lists Adam Lanza's death as December 13th (a day before the shooting.)

This is all part of Alex Jones' campaign to cause harm and pain to families of Sandy Hook with false  hoaxer claims.

Incidentally,  Sandy Hook has debunked every claim made by Alex Jones:

Alex Jones Wayback Machine Debunked: 
CNN Debunks Alex Jones
Alex Jones Conspiracy Lies Debunked
Alex Jones is a Black Hearted Sandy Hook Hoaxer 

As with the other debunked memes Alex Jones spreads during his fake news casts, the claims about the death records are unresearched hoaxer tripe and disinformation spread to intentionally trick people into believing his claims are "evidence of Hoax" and that the "children are actors" - a few of the evil hearted beliefs held by Alex Jones.

Infowars Rob Dew and Owen Shroyer have both
been caught spreading disinformation about
Sandy Hook 

Infowars Rob Dew Debunked
Alex Jones appears to enjoy using the lies to attack and hurt the Sandy Hook families. It was never more apparent than when  Alex Jones dispatched his reporter, Rob Dew, to spread the blatant lies invented by Hoaxers.  Sandy Hook Facts notified Rob Dew of his error and Rob Dew refused to ackowledge facts.  Therefore, you know the disinformation and lies are intentional.

Rob Dew and Infowars was debunked by Sandy Hook Facts in video here:

Let's look at the claims made by Infowars.

Infowars claims Death Records in Newtown are sealed and it's a felony to "check them". This is a bold faced lie and easily debunked.

According to Connecticut Law:
"A certified copy of a Connecticut death certificate may be purchased for a fee by anyone over the age of 18 years.  All CT death certificates include the decedent’s cause of death. "

Therefore, since anyone over 18 may purchase the Death Records, it is obviously not a "felony" to obtain them.

Newtown -
All Death Certificates from the Sandy Hook shooting are available from Newtown Town Clerk. is in possession of Newtown issued Death Certificates for Noah Pozner, Avielle Richman, Benjamin Wheeler. has chosen not to release them at this time; however, they have been shown in video - screen cap here:

Two children, Olivia Engel and Benjamin Wheeler, were pronounced dead at Danbury Hospital. As such, Death Certificates for those children may be obtained from Danbury Town Clerk, in additon to Newtown or Connecticut. This can be confirmed by search of Danbury online records:

Sandy Hook substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau was a resident of Danbury, so her Death Certificate is available from the Danbury Town Clerk, in addition to Newtown or Connecticut.

You may search the Danbury Death Certificate index yourself here:

You may obtain copies of the Death Certificate from Connecticut here: challenges Rob Dew
Crisis Actors Guild I'd like to extend a challenge to Rob Dew: if I - as a private citizen - am able to procure the death certificates, he must donate the cost of each death certificate ($20) the comes into my possession to a charity of my choosing. I wonder if he will put his money where his mouth is or continue parroting debunked horseshit on his fake news show.

Heck, I'll order them if Alex Jones comes up with the money.  That's the least Alex Jones or Rob Dew can do after all the lies they spread about the shooting.

Nancy Lanza Death Certificate  Adam Lanza Death Certificate
The Death Certificates for Nancy and Animal are available from Newtown and Connecticut. Sandy Hook has released those documents to the public.

The Lanza family death and birth records can all be viewed here:

Another lie told by Infowars Rob Dew is that the Social Security Death Index lists Adam Lanza's death as December 13th, 2012. That is incorrect.  Apparently there was initially a typo on a genealogy website caused by funeral director's form; however, the death certificates and Raw Social Security Death Index Data both clearly show December 14, 2012.

Death Certificate:

Social Security Death Index Raw Data:


You can view the Social Security Death Index Raw Data for all victims and the Lanza's here:


Jonanthan Reich, Wolfgang Halbig, and Lenny Pozner plus other Legal Updates

A quick update on the current cases

New York vs Jonathan Reich - extradition proceedings
Jonathan Reich is currently remanded and will remain in jail until an extradition hearing on December 19, 2016.

Reich still shows as represented by Legal Aid, so apparently Sandy Hook Justice has not ponied up the dough they collected to help "Jonathan Reich bring down Connecticut" with his court battle.

Connecticut vs. Jonathan Reich
Still wanted by Connecticut with valid warrant for his arrest.

Jonathan Reich vs
See video update of's filing to dismiss Reich's case here.

The matter is set for Dismissal Motion on 12-5-16 at 10:00 am.

What to expect:  The court will hear arguments and likely take the motion under submission. We would probably get a ruling in about 30 days.

Leonard Pozner vs Wolfgang Halbig
Hearing at Lake County Courts December 13, 2016 at 9:15

Wolfgang Halbig's attorney left the case and Halbig is proceeding without an attorney.  The saying "A person who represents themselves has a fool for a client" is no truer than it is here. Halbig filed an untimely Motion to Dismiss, which was effectively a demurer and filed after the answer.  Lenny's attorney responded asking to strike the motion and award attorney fees for the frivolous filing.

This is a no-brainer slam dunk for Attorney Fees for Lenny Pozner.

Wolfgang Halbig currently owes Sandy Hook Facts over $25,000 in attorney fees and $1,000 in reward money ( may have a legitimate claim to that reward money as well).

Wolfgang Halbig Freedom of Information Requests
No appeal is currently found from the State of Connecticut regarding the Dash Cam Videos.  Is it possible Halbig will actually get the videos?  This remains to be seen...

Recent FOIA losses:
Wolfgang Halbig was denied school records of the Sandy Hook School choir.

Wolfgang Halbig has spent thousands and thousands of dollars to chasing after these children.  It is quite concerning.  He recently put the Police Chief on notice he was moving to Newtown to find the children.

Altamari FOI Appeal
This is an appeal seeking copies of documents seized from the Sandy Hook shooter's residence. The case is still pending with no significant activity to report.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig warns Chief he's moving to Newtown to find "26 innocent children"

Is Wolfgang Halbig moving to Newtown?

Sandy Hook Facts *Exclusive*

"What separates the Sandy Hook Hoaxer from any other type of conspiracy theorist is many have an obsession with stalking little children and families" - Sandy Hook Facts

According to Wolfgang Halbig affiliated Sandy Hook Hoax group, Wolfgang Halbig has emailed Newtown Police Chief, James Viadero stating he is moving to Newtown for "six months".

Wolfgang Halbig has warned the chief he's moving to Newtown to find "26 innocent children" he somehow believes are actually missing. 

For those that don't know, Wolfgang Halbig is the man Alex Jones. brings on as a Sandy Hook "expert"; despite the fact, as noted by the New Yorker, Wolfgang has been caught embellishing his career on many occassions; such as the disgusting claim to the NAACP that Halbig was Martin Luther King's driver.  

In the email Wolfgang Halbig is putting the Police Chief on notice that Halbig is MOVING to Newtown fto find the "26 innocent children" who sang at the Super Bowl in 2013.  

What Wolfgang Halbig intends to do with those children, once he finds them, was not clear in the email. The purported email is reprinted in it's entirety below. To this writer, the tone is bone chilling and sinister.

Wolfgang Halbig claims to be putting the finishing touches on a book.  The last book Halbig was affiliated with, co-written by James Fetzer, was so disgusting, it was boycotted and dropped by  It's unknown if Fetzer is helping Halbig with this book or if will also drop the forthcoming book. Some how, I think Amazon would drop Halbig like a hot potato.

"Sandy Hook children alive at Super Bowl"
At the heart of Halbig's quest is the hoaxer belief the children who died at Sandy Hook sang at the Super Bowl a few months later (despite the obvious age and appearance differences). As a result of this ridiculous false claim, hoaxers stalk these children online and in real life constantly.  It's a real problem.

 Sandy Hook leaders instruct their followers to "dig, dig, dig" into the lives of these innocent families.

Wolfgang Targeting Newtown Children is not new

Wolfgang Halbig has had several "creepy" instances of threatening to find Newtown children.
For example, in this video Wolfgang Halbig threatened to find a certain Newtown resident and Avielle Richman (a deceased Sandy Hook victim). Wolfgang  has stated he believes the Newtown resident's daughter is the actor who played Avielle Richman.

In another instance, St Rose of Lima School security stated persons [with Wolfgang were] "filming children" at School. 

Wolfgang Halbig was subsequently banned by the Diocese of Bridgeport from going onto St. Rose of Lima Property.

Wolfgang Halbig has also reportedly been barred by the United Way in Danbury and Sandy Hook Fire Department due to his behavior at these places.

This could be a hoax

A word of caution - this could all be a hoax.  Wolfgang Halbig is known for using fundraising and headline grabbing gimmicks, and Wolfgang is always up for a good fundraising gimmick. This could all be to grab a few headlines.

Another issue, is Halbig's "friend", Jonathan Reich. Reich is in jail.  Wolgang raised about $100,000, in large part claiming he was going to use the money on the Jonathan Reich case "to expose Sandy Hook".  It is unclear if Halbig is doing anything with those donations, since New York court records still show Reich using a Public Defender; not to mention remanded for nearly a month facing extradition to Connecticut.  Would 

A few simple questions...

Will Wolfgang use donor money to move to Newtown instead of fulfilling his promise to use the Jonathan Reich case to "expose the Sandy Hook illusion"?

Is this a hoax?

Will Wolfgang seek out and find other people's little children, and what will he do with them when he finds them?

If Wolfgang does go, who will accompany him?  

"I want to shoot everyone" - Sandy Hook Hoaxer Marc Watson

Many hoaxers are completely unhinged, such as well known Sandy Hook Hoaxer and Wolfgang follower Marc Watson. Within the past few hours, Marc Watson threatened to go on a killing spree after watching a video of a Newtown child being comforted by her parents. Many others have threatened. For this reason, Wolfgang's followers that are very concerning.

Marc Watson has bragged about having a gun, despite Britain's alleged harsh gun laws.

Sandy Hook Hoax Group Member Marc Watson,of Luton, UK

Another threat received today:

Threats like that are a daily occurrence.

Wolfgang Denied Access to children's records

Connecticut FOIA recently denied Wolfgang Halbig access to Sandy Hook School child records.
Wolfgang was seeking identifying information of the little children who sang at the super bowl, such as their name and "permission slips".  Obviously, in Connecticut, (and everywhere else in America), children's school records are not subject to FOIA requests, for self-evidence reasons.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sandy Hook Truther Hate and Stalking of the Hochsprung Family

Sandy Hook Hoax Group's chief fundraising shill Robin, aka "HowISeeTheWorld", a racist, demented, heavily armed, anti-American, Nazi-lover launched into a threatening tirade towards Erica Lafferty.   Robin is well known for his angry, threatening rants and his relentless harassment of the LGBT victims of the Pulse Night Club shooting.  Robin we so so far as to pretend to be shooting victim Angel Colon's friend to call him in the hospital.  Robin is now setting his sights on the daughter of Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung, Erica Lafferty.  Erica would do well to take heed of Robin's violent and evil 10,000 followers.  One only need to review Robin's comment section and you will see these people are deserving of federal attention, for the safety of all Sandy Hook families.

Coinciding with Robin's attack on Erica Laffery, a Sandy Hook Hoax hoaxer affiliate  has published a blog documenting the stalking of the home of  George and Dawn Hochsprung.  Dawn Hochsprung was killed during the shooting.  The stalking leads the "Sandy Hook Hoax" news.  

The hoaxers even photographed the Hochsprung private beach.  You would not want hoaxers stalking your home.  

Sandy Hook Hoaxers believe the victim families are actually government agent's working to take their guns and intern them in FEMA Camps. Many are planning a first strike option.

 Several hoaxers have gone to jail for their violence; two have gone on killing sprees.

The entire Hochsprung family should be on notice that these people are heavily armed and violently serious in the radical beliefs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig DENIED FOIA identify of little minor children and their private school records

"What makes targeting these children especially horrific, is that some of the children were directly affected by the Sandy Hook massacre. Now they must not only live with the memory of the shooting, but they must live in fear knowing they are being stalked online by conspiracy theorists."

*Update 11/30/16
The denial notice

Wolfgang Halbig and Connecticut L. Kay Wilson have been desperate to obtain the identity of the little children who sang at the 2013 Super Bowl.

They have attempted to obtain the school records of the Sandy Hook Choir; the children who sang at the Super Bowl.

The wild-eyed duo have filed least four FOIA appeals  related to the identity of the school choir; not to mention countless FOIA requests through the Newtown School District itself.

Since most normal people can't really fathom what it's like to target the school records of another parent's child, this is a sample of Halbig going after "permission slips and names" of the young, innocent children.

From request # FIC 2016-0213

What makes targeting these children especially horrific, is that some of the children were directly affected by the Sandy Hook massacre. Now they must not only live with the memory of the shooting, but they must live in fear knowing they are being stalked online by conspiracy theorists.

Luckily for Newtown's children, school records are exempt from FOIA and Newtown's Town Attorney, Monte Frank has been vigilant in ensuring the safety of the children's identities from the hoaxer hoard.  He stops Halbig at every turn!

 One can only imagine the videos Halbig's mentally ill followers would create if they got the children's identities; not to mention the terrorizing of the families that would occur.

Connecticut law is very clear; yet L. Kay Wilson and Wolfgang Halbig persist with their obsessive requests:
Connecticut General Statute 1-210 – Freedom of Information Act - Exempt Records:
 (11) Names or addresses of students enrolled in any public school or college without the consent ...

As is well documented, hoaxers believe these children are the "actors" who "played" the deceased children. As a result, online gangs of hoaxers plot against and relentlessly these children and their families.  Recently, one of Wolfgang's followers was calling the work of one of the mothers of the children!

  What makes the hoaxer so dangerous in comparison to other Conspiracy Theorists is their willingness to terrorize small children over their weird, radical, conspiratorial belief system.  Sandy Hook Hoax is one of the few cult like belief systems where targeting small children is the norm.

Wolfgang Halbig and Connecticut attorney L. Kay Wilson have led the charge to publicly "expose" the little children to the hoaxer community going so far as to disgracefully file the "Freedom of Information Act requests".

Recently the Freedom of Information Commission met to discuss whether to hear Wolfgang's disgraceful and unlawful requests.  While a ruling has not been formally published, a well placed source confirms the FOI Board decided Halbig was not even entitled to a hearing on such a ridiculous and mean spirited and unlawful requests.  Bravo!

Newtown's children were spared the indignity of the Halbig FOIA circus.

Update- Jonathan Reich to remain in custody

UPDATE - 11/22/16
Police sources in Connecticut have independently confirmed that Jonathan Reich is in custody in New York's Prison system until an extradition hearing on 12/19/16. 

This confounds Sandy Hook Facts; why would Reich not waive extradition and simply go handle his case?

If Sandy Hook Facts get's word Reich has waived extradition and gets a court date in Connecticut, we will update!

Editorializing the Sandy Hook Justice Crew

It appears Reich will do about a month in Jail before even getting to Connecticut where justice can be served.

This confirms the opinion that Jonathan Reich, following the legal advise of Wolfgang, Tony, and Zeeroe3, will likely do more jail time in New York than had Reich  followed's sage advice to stop running and simply handle his case in Connecticut.

Here is an Sandy Hook Justice agent and "friend" of Jonathan Reich bragging that Reich failed to comply.

In lieu of Reich simply doing what everyone does when they find themselves in a legal mess, ie, go to court and handle their case, Reich was taken in by Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig. Wolf and Tony  molded Reich into the perfect show pony for their cause; at great expense to Jonathan Reich.

For an example of someone who DOES NOT listen to Tony or Wolfgang, millsmost.  millsmost took care of his case. Did you see millsmost making web pages about his judge and prosecutor? Of course not.

Tony, on the other hand, encouraged Jonathan Reich to do the stupid thing; to hide out with a $100,000 warrant for his arrest.

While attacking the son of Reich's prosecutor.  Great work, Tony! Will you put money on Riech's books at Riker Island prison system?

The Sandy Hook Justice crew deciding they would mold Reich into a fundraising show pony was the beginning of Jonathan Reich failing diversion, filing idiotic motions, encouraging failing to appear or comply with court, while creating and sharing websites and blogs mocking the judges and the prosecutors (and their families!).

Not a single hoaxer out there told Jonathan Reich, "You know, you might want to go take care of that warrant."  Why not?

Now Reich could possibly sit in the slammer until a extradition hearing on December 19th.

By the way, there is an unconfirmed report that the Marshals came to Reich's house on a status check and Reich mouthed off.  This is how confident  Reich was in Zeeroe3's advice  I'm guessing he's not mouthing off at the moment.

Great Job Wolfgang, Tony, Zeeroe3 and Cory! Great advice! Maybe you guys should fire off a couple of emails to every press agency on the planet. I'm sure that would help.

Maybe Donald Trump will help?   How about Alex Jones? Didn't Alex promise to start looking into this?Where is Alex and his white horse?

A very special congrats to Wolfgang who apparently gets to pocket all those "Jonathan Reich class action lawsuit" donations while Reich sits in prison in New York over a Connecticut case.  

Next step after extradition would be trial in Connecticut; although, if I were a betting man, I would guess Reich is going to cop a plea.

Of course, at trial, the ridiculous Sandy Hook Justice crew promises to "Bring down the US Government" with Reich's case.  Ha.  Delusional much?

I look forward to the trial.   I'm going to be very disappointed if Reich pleads out or if Sandy Hook Justice cannot fulfill their promise to  use the trial to prove Sandy Hook was a hoax. After all, Wolfgang has promised secret witnesses and evidence! 

This should be great!

Golf clap for Wolfgang, Tony, Zeeroe, and Cory. A fine job for your "friend".
Your legal prowess amazes. With friends like you four...well, you know the rest.

Fundraising, nonsense, and web clicks - the Sandy Hook Justice credo.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fugitive Jonathan Reich Captured - Video Report!

Jonathan Reich has been captured and, according to New York Prison Records, is currently in custody.

For the full story story on Jonathan Reich:

The latest video report!

Report Jonathan Reich arrested by US Marshals

 We are awaiting confirmation that the US Marshals have arrested  Jonathan Reich .  there is possibility of a sealed indictment involved .  Reich is currently wanted by  The state of Connecticut on a $100,000 warrant stemming from a Sandy Hook hoaxer harassment case.  Wolfgang Halbig operatives have often bragged that Reich would not be extradited or brought to trial on his charges because they think Connecticut is afraid of Reich.  Halbig likes to pretend that Jonathan Reich is going to expose Sandyhook as part of his fundraising pitches.

Confirmed. Reich in custody in Queens, NY facing extradition as a fugitive.