Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lenny Pozner seeks Restraining Order against Wolfgang Halbig

A hearing has been set for November 7,  2017 to hear several motions in the case of Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner versus conspiracy theorist leader Wolfgang Halbig.

Lenny Pozner sued Wolfgang Halbig because Wolfgang posts "dox" information on Lenny; if proven, this is a clear violation of Florida statutes.  Lenny's latest motion contends that Wolfgang continues to mass-email Lenny's "dox" and seeks to enjoin Halbig's deranged and abusive behavior.

Police Reports filed - Charges sought
Lenny Pozner has filed numerous police reports with Lake County Sheriff alleging harassment and unwanted contacts because Wolfgang continually sends Lenny his unwanted wild-eyed hoaxer nonsense via email.  Thus far, no action has been taken by Sheriff Peyton Grinnell.   To this writer, the is more than enough evidence to support arresting Halbig.

Sandy Hook Hoaxers are well known for their harassment of innocent victims.  Those hoaxers affiliated with Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax Group are particularly vicious and disgusting.

Recently, Sandy Hook Hoax Group founding member Marc Watson was reportedly convicted for exploiting children.  He was reportedly sentenced to 15 years prison for kiddie porn. This hoax group member was particularly vile, especially with his children's posts. Despite a prior conviction, Marc Watson found a welcome and supportive home in Sandy Hook Hoax Group.

Sandy Hook Hoax Group member  Jonathan Reich had his fair day in court and was convicted for harassing the mother of a Sandy Hook child.  He was separately convicted of harassing Wayne Carver.  The hoaxers recently published the phone calls that were used to support the Wayne Carver conviction.  It's no wonder Reich plead guilty rather than allow a jury to hear his harassing calls.

Two serious convictions in a very short period of time of Hoax Group certainly raises alarm bells.

Is Wolfgang Halbig next to face the criminal justice system?

Wolfgang continues to hide from Discovery
Despite numerous clearly worded court orders, Wolfgang Halbig continues to refuse to answer discovery interrogatories with real response.  What is Halbig so afraid of?   The truth?  Halbig had until August 1, 2016

The motion cites a few examples of Halbig's refusal to answer even the most mundane questions, such as "Who controls" and "Do you have a bank account for donations?"

Wolfgang also refuses to answer whether he was the one who (falsely) posted that "Lenny was at the front gate of his gated community" - a claim Wolfgang made numerous times.

Sanctions sought for recording hearing without approval
On May 24, 2017, Wolfgang's Sandy Hook Hoax partner Tony Mead recorded the hearing without obtaining permission of the court.  Tony, on behalf of Wolfgang, then posted the hearing to his Youtube channel. The motion alleges that since the publication, the law firm has received numerous threatening and insulting contacts to the extent that the law firm now fears for their safety.

Wolfgang's defense is to absurdly claim that Lenny Pozner is an "abstraction, a shadow, a figment".  If the best defense the hoaxers have is to hang their hat on a laughable Youtube created defense that Lenny actually doesn't exist, the hoaxers will surely lose, and lose big.

Stay sought for Deposition
Recently the court scheduled Lenny Pozner's deposition for Nov. 15, 2017.  Lenny seeks a stay of deposition because Wolfgang Halbig continues to hide from discovery.  Lenny's motion states that the complaint will be amended based on Halbig's answers to discovery.  To date, Halbig refuses to meaningfully answer even mundane discovery questions. It seems fruitless to have a deposition before the amended complaint is filed because the scope of the lawsuit will likely be significantly expanded.

You may download all of the documents in the case here:

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