Thursday, March 31, 2016

Video - Wolfgang Halbig and his Martin Luther King, Jr. Claim

New video out covers the previous blog post concerning Wolfgang Halbig's claim to have been Martin Luther King's driver 'keeping him safe'.

In this video, we look at Wolfgang Halbig's email to the Greater Hartford NAACP.  Wolfgang Halbig is a well known public figure, leader, and hero to hundreds of Sandy Hook Truthers.  Using national and international appearance, as well as broadcasting his own program, Wolfgang wow's his starry-eyed cult-like followers with tales of glory from his past. In doing so, he has solicited nearly $100,000 in donations from his followers.  How much of his past is fiction gleamed from Youtube and TV?  That is for the viewer to decide.  In this video, one Wolfgang's heroic claims are looked at.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A video on Conspiracy Theory Videos and the State of the Hoaxer

It is well over three years since the first "bomb shell" video "proof" came out calling Sandy Hook a hoax. Since then, thousands of hoaxer "researchers" have spent tens of thousands of hours pouring over every Sandy Hook related article, news clip, and Facebook account they can find.  They have stalked children, plotted, schemed, harmed; yet, what have they to show for their efforts?

Sandy Hook Hoaxers do not have a single piece of real evidence of hoax.  Nothing.  They have plenty of looped videos, faked FEMA documents, forged emails, lies and photo shopped images of blurry Christmas Trees, but no evidence.

Lately, their main focus is themselves:  Donate to James Tracy!  Donate to Wolfgang Halbig! Donate to Jonathan Reich!  Donate, donate, donate. Give me, Give me, Give me.  "We are oppressed!" they cry from their cozy warm couches and new laptop computers. 

Even when discussing themselves, they lie. Wolfgang's recent ridiculous claim to the NAACP that he was Martin Luther King's driver exemplifies the hoaxer:

In a recent email, Wolfgang Halbig was complaining he had spent $78,000.  Lord knows he has likely raised much more than that; not to mention the likelihood of skim.

What does Wolfgang and his hoaxers have to show for it? Aside from a couple of Dash Cams that Sandy Hook Facts obtained for $20 and released before Wolfgang did, not much.

Most of the documents Wolfgang obtains through FOIA's are never released to his donors because he knows the material disprove his ridiculous claims.

Lacking new material, Wolfgang's partners including Sandy Hook Hoax Group, Jim Fetzer, and William Shanley are left discussing Shanley's Sandy Hook Hoaxer lawsuit.  Fetzer trumpeted the lawsuit on his blog yesterday, March 28:

There is one big problem with Fetzer's blog post.  The lawsuit in question was already dismissed with prejudice (as Fetzer learned after publishing the piece), with the finding by the court that Shanley's claims have no basis in fact or law, as reported last year:

The court dismissed the suit on it's own motion.

So that is the State of the Hoaxer.  No evidence. No new material. Nothing put out that has not already been debunked or discredited.  Nearly a $100,000 has washed into Wolfgang's pockets, and he has not produced a single substantive piece of evidence. The hoaxers are left republishing the same, tired, debunked memes that were published within a few months of the shooting, set now to different music and different transitions.

And with that, John Oliver nails it on Conspiracies.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig email to NAACP: I drove Martin Luther King, Jr. and kept him safe

"I was assigned to Dr. Martin Luther King who was in St Augustine, Florida during a March on the beach" --Wolfgang Halbig email.

Is today's article the lowest the hoaxers have sunk?  No. I don't think so. And that's sad because today's article is nauseating.

Sandy Hook Facts asks:

What kind of man would send an email to the NAACP and actually claim to have driven Martin Luther King, Jr. around 'safe and secure?'

And the answer:

An email purportedly from Wolfgang Halbig appears to show that Wolfgang Halbig sent two emails to the  NAACP claiming to have been the driver of Martin Luther King, Jr. Halbig CC'd the second  email to numerous people.

The email, published in it's entirety below (except for some redactions), states in relevant part:

The greatest honor this old man of 70 ever had and will take to my grave is when I worked as a Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida.
I was assigned to Dr. Martin Luther King who was in St Augustine, Florida during a March on the beach.  I had the privilege of driving him from the beach to the airport in order to get him out of town safe and secure,
I was young and when he died by gunfire he made me become a better teacher and school administrator when leaving the Highway patrol.

Is it possible for Wolfgang Halbig to have driven Martin Luther King, Jr. around as a State Trooper?

No.  Wolfgang Halbig was not a Florida State Trooper until 6 years after MLK's death. Furthermore, with his time in service at a year or less, it doesn't appear Wolfgang got muchfarther than   his probationary period as a trooper.

Wolfgang Halbig was a State Trooper for about one year beginning in  1974.

Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968.,_Jr.

St. Augustine Beach happened in 1964 (Wolfgang was 17).

If Wolfgang Halbig wants to prove he drove Martin Luther King, Jr, I welcome the proof of this claim. Already we tolerate so many of his claims without proof - Columbine, Presidential Detail, Customs Agent; however, making this claim to the NAACP as part of his "pitch" about Jonathan Reich, currently a fugitive wanted by the State of Connecticut, is beyond the pale.

Other than that, I expect what we usually get from the Sandy Hook Justice employee/agents/volunteers/hosts - some weak excuse set to swanky music and cartoon memes.

*UPDATE*  3/24/16:  In an second email obtained by Sandy Hook Facts, Wolfgang Halbig admits to sending the email. He admits he lied about driving MLK.  He  blames a "traitor" as the reason his disgusting act.  At this time, we are not going to release the document as the document is more flim flam from a filthy mind making excuses for his fund raising schemes and disgusting lies.  

Original emails:

The Investigation:

The email is uncharacteristically well written.  For example:

It is doubtful the quasi-illiterate Wolfgang Halbig could write the above sentence without assistance.  Therefore, it appears there could be some conspiracy at work within the Sandy Hook Justice organization to make the representation to the NAACP as part of an overall fundraising plan.

Recognizing that emails could be spoofed and that it appears Wolfgang Halbig received some "help" in authoring the ridiculous email claim, I researched the IP header tags of this against 3 other "characteristic" emails known to be from Wolfgang.  The originating IP header tags match the IP address of Wolfgang's other emails and prove to originate from Florida.

* UPDATE * 3-23-16 - Halbig has admitted he authored the email.

In any event, Wolfgang Halbig sent the email to the NAACP twice!  The second time sending it to his  attorney Kay Wilson and numerous other media groups, government agencies, and public personalities (including Donald Trump).

The above sentence would appear to match the article on; therefore, it appears likely there has been collusion with the Sandy Hook Justice organization agents who author the site and with Halbig himself.

With an IP header and origination match, it appears Wolfgang Halbig cannot rationally deny the claim.

No doubt he will try.

Latest Fund Raising Gimmick

The latest email, ostensibly requesting NAACP support for Jonathan Reich (bolstered by a MLK claim), coincides perfectly with Sandy Hook Hoax group's latest fundraising gimmick.   In this latest gimmick the Hoaxers pretend their wanted and hiding "show pony" Jonathan Reich is going to sue "The Patch".

How can Jonathan Reich sue when he is currently  wanted in Connecticut and refuses to even answer to the charges?

Wolfgang, despite promises otherwise, only sues bloggers

As we know, Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Justice crew has NEVER sued any government agency or news organization over Sandy Hook.  This adds more doubt to the fact they would ever attempt to sue The Patch.

Wolfgang Halbig has sued some bloggers in an self serving anti-free speech lawsuit that he lost. That's it. His promises to file lawsuits against Connecticut Officials or a Class Action lawsuit have apparently been hoaxes designed to get money out of his followers.

Other recent whoppers by Wolfgang Halbig:

"Twenty years of law enforcement"

Exhibit O:

Wolfgang's Sandy Hook Hoax:

*Coming Soon*
Sandy Hook Facts has obtained the document Wolfgang Halbig purports to be the "gag order" from the NFL concerning the Super Bowl singers.  In fact, Sandy Hook Facts has received all of Wolfgang Halbig's Super Bowl documents.

Did the NFL issue a gag order or is Wolfgang Halbig lying?

The answer soon...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sandy Hook Hoax Attorney L Kay Wilson Announces Wolfgang Halbig FOIA Withdrawn

It was apparent Kay Wilson was slipping farther into the Cult of Conspiracy when she appeared, independent of Wolfgang Halbig on James Fetzer's Real Deal Episode 67 and discussed her own views.  Wilson announced "I no longer believe in the official [Sandy Hook] narrative."

Sandy Hook Hoax Attorney L Kay Wilson Announces Wolfgang Halbig FOIA Withdrawn

Sandy Hook Hoax supporter and Connecticut Attorney L Kay Wilson announced to her supporters "Sandy Hook Hoax" that the scheduled FOIA Hearing for March 17, 2016 was withdrawn.

It is curious that Wolfgang Halbig has apparently stopped making his announcements,  dispatching his attorney, L. Kay Wilson to the menial task of bringing Tony Mead into the loop.

L Kay Wilson promised her friends at Sandy Hook Hoax Group a "slew" of upcoming hearings in the near future.

The hearing was to be:
March 17, 2016   FIC 2015-886
Wolfgang Halbig v. Chief, Police Department, Town of Newtown; Police Department, Town of Newtown; and Town of Newtown

L Kay Wilson is starting to become a more prominent public figure within the Hoaxer community. She has made appearances on InfoWars and James Fetzer's program, among other public discussions.

Kay Wilson is also beginning to act more and more like a hoaxer conspiracy theorist.

Did Kay Wilson issue a harassing subpoena to Shannon Hicks?

L Kay Wilson caused controversy during the February, 2016 FOIA hearing when she issued subpoena to Newtown Bee Reporter Shannon Hicks.

As most know, Shannon Hicks took the iconic photographs of the evacuation of Sandy Hook School after the shooting on 12-14-12.

The FOIA case for which Kay Wilson issued subpoena involved Halbig's requests for records from the Connecticut State Police.   A review of the case, including video of the hearing can be viewed here:

Kay Wilson's friends at Sandy Hook Hoax Group were overjoyed that Shannon Hicks would be issued a subpoena.  Sandy Hook Hoax Group takes pleasure in any harassment of Newtown residents, as has been well documented.

The question that puzzled an attorney who viewed the subpoena issue was: "What relevant information could Shannon Hicks possibly provide the FOIA Commission concerning records in possession of Connecticut State Police?"

When the FOI hearing officer asked L Kay Wilson to summarize her anticipated  case in chief, Wilson made no mention of calling Shannon Hicks.  So why did Kay Wilson choose to cost the reporter and the Newtown Bee money and time by forcing appearance?

Since there seems to be no relevant information Hicks could have provided concerning Connecticut State Police records and since Wilson did not call Hicks to testify, some have speculated the subpoena was issued just to bully or harasss  the reporter.  In other words, Wilson may have issued the subpoena out of pure meanness towards one of those most profoundly affected by the shooting; and thus, Wilson may have violated ethical and moral conduct.

Shannon Hicks did appear pursuant to Kay Wilson's ludicrous demand, along with the Newspaper's attorney, causing the newspaper significant monetary damages.  It would seem fair Kay Wilson and Wolfgang Halbig owe compensation  for those damages.

L Kay Wilson's Descent into the bowels of Conspiracy Madness

It was apparent Kay Wilson was slipping farther into the Cult of Conspiracy when she appeared, independent of Wolfgang Halbig, on James Fetzer's Real Deal Episode 67 and discussed her own views.  Wilson proudly announced "I no longer believe in the official [Sandy Hook] narrative."

James Fetzer is well known as a hard core antisemitic conspiracy theorist who once pushed the idea that Mossad Death Squads attacked the Sandy Hook School and who teamed up with Wolfgang Halbig and James Tracy to co-write "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook". The book was so vile and full of lies, Amazon refused to soil their shelves by selling it.

James Fetzer Real Deal 67 - Sandy Hook and Jade Helm.

Kay Wilson also referred to believing the Sandy Hook "narrative" as "drinking the Kool-Aid".

Her apparent contempt for the victims and families in Newtown could explain why she needlessly issued subpoena to Shannon Hicks.

These actions are right in line with Kay Wilson's failed attempt to submit hoaxer modified evidence to the CT FOI Connecticut Commission by folding it, to hide the modified portion.  Attorney Monte Frank objected stating "It's clearly not authentic."

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Courant – Dave Altimari versus Conn State Police FOIA Update


Currently in the Connecticut courts is a very important FOIA appeal concerning documents related to the Sandy Hook shooter.


Please see this link for back ground on this case:
As an update -

 Yesterday, March 15, 2016 a full hearing was held before Connecticut Superior Court.  The Judge took the matter under submission and a ruling is expected to be issued within 60 days.


It is anticipated that this case will go to the Connecticut Supreme Court no matter which side prevails in the appeal.


Sandy Hook Facts continues to support the release of all relevant documents, including photos and videos, pertaining to the Sandy Hook shooter and applauds Dave Altimari, the FOIA Commission, and the Courant for their work on this case.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli declared a shill by United States Government

It is ironic that the confirmed shill in the Sandy Hook "truth" movement is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer, Pete Santilli.

Pete Santilli has long been suspected of being a shill and not just because  Santilli videos are serving as the corner stone for the government prosecution of Bundy's and of Santilli himself.

Now, the United States Goverment, via the United States Attorney General, has formally declared Pete Santilli a shill in official court documents.

The Government's Memorandum in Support of It's Motion for Pretrial Detention can be viewed here:

The document lays out a near irrefutable case as to why Santilli must be kept in pretrial detention; especially considering the danger he represents to the public.

I think we all watched the "tazing" of Ammon Bundy during the Bundy Standoff; but did you know Pete Santilli started that by using his car to initially stop the convoy?  Neither did I. That is because Santilli edited his video to cut out anything damning; according to the Government's memorandum; however, another Bundy Video revealed the truth.

This is an overt physical act in direct support of illegal actions of the Bundy's.  The Government memo also described Santilli's threats to the SAC, "drum beating", and recruiting of gunmen for the Bundy standoff.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chalk Hill School used for Sandy Hook Prior to Shooting - Cinderellabroom Debunked

This is a repost of a debunking as by Michael Flagg, reposted from Sandy Hook Tragedy: Focus on Facts

Sandy Hook Facts note: The original Cinderellabroom blog post has been made private after the article was debunked.

An archive of the article can be found here:

The article begins:
This post provides evidence that Chalk Hill Middle School of Monroe, Connecticut may have been used as a replica of Sandy Hook Elementary School long before January 2013 – perhaps as early as 2011.
The evidence is found in a breadcrumb trail of free and reduced-rate lunch stats used to calculate high-speed Internet discounts for schools. Newtown’s 2012 paperwork includes Chalk Hill Middle School, whose numbers are identical to that of Sandy Hook Elementary.
Truly glaring – but buried. Fortunately, Cinderella has a shovel as well as a broom.
Wolfgang Halbig has been sending Cinderella some interesting documents about free and reduced-price school lunches. It’s disturbing that even in Newtown nowadays – where you might expect many lunchboxes to contain sushi-on-ice – there are children who need that kind of help.

by Michael Flagg
Wolfgang Halbig has been sending Cinderella some interesting documents about free and reduced-price school lunches. It’s disturbing that even in Newtown nowadays – where you might expect many lunchboxes to contain sushi-on-ice – there are children who need that kind of help.

Cinderella, owner of a blog by the name of Cinderella's Broom, tries to get people to believe that "Chalk Hill Middle School of Monroe, Connecticut may have been used as a replica of Sandy Hook Elementary School long before January 2013 – perhaps as early as 2011."

She says "the breadcrumb trail ends – at Chalk Hill Middle School," showing screencaps from FCC Form 471 (specifically Block 4: Discount Calculation Worksheet Worksheet - 1392404). FCC Form 471 - "An applicant that applies for Schools and Libraries Program support for eligible services must calculate the discount percentage that it and the schools or libraries it represents are eligible to receive and report the costs and details of the eligible services for which it is requesting discounts."

Cinderella chose to post screencaps from FCC Form 471 as thumbnails, saying you'll have to zoom in. However, you can view each thumbnail in its actual size by deleting what is after .jpg in each link. (In Google Chrome: Right-click thumbnail, choose Copy image address, paste it in the address bar, and delete what is after .jpg.) Deleting ?w=600&h=424 from

will show the thumbnail in its actual size.

In the second screencap from Block 4: Discount Calculation Worksheet Worksheet - 1392404, what Cinderella refers to as page 4, she calls these anomalies: Sandy Hook Elementary School and Chalk Hill Middle School are both included in the list of eligible entities. They both have the same data of 521, 22, 4.223%, 40, N, N, N, and 20840:

However, what Cinderella is showing is an updated FCC Form 471. Chalk Hill Middle School was added in after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the last update was during the time Sandy Hook Elementary School students were attending school at the Chalk Hill Middle School building. Due to knowing the application number, shown in Cinderella's first screencap, this can be proven by viewing the FCC Form 471 online. This was further proven by contacting Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), who administers the E-rate program, "responsible for processing the applications for support, confirming eligibility, and reimbursing service providers and eligible schools and libraries for the discounted services."

To view the FCC Form 47 online, go to

Put 826523 in the "471 Application Number:" box.
Choose Current or Original and then click the "Display" button.
Then the next page loads and you click the "Display Entire Application" button.

Current view type of FCC Form 471 is what Cinderella shows (the data part anyway). Current view type:

Original view type of FCC Form 47 does NOT include Chalk Hill Middle School. Original view type:

From contacting Universal Service Administrative Company, I was informed: Create Date: 1/16/2012 12:42:38 PM. Last Update Date: 6/17/2013 8:52:01 AM. So, the original view type is from January 16, 2012; the current view type is from June 17, 2013.

Cinderella states: "Of course, strangest of all is that Chalk Hill Middle School of Monroe should be included in an application for Newtown Public Schools in the first place." There is no strangeness at all. January 3, 2013 was the first day Sandy Hook Elementary School students went back to school. Even though the Chalk Hill Middle School building is in Monroe, the building is being used for the students who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. The name of the school was renamed to Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the school is still considered part of Newtown Public School District. That is easily verifiable by going to the Newtown Public School District website and seeing if Sandy Hook Elementary School is on the list of schools in the district, which it is: Sandy Hook Elementary School is NOT on the list of schools at the Monroe Public Schools website:

From 2011 (and obviously earlier) to December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School students only attended Sandy Hook Elementary School at 12 Dickinson Drive in Sandy Hook, Connecticut 06482. This ties in with the overdebunked theory that Sandy Hook Elementary School was not an operational school or was closed for an x number of years, like Cinderella saying "the Wayback Machine ferret was no longer sniffing at the Sandy Hook school URL": and

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pete Santilli faces Nevada Detention Hearing in Portland on Monday

It appears the radical militant Sandy Hook Hoaxer talk show host Pete Santilli may be actually released prior to being shipped to Nevada to stand trial.  Santilli was released in Oregon; however US Marshals have a hold on him for his indictment in Nevada.  A motion was filed to have the Nevada  detention heard before the Federal Court in Portland, Oregon.

Nevada's U.S. Deputy Attorneys will be on hand to argue for Santilli's continued confinement. Santilli faces multiple felony charges for his actions in during the Bundy Ranch Standoff.

Meanwhile, Santilli's release order has been published (in full below).

Santilli will be required to undergo a mental health evaluation and take medications as prescribed, he is not allowed weapons, he will be required to stay in a half-way house in Oregon. He is prohibited from encouraging unlawful activity. Pete Santilli will not be allowed to broadcast his radio show.  These seem to be very tough restrictions for Pete Santilli.

While Santilli has promised to march militia "Bundy Ranch style" on Connecticut over Sandy Hook, it does not appear he will be doing that anytime soon.  

In the Oregon court case, Defense attorney's have filed a motion to determine if the Federal Government had "Super Admin" powers over the Pete Santilli show during the stand-off.
During the Protester, paranoid Pete Santilli nearly instigated violence when he
bullied a counter protestor by falsely accusing him of being an FBI agent. 

Legal Updates: Santilli Stays Jailed - Millsmost Court - Reich'sImpersonator

As part of Sandy Hook Facts continuing monitoring of legal issues involving Sandy Hook Hoaxers, the following update is provided:

Pete Santilli released in Oregon - Stays in Jail 

Pete Santilli, in jail since arrested during the Malheur take-over, was released from custody in Oregon to a half-way house. Release would follow a mental health evaluation.   He would also be electronically monitored.  This was Santilli's third tax-payer funded attempt at release.

Nevada Warrant
There is a small hitch to any celebration by his followers.  There is a hold on him from US Marshals out of Nevada related to charges stemming from the Bundy Ranch Standoff.  Santilli is not released from Custody and will be transported to Nevada.

There may be an additional hitch as prosecutors in Oregon are preparing their next round of indictments.  If Santilli is indicted on new charges; he will have to face the Judge in Oregon again before release.

Pending Nevada writ:

Millsmost Hearing Set

Matthew Mills has been set for Calendar for March 11, 2016 for a "Disposition Hearing" on his "Breach of Peace" and Resisting arrest" charges.  Mills, who was a popular Youtuber Hoaxer called "Millsmost", was arrested after his verbal tirade against the Soto Family at their memorial race.  This could mean Mills will be taking a plea deal.

Sandy Hook Justice Host Zeeroe3 claims to be Impersonating Jonathan Reich

In a shocking video announcement, Sandy Hook Justice's podcast host Zeeroe3 admits he has been impersonating hoaxer fugitive Jonathan Reich!  ZeeRoe3 hosts Wolfgang Halbig's "Sandy Hook Justice Report"  broadcast channel.

Zeeroe3 is also heavily involved in authoring and, pro-Reich websites.

Jonathan Reich was one of the earliest hoaxers arrested for harassing calls in the wake of Sandy Hook.  At trial, he accepted a sweet pretrial diversion deal, with full dismissal and case sealing.  With his diversion nearly complete, he began getting "assistance" from Sandy Hook Justice.  Reich suddenly decided to cancel his pretrial diversion, stop coming to court, and now has a warrant for his arrest. Meanwhile, in the Sandy Hook Justice spirit,  Reich is now hosting fundraisers:

And appearing on the Hoaxer Talk Show circuit:

Jonathan Reich is also busying himself co-authoring widely published articles on Sandy Hook children, according to Reich's good personal friend and Sandy Hook Hoax leader Tony Mead:

The articles on Sandy Hook victim Avielle Richman were some of the most disturbing I have ever seen come out of the Sandy Hook Hoaxer camp.

Zeeroe3's website and James Tracy's Memory Hole Blog published the disgusting article. 

During this time a user by the name of "ZeeRoe3" published video after video on Jonathan Reich, releasing details and information that could have only come through Reich himself.   Many began to speculate ZeeRoe3 was actually Jonathan Reich.  This was fueled by ZeeRoe3 acting like he was Reich in audio and comment sections.  Apparently, Zeeroe3 wants everyone to now believe that was part of a hoax he was pulling.

If the hoax is true, how much was Jonathan Reich "in on" ZeeRoe3's impersonation and why would Reich continue to feed information to ZeeRoe3 unless he wanted people to believe ZeeRoe3 was Reich? These are unanswered questions.  

Zeeroe also admits in video that his hoax was carried out as a conspiracy between a small group of people.  We can reasonably suspect that this is part of the larger "Free Jonathan Reich" fundraising campaign of Sandy Hook Justice, where they sickeningly claim Jonathan Reich was "the only true victim of Sandy Hook".

ZeeRoe's "confession" came on the heals of a video by Joel that declared ZeeRoe3 was lying about being Jonathan Reich.    This video also claims newly released recordings of calls made to Wayne Carver's office.  The calls are bone chilling:

Is ZeeRoe's "confession" of a hoax actually a hoax itself because Zeeroe3 is Jonathan Reich?   There is no absolute confirmation one way or the other at this point.  Thanks to the efforts of ZeeRoe3's admitted impersonation, the Jonathan Reich/ZeeRoe3 names are so closely intertwined as to be nearly a moot point.

The bottom line is, to date, Jonathan Reich still has a warrant and refuses to turn himself in to face justice.  The People of Connecticut are being denied their day in court and their opportunity to present their case.  This is opposite of what Zeeroe3  says when he speaks on behalf of Jon Reich's feelings and desires:

Reich Discovery Motion:  

Jonathan Reich's end-around for un-redacted report.

As previously reported by Sandy Hook Facts, Jonathan Reich is using his case as a springboard to attempt obtain the entire unredacted report. 

In the motion, Reich asks for an "In-camera review and complete unredacted copy of all "documents and disk media" associated with the Sandy Hook Final review.

What could the final report on Sandy Hook possibly have to do with Reich's telephone harassment case?  Nothing, of course.  

Reich's goal is obvious; the report would obviously include photos and autopsy reports of the deceased children.  This information would likely immediately go online as part of their network of numerous hoaxer video channels.

Luckily, the request is so unreasonable, irrelevant to the charges, and burdensome, the court will never enforce that discovery request (even if Jonathan Reich decides to stop running from the case).  Zeeroe3 has zero chance of getting his hands on the report.

As part of ZeeRoe3's release of exclusive Jonathan Reich information, he released video of the discovery motion.  The following are the screen shots of Reich's motion.  Jonathan's request for the un-redacted report is on page five.  Click to enlarge.