Friday, September 25, 2015

Kay Wilson Proves Halbig knew months in advance of pilot's absence

*EXCLUSIVE* Sandy Hook Facts reveals a letter that was written by the the legal department for the State of Connecticut Department Department of Emergency Services (CSP) to Halbig's Attorney, L.  Wilson that proves Halbig knew months  in advance the dates the Chopper Pilot was unavailable to testify at his FOIA hearing.  

Wolfgang Halbig is on fund raising tour; this time he is raising money with his side kick, Jonathan Reich.  Halbig's sales pitch involves claiming that "Monte Frank released his witnesses" from appearing at the June 3 FOIA hearing.  Halbig claims this is the reason he was unable to prove his case.  Most of us who watched the hearing know Halbig lost his case because his attorney was not only  horrible with evidence, weak on procedure; the Halbig side did not have a single piece of evidence that Newtown withheld documents from Halbigs FOI requests.

During a recent interview on Caravan to Midnight, Halbig made it a point to single out Connecticut Chopper 1 pilot, Sergeant McLain:

"Monte Frank calls up the witnesses we selected and directs them "Don't you show up".  It's unethical, it's interfering, almost witness tampering.  How do you call up? And you know I wanted the pilot from Chopper 1. I issued him a subpoena and he didn't show up."  -- Wolfgang Halbig
Halbig has made similar claims about this pilot in other interviews.

Halbig claims he needed the pilot to testify concerning the communications between the helicopter and troopers on the ground at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.  It has never been clear as to how this would help Halbig in his requests for documents in possession of Newtown.  Im

*Sandy Hook Facts is releasing the notification made to Kay Wilson by Connecticut State Police, DATED APRIL 20, 2015!

The notice clearly states Sgt McLain was away through June 11, 2015, serving our nation on military duty!

The most shocking element of this document - the document is labeled "Claimant's Exhibit O". That means Kay Wilson is the one who submitted it to the Commission.

Official FOIA Exhibit from Halbig's FOI Case:

Since the notice clearly states "Per our phone conversation.." it is obvious Wilson even had earlier verbal notice, as well.  

Why has Halbig never mentioned he had advanced notice?

Legal proceedings are routinely continued based on a Peace Officers unavailability.   There is no doubt in this writers mind that had Halbig requested a continuance in a timely fashion based on witness unavailability due to military duty, the continuance would have been granted. It's a no brainer for an attorney to file a request to continue.

  In fact, at the first hearing, Halbig's attorney didn't have to make that much effort on behalf of her client; she could  have verbally requested a second hearing date after June 11!

Maybe she was too worried about making sur she made it onto camera with Dan Bidondi and info wars that to make that requeat.  Obviously the Commission would have granted that very reasonable request. At a minimum, getting these motions on the record are crucial to preserve arguments on appeal.

Kay Wilson did not make any such request, according to any record presented. Further, she filed no written objections or requests at all related to any subpoenas or any other matter.  Not one. She did not even file a brief objecting to Commission Streeter's preliminary ruling, despite the fact she was invited to do so.

Instead, Wilson and Halbig agreed to the hearing dates with full knowledge that the pilot was unavailable and would not be there.

If the pilot was truly a material witness to Halbig's case, were Wilson's actions (or lack thereof) malpractice?  As a self-proclaimed expert, was Halbig's inaction negligent?  Personally, knowing Halbig as I do, I don't think the witness mattered one way or the other because for Halbig, it's all a fund raising gimmick.  Whether the pilot can be at the hearing or not doesn't matter to the bottom line, separating gullible hoaxers from their money after radio appearances.

In any case, this document proves Halbig knew well advance of the hearing. It also proves Attorney Monte Frank had nothing to do with the pilot's absence, despite Halbig's claims during  interviews.

Will Kay Wilson maintain the claim in court despie her client's public admission?

*Bonus Halbig Debunking*

At 2:20 of the same interview, Halbig finally admits his DVD's contain the time stamps labeled exactly as Sandy Hook Facts has claimed.

Halbig's current administrative appeal is absolutely destined to fail.  Like with the pilot's appearing, that doesn't likely matter; Halbig will be raising money with any result.

This photo was published by Sandy Hook Facts on May 23, 2015.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tony Mead admits Jonathan Reich Authors

The Jonathan Reich Hoax Continues!

Update: We have the audio:

"Jonathan Reich [and] a couple of other guys worked to put together a piece on the facial similarities of one Jane Roe {Name Redacted*} and Avielle Richman" -- Tony Mead, Sandy Hook Hoax Group Owner

In our most recent article, attempted to bring awareness to the fact that hoaxers were launching a coordinated cyber gang-stalk of a young Newtown girl, Jane Roe { Name Removed by Request*} :

Hoaxers Launch Coordinated Gang Stalk Of Newtown Child

The cyber stalk began with an "anonymous" article published on that was republished by Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy.

The article is entitled:
Monte Frank, Jeremy Richman, and Curtis Urbina Have a Lot of Explaining to Do

The article absurdly and without any evidence whatsoever accuses a little girl and/or her family of numerous crimes and of being part of wild government conspiracies and cover-ups.  The entire article is based on a slight similarity of a photo.

In general, separating Sandy Hook Hoax "hoaxers" from most other conspiracy theorists is the hoaxer propensity to stalk families and little children and to commit violent crimes over their irrational beliefs.    Numerous Sandy Hook Hoaxers have been arrested and prosecuted for various serious crimes; at least two known Sandy Hook Hoaxers have gone on shooting sprees.  One Sandy Hook Hoaxer shot two  police officers in the head as they ate lunch.  This is cause for all the alarm.  The subject of this article, Jonathan Reich, was, of course, prosecuted over misdemeanor harassment charges.

As a part of the article, the hoaxers committed outright fraud, flipping a photo of Avielle Richman and labeling it "Jane Roe { Name Removed by Request*} " in order to falsely convey that this is how those images were released to the public.

MonteFrank com is a sister website to HartfordCommunityCourt com, a fake blog pretending to monitor Hartford Community Court; however, all it really does is whine ad naseum about Jonathan Reich's legally insignificant misdemeanor; a misdemeanor that was plead down to a pre-plea diversion with no jail time on a charge of harassment.

The websites link to each other, are near identical in appearance and style, are cited together by hoaxer leader Wolfgang Halbig, and while the Whois information is kept confidential, they were registered from the same, obscure, registrar account.

Despite these efforts, many speculated that the author of most, if not all of the articles on both websites, especially those focusing on Reich's harassment case, were likely written by Reich and we additionally suspected he authored the article regarding the young girl and her family.  While we suspected that was the case, no Sandy Hook Hoax administrator was admitting it.

 The articles were published pseudonymously, using a fake name: "Barry Miller".   Thanks to Tony Mead, we now know the true author.

Despite the lengths the two blogs have gone through to hide their tracks, Tony Mead freely admitted the name of the author in a recent Sandy Hook Hoaxer Chat called Max Resistance Round Table (this chat has been archived by Sandy Hook Facts).

Tony Mead is, of course, close personal friends with Jonathan Reich. Mead is also the owner of the Sandy Hook Hoax group.

Tony Mead stated: "As many people know, Jonathan Reich, and uh, a couple of other guys worked to put together a piece on the facial similarities of one Jane Roe { Name Removed by Request*}  and Avielle Richman... they did a little presentation of that and I put that up on the Sandy Hook Hoax page".

That information was the above listed article, removed by facebook for DMCA violations, and was a link to the article; therefore, Mead is admitting Reich is a author.

This is the first confirmation from a Hoax Group official that Jonathan Reich is indeed authoring these articles, as was suspected all along.

Latest Ruse - Calls "released"
The latest ruse involves the release of the purported "Jonathan Reich" phone calls. The point is to prove the calls were "non-threatening" and thus, Jonathan Reich is "innocent".

Unfortunately for Reich, the facts are he was not charged with making "threats"; he was charged with harassing calls. Reichs charges make no mention of "threat"; that would have been a different charge.  

This latest ruse, also likely authored by Reich (we are waiting confirmation by Tony), states "Through the audio, we cannot tell here if the voice calls are masked or if they are an actual person at this time".

This is laughable since the calls sound like a "weirdo freaky Jason type stalker head case with a voice changer" and it is no wonder the recipient of the "weirdo" calls called the police.  Considering that in the immeduate aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting many hoaxers were calking in bomb threats and other horrible acts, who wouldn't have called the police over a weirdo with idiotic questions and a voice changer?

Even more laughable, the blog states he was trying to help the families.  With a "helper" llike Sandy Hook hoaxers using voice changers and fake names making weirdo calls in the immediate aftermath of a shooring, do you really need enemies?

The law under which Jonathan Reich was prosecuted has nothing to do with threats but everything to  with weirdos:

After listening to the calls this writer feels that it is unfortunate Reich's high priced law firm was able to work him such a good deal.  Perhaps jail time would have taught him a lesson he obviously needs.

*9/15/16 Updated to remove photos and name of minor child currently being stalked by hoaxers, by request of

Monday, September 21, 2015

Connecticut Department of Justice to Intervene in Hartford Courant FOIA Case

A current Sandy Hook related administrative FOIA appeal "to watch" is the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services vs the Freedom of Information Commission and Dave Altimari of the Hartford Courant.

 This case has been covered by this blog extensively because Sandy Hook Facts has several Freedom of Information document requests that are pending before the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services  asking for many of the same exact items as the Courant (and more). Thus far, the Connecticut State Police either deny or completely fail to respond to all of our requests.  Connecticut's Freedom of Information Commission, to their credit, ruled in favor of Altimari and the Courant ordering the State Police to release the documents.

Previous article is here:

The audio from the Altimari FOI hearings is available on Sandy Hook Facts Youtube channel here:

The Connecticut State Police are contending that the public has no right to the writings and documents found in the Lanza house during the investigation in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Filed on September 11, 2015 the State of Connecticut, Department of of Justice is filing a motion to intervene.  The September 11, 2015 file date has some irony considering that is the date a lawsuit was filed against another individual, to be discussed in later blog post.

This is an interesting procedural development.   It can be anticipated that the full weight of Connecticut will be thrown behind the Connecticut State Police effort to keep the Sandy Hook shooter's information from public access.

  Again, Sandy Hook Facts wishes Dave Altimari and the Hartford Courant every success as they fight  for the right of the people to access very important information to help us understand the individual who killed 20 first-graders and 6 teachers on December 14, 2012.

The people have a right to know.


William Shanley asks for Safe Housing from Federal District Court

William Shanley's hoaxer lawsuit has taken an odd turn as he has filed for an order of protection and housing from the Federal District Court; filing this motion into his existing, laughable, multi-trillion dollar lawsuit related to Sandy Hook.

Shanley's current lawsuit was reported here

As usual, Shanley's court filing rambles on, claiming ridiculous conspiracy and citing Wolfgang Halbig, James Fetzer, as well as linking to hoaxer contrived news articles.  This is Shanley's third lawsuit whereby he indicates Fetzer and Halbig will be aiding him as experts.  The court, giving no creedance to Shanley, Fetzer, or Halbig, summarily dismissed the first two lawsuits.

The motion claims a recent violation related to trespassing at the Library. 

Ironically, Shanley is seeking protection and housing from the same people he apparently believes are persecuting him, the Government. In fact, the motion claims a "wet work" assassination looms on the horizon and again mentions Jason Bourne.

This type of language is concerning since, in the past, when rabid hoaxers start talking about "assassinations", that hoaxer may well be planning violence to retaliate for their delusion. 

Therefore, in this instance, Sandy Hook Facts will agree with Shanley.  His motion should be granted, and he should be taken by the Federal Government somewhere "safe" and housed for a long, long time; perhaps to a place of appropriate mental care.

According to court records, Shanley was given 60 Days jail on a Violation of Probation plea of Guilty on 9-14-15; however, there is no inmate record of him; the motion claims Shanley is homeless. 

It is notable the Federal court terminated Shanley's right to proceed in forma pauperis on July 17, 2015; it is unclear why the Judge is waiting to dismiss Shanley's frivolous lawsuit altogether.

Shanley's motion cites no legal points or authorities that would give the Federal Court the right to grant Shanley's requested relief, let alone granted the relief as part of a lawsuit against the National Association of Broadcasters.

If this motion it even addressed by the court; it will obviously be denied.  Hopefully, at that time, the courts will simply dismiss this action for baseless tripe that it is.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tony and Jonathan lie about Wolfgang $23,000 Court Judgment

Wolfgang's closest confidants, Tony Mead and Jonathan, are finally admitting to a select few hoaxers that the court loss and judgment against Wolfgang Halbig is TRUE.  Halbig is being held responsible for his part in violating free speech of bloggers is TRUE related to Halbig's attempt to chill free speech against anyone who opposes his conspiracy theorist point of view.  The Halbig clan has been actively attempting to hide this from their followers and in fact, Sandy Hook Hoax group is not being permitted to discuss the matter at all.

This was reported here:

Wolfgang Halbig violates Free Speech,
 loses court battle, $23K Judgment

As a latest update, Wolfgang's attorney's have approved the order that has been submitted to the Judge for signature.

While admitting the judgment, Tony and Jonathan cannot help themselves and must tell blatant lies in an attempt to white wash facts to their followers.

In an amazing feat that would even impress Wolfgang, Tony's lies 3 times in one short paragraph

As to Tony  Lie #1 "No judgment awarded": There already has been a court order verbally issued; there will be a judgment awarded.  The orders  made by the judge are only awaiting written order of the court.   In fact, Wolfgang's lawyers have approved the orders and the order is on the Judge's desk for her signature at this very moment.  An order will be signed and a court judgement formally issued AGAINST Wolfgang for $22,495.  That is fact.

Not only will there be a judgment, the case will collect interest at the stated rate that is in the order, and interest accrues even if Wolfgang appeals.  IF Wolfgang decides to waste his donors money on an appeal, he will lose that appeal and it will cost Wolfgang more money, because in CA, costs on appeal involving Free Speech get added to the judgment; mandatory by.

California is very Free Speech.  California laws lead the nation in Free Speech protection. Goolgle "Anti-SLAPP Judgment California Appeal" for a clue.

  For Wolfgang to think he is going to bully Californian's out of Free Speech is laughable nonsense.  No Hoaxer should support this.  Even hoaxers should believe in Free Speech.

Hoaxers should tell Wolfgang to go after Connecticut or Freedom of Information or some other worthwhile use of donor money; not attempting a free speech action that has no chance in California and has nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

As to Tony Lie #2: "Even the judge [admitted it would lose on appeal]  The judge DID NOT admit that the case will lose on appeal; obviously. What Judge does that?  Of course, Hoaxers are dumb enough to believe everything their cult leader tells them.

The Judge said she would be interested in seeing the appeal. It is obvious by the transcript, that the judge is LOOKING FORWARD to a possible appeal; in my opinion, because she knows she will be in a likely published decision as to a new California law and of course she believes her judgment will be upheld.  Obviously, the judge believes in her own ruling.

 Wolfgang's lawyer is idiotically  trying to use OLD case law that is irreverent to the NEW LAW that is very clearly worded. The judge stated on the record, the new law was very clearly worded. Further, the OLD CASE Wolfgang's lawyer has tricked him into using applies to a completely different code section; it does not even apply to the new code section.

In other words, Wolfgang's lawyer is arguing apples and oranges and the judge didn't buy Wolfgang's argument.

Further, Wolfgang is attempting to use case law involving a DIVORCE to influence case law involving his attempt to infringe on FREE SPEECH on the internet. Does that make any sense?

Likely, Wolfgang's attorney's are just milking him for fees. Its a no-brainer that this is a loser, especially the way the new law is written.  Some lawyers will lie to get their clients to pay fees to pursue useless cases. Is that being done here?  I don't know for sure, but I, or any lawyer that has reviewed this case (no less than six attorneys, not counting Wolfgang's exceptions) and not counting a ruling by a judge, agrees with Wolfgang.

Wolfgang has no chance of prevailing arguing old, irrelevant, divorce case law against a newly passed California Free Speech Law that falls within the umbrella of very powerful California Anti-SLAPP law; it will be a costly lesson if Wolfgang appeals.

The appeals court MUST award all fees to the prevailing party here. That will be bloggers.

As to Tony Lie #3  "He lost a decision but didn't lose $30,000"
Wolfgang DID lose about $30,000.  His attorney fees were about $5,000 and the judgment against him is exactly $22,495, as of today.  He lost this action and the judge made a monetary award against Wolfgang Halbig.

Jonathan's Lie

Jonathan is lying by saying the judgment is not collectible because no "legal entity information" has as been provided [to Wolfgang]. This is untrue and absurd. Wolfgang's attorney signed off on who is to be paid the money. Wolfgang's attorney AGREED.   The name is in the the court judgment and this will be FULLY COLLECTIBLE judgment and it WILL BE COLLECTED.

Will Tony and Jonathan stop lying to their followers about this issue? That is doubtful.

God Bless America and Free Speech
Lastly, the Pro-Free Speech lawyers that won this case are CERTIFIED APPEALS COURT SPECIALISTS. That is what they do.   I estimate Wolfgang will end up owing about $50,000-$100,000 by the time this is done, if he does not leave the bloggers alone.  I can almost guarantee the bloggers, if appealed, will be asking for around  $100,000. What will bloggers get? Who knows. But that is what I estimate the blogger award should fairly be.

California has awarded in excess of  $100,000 in Anti-SLAPP cases countless times.

I would urge and ask, again, that Wolfgang LEAVE BLOGGERS ALONE. He should take his donor money and not use it to try to chill free speech, but use it to go after Connecticut, FOIA, Watchguard, NFL, whoever; FREE SPEECH alone. We have a right to speak.  We have  a right to speak on the same issues you are speaking on.  We have a right to speak about Wolfgang.  Wolf is all over the press, obviously a public figure. Just because Wolfgang does not like our free speech doesn't mean Wolfgang gets to chill it by bullying us with lawyers. Also, as you found out, your bullying wont work.

 If you continue to chill Free speech, this blog PROMISES you,  you will lose and you will be paying much more.  The bloggers will never back down to your anti-free speech bullying and the courts will not tolerate it either... in case you haven't noticed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hoaxers Launch Coordinated Gang Stalk Of Newtown Child

"This sickest of these hoaxer, gun truther, conspiracy theorist paranoid whackos are falsely claiming a child, currently approximately 13 years old, is the "actor" or "government agent" who played one of the children killed during the massacre.  This disgusting claim in most nauseating when you realize this girl's name and photo has been splashed all over the internet by hoaxers.  
Imagine if it was your little girl stalked by hoaxers?"

Any pretense that these hoaxers are "simply asking questions" is shattered as feverish gang stalking of a Newtown child ensues. 

    Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers took to the internet and launched what appears to be a coordinated and planned online gang stalk of a young, minor Newtown girl.  The stalk seems intentionally designed to agitate the already volatile hoax cult-like members and turn them against this family by spreading blatantly false information.

This sickest of hoaxers are falsely claiming a child, currently approximately 13 years old, is the "actor" or "government agent" who played one of the children killed during the massacre.  This disgusting claim in most nauseating when you realize this girl's name and photo has been splashed all over the internet by hoaxers.

   The initial releases of information concerning the child and/or her family were by James Tracy, Sandy Hook Hoax Group, Tony Mead,  and Wolfgang Halbig.


As a result of the posts, thousands of conspiracy theorists are now cyberstalking the girl ans her family.   The conspiracy theorist's premise is that the girl,  Jane Roe {minor name redacted*}, is the "actress" that played Avielle Richman, a six year old girl murdered during the Sandy Hook massacre.  This obviously makes the child and family "in on it". 

 "As an expert on Sandy Hook Hoax Group and their membership, I would strongly urge the  family of this child and the administrators at the child's school to take appropriate safety measures.   These hoaxers are deadly serious in their belief this family is part of a plot to "take their guns"; furthermore, many of these hoaxers are quite literally insane, heavily armed, drug abusers, and suffering extreme paranoid delusions".  - C.W. Wade  

This is the type of person stalking this child:

The hoaxer evidence is, as usual, idiotic and fabricated to play on a conspiracy theorists propensity for wild leaps of logic. For this logic leap,  the slight resemblance between the much older girl and the slain first grade student represents the sum total of their "proof".    Based on that comparison, hoaxers accuse the child's father of "loaning his daughter" to the "Sandy Hook conspiracy".    The reality is, the girls quite obviously look different.  But to a hoaxer, this is called "proof"  of conspiracy on the part of the family.

Hoax leaders such as Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy feel justified in jumping on board, publishing accusations, personal family photo albums, and videos of  the innocent girl and her family; despite one obvious fact:  Avielle Richman is deceased, murdered on December 14, 2012.  The  child is very much alive and trying to innocently attend school and do "kid stuff" while  being subjected to the hatred of gang stalking hoaxers.  It is unclear if the child knows thousands of internet conspiracy theorists believe she is part of a government plot to "take their guns". 

Subjecting a child to this level of hatred and contempt is at a minimum, immoral and at worst threatens very real harm.  James Tracy and other hoax leaders have no right to put out what amounts to a "stalk hit" on an innocent young child.

You would hope these hoax leaders would have a moment of clarity and voluntarily leave the child alone; however, the opposite is likely true.   They will likely ratchet up the rhetoric.

It is quite possible one of the more dangerous hoaxers might want to act on the hoax leader's conclusions, therefore, the girl and her family are in very real danger. 

Already, the resemblance, real or imagined, has encouraged thousands of  hoaxers to dig into the family social media accounts to find the evidence of the "secret government agent child and father team".

Snips from Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy's blog:

  Florida Atlantic University Professor's blog directly accuses the young child here:

How long will society allow children attacked in such a manner?  I suspect we will allow it until one of these hoaxers is motivated by Hoax leadership to find their prey de jour and causes them harm.

The video: The first hints of the targeting of the Urbina family came at the conclusion of the FOI hearing, when Wolfgang Halbig was babbling in a near senseless manner "Curtis Urbino and  Avielle Richman" as attorney Monte Frank walked by.

At the time, it was not clear to this blog as to why Halbig would repeatedly say these names. Now we know. The incident was as evil as it seemed to be.

If someone is harmed as a result of this hoaxer propaganda, I hope the hoax leaders are held responsible.

The "Free Jonathan Reich" Hoax

The controversy has even more sinister implications as several of the blogs center around one name,  Jonathan Reich. 

 In addition to targeting the Urbina family, a main premise of the blogs are to advertise what amounts to a "Free Jonathan Reich" campaign. "Free Jonathan" has been a long running disinformation campaign and hoax perpetrated by Hoax Leaders. 

 Of course, where there is fund raising potential related to "hoax", you will find another creepy individual:

Wolfgang Halbig in May 2014
A brief history lesson on Jonathan Reich. He was arrested and charged with  making harassing phone calls "to another state of official and to certain families of the Sandy Hook tragedy" according to the the Farmington Patch:

As I have engaged with Jonathan Reich many times, I can tell you he is a very creepy individual.   He gives you "that gut feeling" that something is not right in his head.  It is no wonder, of all hoaxers, he has found himself in front of the courts.

If you review this article, Reich appears to have an extensive history of this type of behavior, even prior to Sandy Hook, as reported by a former classmate and "facebook friend" of his:

 If Reich is indeed behind this attack of the Urbina family, including children; I would advise the utmost caution.
The newest cog in the "Free Jonathan" hoax is the blog "". The website is an obvious sham attempting to pass itself off as "Connecticut Judicial Branch News". The only "news" on the blog is Jonathan Reich and his legally insignificant misdemeanor case. As part of the ruse, the blog pretends its older than it really is; boasting several posts before it's recent creation date of August 20, 2015!


Fake post by a fake journalist on a fake "news blog"  on a falsified date = another hoaxer hoax.

The blog  proclaims "One Case at a Time" as it laughably focuses on exactly one case, Reich's little misdemeanor case; a case where Reich even escaped  jail time; a case of exactly zero legal significance.

While most have concluded that the "Hartford blog" is simply written by Jonathan Reich, the owner of the blog maintains anonymity while soliciting contact information from it's visitors; i.e. a phishing scam.

Further suggesting this is a hoaxer phishing scam is a pretense of a nonexistent "class action" lawsuit; no law firm is referenced and no real names provided.  You are therefore simply requested to pass along personal contact information to the anonymous people who have been cyber stalking several Newtown families. 

 The "Free Jonathan Reich" hoax is even more absurd considering the facts of Reich's case. Understand, Reich is no under privileged person "railroaded" by Connecticut.  Reich has every advantage.

First, of course, Reich is very much free.  Reich's freedom has been assured by Jonathan Reich's wealthy, connected, high powered business attorney father ("Mr. Reich"), who hired a top Connecticut Law firm to represent Reich.   Mr. Reich even appeared with Reich during court hearings, figuratively holding Reich's hand to calm his quivering son while closely monitoring the case every step of the way.   Many of us recall "Mr. Reich" did not allow Jonathan to meet with Wolfgang and Tony Mead at the courthouse; in fact, Mead and Halbig were kicked out of the forum entirely.  Demonstrating his personal cowardice, Reich was also whisked through back doors into babk rooms to avoid contact Reich's embarrassed and shunned hoaxer groupies. Reich did not say a word to defend himself and did not have any fortitude at all to face his accusers when he was put to the test. He folded like the lawn chair; a coward when he cannot lurk in the shadows. 

 The sweet deal assures Jonathan Reich has a squeaky clean record upon case dismissal, scheduled for 2016.   Don't we all wish we could have our powerful father   purchase us such "justice"?  These facts don't stop Reich from hoaxing hoaxers into thinking Reich needs to be "free" (not to mention needs donations for "defense").

Could Reich have simply plead guilty to his little case and paid a fine and picked up some freeway trash, like most of us would? Sure, but then the Reich heir would have a record; such convictions are widely frowned upon within Reich's close nit and very religious Jewish Community.  Reich's father apparently could not face that; and likely, as by all appearances a decent person, has hopes his namesake will someday be more than a unemployable wide-eyed weirdo head case.  Mr. Reich reportedly spent tens of thousands of dollars to negotiate Jonathan Reich into a pre-plea diversion program that includes a sealing of his case and his attorney's did so while requesting and and agreeing to numerous continuances.

A sister website to the "Free Jonathan" has sprung up,   This website appears to be simply another cog in the "Free Jonathan" nonsense.  

Each article there also seems to allude to Jonathan Reich in some way.  This is the website that launched the attack and gang stalk of the Urbina and Richman families and their children.

Is Jonathan Reich directly behind this attack of a Newtown Family?

There is obviously no class action lawsuit; however, Tony Mead may have accidentally let the cat out of the bag  as to who is behind the "Free Jonathan Reich" hoax and, therefore, behind the attacks on the Urbina family.

Nonetheless, without a legal team, a class of harmed people and a legitimate cause of action that will all be certified by a court, there cannot be a "class action lawsuit" as the malicious phishing sites contend; it is just more evidence that these websites are simply hoaxes by hoax leaders.  

The fact Jonathan Reich name is intertwined with each of these videos and websites certainly leads to the reasonable conclusion that, once again, in the shadows, lurks Jonathan Reich. 
Other hoaxer cheerleaders have stepped up to perpetrate this "Free Jonathan Reich" hoax, and doing so without coming clean as to the realities of court proceedings and agreements Reich must have made to get his high priced privileged deal.

Professor Doom:

It is notable that Professor Doom is not a "professor" or even a college graduate; however, his numerous felony convictions and time in prison could contrast to Reich's family using their money to "beat the rap". " Doom" obviously would know what agreements a defendant must make when sentenced by a Judge. Obviously "Doom" is intentionally misleading his viewers, again. 

Professor James Tracy 
Unlike "Professor Doom", James Tracy is a actually prominent professor at Florida Atlantic University.  Tracy's Memory Hole Blog often serves as a mouth piece for Reich:

As a professor, James Tracy knows that Reich would have had to agree to "waive" his constitutional right to a  speedy trail when Reich's lawyers requested numerous continuances.  Furthermore, as Tracy could tell you, Reich would have had to expressly agree to to the pre-plea diversion deal that his attorney's negotiated. These agreements by Reich prove "Free Jonathan Reich" is simply a hoax  perpetrated by hoax leaders on their followers. 

Most of the followers suffer severe paranoid delusions and truly believe these children and families are part of Obama plots to take their guns; they believe the government, aided by Walmart, will be taking them to FEMA camps. They, as Alex Jones drones, believe they are "The Resistance".
I can only urge action to prevent violence; these hoaxers should not be ignored. In lieu of that I can only hope someone in the hoax cult is brave enough to put a stop to this insanity.  Leave the child alone, sickos.

At the heart of the attack on the Urbino family are some of the biggest names in Sandy Hook Hoax cult leadership. They do have a fanatical and dedicated following of tens of thousands who believe, without question, every word they publish.  Many of those followers (and some of the leaders) are very dangerous people. Many are convicted deviants.

Some other hoaxers "asking questions" :

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Jerad Miller went on a killing spree,
killing two  police officers and a civilian.

 Prominent Sandy Hook Hoax group member  Ryan Ehlis murdered his five -week old baby by shooting her with a shot gun at close range.  He was found temporarily insane and beat the case by claiming "meds caused it"; however, he still brags about his currently owned gun collection. His Facebook is also littered with posts advocating Marijuana abuse.  Hopefully he doesn't decide that that "med" isn't wrong for him, because he has an arsenal ready for action. His rants and post indicate he believes every conspiracy theory he or anyone else  can imagine.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Timothy Rogalsky was convicted of Harrassing Newtown Schools.

Newtown's St. Rose of Lima School Calls Police accusing Hoaxers of secretly filming their school children - 911 Call:

It's not really a question of "if" another hoaxer will be incited to violence by the Hoax leadership, but when.

As a result of hoax leadership propaganda, thousands of Hoaxers believe these families are part of a plot to "take their guns".  Who knows what they will do in retaliation for that prospect.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hoaxer William Shanley back in Jail - $25,000 Bail

Sandy Hook Hoaxer William Shanley, best known for his absurd lawsuits against random news for "Hoax Fraud", is back in jail for allegedly violating his probation.  Shanley is on probation following convictions for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. 

Shanley has filed a total of three lawsuits against news organizations seeking nearly TEN TRILLION dollars.  As evidence, Shanley laughably cites Jim Fetzer's blog posts. Shanley's filings claim he  intends to call on "expert", Wolfgang Halbig.  Shanley has also been cited by James Tracy.  The Federal Court has been completely unimpressed with this cadre of bumbling conspiracy theorists, dismissing Shanley's ridiculous lawsuits declaring them -  "Frivolous and without plausible grounds for relief".

Shanley is presently a resident of New Haven Correctional Center. Correspondence may be addressed to inmate # 305720.

It has been observed that Sandy Hook Hoaxers tend to degrade mentally as they delve further into the "everything is a hoax" wild eyed madness and hysteria; which could, in part, help explain Shanley's current troubles.