Thursday, January 30, 2020

The People versus Wolfgang W. Halbig

*World Wide Exclusive*
The People versus Wolfgang Halbig
**The case- Proving it up**

Florida Attorney Caleb Payne's connection to the arrest

As has been widely reported, Wolfgang Halbig is facing charges related to distributing the detailed personal information of Lenny Pozner; including his driver's license number, social security number, etc.  Halbig has engaged in this activity for years. In fact, a calling card of the hoaxer is "doxing" Sandy Hook victims personal information.

The probable cause statement for the arrest of Wolfgang Halbig details that Wolfgang Halbig also sent the "full and comprehensive TLOxp report about victim Pozner" to others.

Probable Cause for arrest  #7

In mid 2018, SandyHookFacts received the original Wolfgang Halbig email string with attached comprehensive TLOxp of Lenny Pozner.   This is the same report as the one at issue in the arrest and Probable Cause #7 above.

The email string was a series of emails between Wolfgang Halbig and Caleb Payne. Ultimately, Halbig forwarded this email string to countless others.  One of those was Newtown's infamous "Vlad", of duckgate fame, who forwarded the email to me.   I promptly forwarded the email to Lenny.

To be clear, Lenny has been dealing with Halbig and his hoaxers distributing his report and information since 2014 and the arrest of Halbig comes via that route; not this blog or information provided TO Lenny by Sandy Hook Facts.

There is substantial evidence of law breaking by numerous hoaxers; that is beyond the scope of this blog and certainly no credit should be applied in this direction.

First, before anyone claims there is some attorney-client privilege between Caleb Payne and Wolfgang; Wolfgang waived that when he forwarded this email to untold numbers of people. There is nothing secret here.  Caleb, additionally, knew or should know Halbig sends everything out and that Halbig has screwed over every attorney he has used.

With Halbig's propensity to forward every email he gets to government offices and considering the ongoing lawsuit discovery,: if you have ever emailed Wolfgang, lawyers and law enforcement probably have that.

If you are one of Halbig's evil minions, bent on harassing victims, you may soon have the knock on your door.

As a result of Caleb assisting Halbig, Halbig's and his hoard of hoaxer minions were enabled. They were posting the Lenny report online and emailing it to untold numbers of people with the intent and purpose of harassing families of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I know Lenny would like to see more charges brought against Halbig's conspirators, so I will not name more of them or go into that further in this blog.   Let us hope his co-conspirators soon get a knock on the door at 1 am from the police and a mugshot photo.

As to the email string, attached to the email was an invoice and email from "Right Way Consulting" billing hoaxer attorney Caleb Payne $100 for "Pozner Research". The "research" was the 187 page "comprehensive" TLOxp report on Leonard Pozner.  Wolfgang Halbig promptly forwarded Caleb's email to hoaxer "Dorothy Hill" with the message "Here is what you requested".

Email from Right Way Consulting to Caleb Payne:

Here, Wolfgang is requesting Caleb Payne confirm Caleb would be his attorney (in the Pozner v. Halbig case).  Caleb ultimately represented Halbig pro bono for a portion of that case. That case was dismissed after Halbig fully complied in removing Pozner's personal information from his website.

Wolfgang to Caleb Payne: "Can you please send me an email that you are going to be my attorney. It will make me sleep better at night".  Caleb, obviously, had the goal of helping Halbig sleep cozy at night while giving Halbig the tools to harass a Sandy Hook victim.

It is no wonder Caleb would be a part of this and would obtain Pozner's report for Halbig.

Obviously Caleb knew or should know what Halbig and his minions would do with the report because Halbig does what he and his hoaxers have done for years, hurt victims of Sandy Hook.

And while Caleb Payne is not directly responsible for the criminal actions of Wolfgang Halbig, reasonable people do not give a well known hoaxer conspiracy theorist like Wolfgang Halbig reports on Sandy Hook victims.

Why would Caleb Payne not use reasonable prudence with the report and his privileges as an attorney?

Well, in an online interview with Dave Gahary (a co-defendant when Pozner sued Jim Fetzer), attorney Caleb Payne exposed himself as a fellow wide eyed irrational conspiracy theorist hoaxer when he openly questioned whether crisis actors were used at the Pulse Nightclub shooting.   Here is the relevant portion of that interview:

Payne went so far as to pay $100 to get Wolfgang a report on Leonard Pozner. A report that had NOTHING to do with the case versus Pozner.

So why would he? Payne should answer that question. Preferably in handcuffs and disbarred, but that is just opinion and hope.

An email Halbig forwarded from Caleb Payne to Wolfgang Halbig

The Invoice from Right Way Consulting to Caleb Payne for $100 for "Pozner Research" - ie the TLOxp Report mentioned in the arrest affidavit.

A screen capture of the actual report itself.

The report is 187 pages long:

It is worth noting that the one who pulled the report very well could be in violation of the law and terms:

My email forwarding this Caleb Payne email string to Lenny:

A screen capture of the attachments Wolfgang Sent - Lenny's report and Caleb Payne's invoice.

The origianl email from Caleb Payne to Wolfgang Halbig containing the report.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Wolfgang Halbig finally arrested!

Wolfgang Halbig finally arrested!


Words cannot express how happy I am to report that Wolfgang Halbig has been arrested.

Wolfgang Halbig was arrested by Lake County Sheriff's Office Jan 27 at 1:27 am and released by $5,000 cash bond at 4:52 .

Every victim of Wolfgang Halbig and his online gang can rejoice because today, Wolfgang Halbig was in handcuffs.

Details that can be released are scarce; however, this is what I can tell you.

On Thursday, Jan. 23, I was advised a warrant had been issued for Wolfgang Halbig. I was asked to keep the information secret until the arrest was made.

In order to verify the information, I checked the Circuit Court of Lake County Website and found the case.  I took two screen captures.  There were two counts of felony 817.568(5B) and it showed a bench warrant had been issued 1/23/20.  Before I could take more than two screen captures, the case disappeared from the website.

Since I pre-wrote most this post, I'm not sure if it is back online yet because the site has not been checked.

Here are the two screen captures

The limited backstory I can discuss.

Wolfgang Halbig is accused of illegally handling the detailed background report of a Sandy Hook parent.  This was a report obtained by Wolfgang's attorney, Caleb Payne.

Lake County Sheriff's Office shows one third degree felony count:


Charge Category:
Doc. Type:

COURT DATE 2/24/20 at 8:30

My case speculation:

As with other hoaxers, Wolfgang Halbig's sanity will be questioned by the court and Wolfgang is going to be sent to a state hospital for treatment until he is sane enough to stand trial.

I personally hope he does quite a bit of time in the state hospital and then prison...if he is convicted.