Friday, January 20, 2017

Pulse Survivor Angel Colon sues over Robin Weigel's attack videos "HowISeetheWorld"

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Robin Weigel aka "HowISeeWorld" and "HowISeeSandyHook" has made countless videos defaming, making threats, making racist comments, not to mention actually contacting, stalking, and harassing many victims of high profile violent crime. Many victims have fallen prey to this armed, violence preaching monster.   In addition to targeting Sandy Hook Victims  Robin Weigel targeted many survivors of the Pulse Night Club shooting.

One is fighting back!  Angel Colon is suing over a video made by Robin. Robin attacked Angel Colon as Angel was in the hospital recuperating from his gunshot wounds after the Pulse Night Club Shooting. Robin, using a ruse that he was "Angel's friend", called him and recorded the call. Robin then goes on a tirade defaming the victim.  This was covered by SandyHookFacts this blog as part of an article on Robin's partner, Wolfgang Halbig. has been very active supporting the Pulse Night Club victims and helping to defend them from attacks by Hoaxers.

Sandy Hook Facts stands with Orlando Pulse victims

I covered Robin's call to Angel Colon as part of my video "Racist Rager targets Erica Lafferty":

I covered the fact that Sandy Hook hoaxer co-conspiractors created an account impersonating Angel Colon in this article:

The lawsuit discusses Robin Weigel's video; however, The John Doe's named are "" (owned and operated by several well known Sandy Hook Hoax Group Members) and TruthMedia Revolution.

Republisher TruthMediaRevolution's video with over 58,000 views can be seen here:

Robin's original video, currently not named in the lawsuit, can be found here:

Certainly, many Sandy Hook Hoax group members would be appropriate defendants as they conspire with Robin to defame, harass, and stalk victims. Robin Weigel is a fundraising shill for Sandy Hook Hoax group causes.

The lawsuit refers to Robin's video as "John Doe". Apparently, Angel does not know his attacker's name. That means he does not know Robin is a California resident. Robin often records calls without consent. This is a direct violation of California law and Robin could and should do jail time! He also harasses people in violation of California law.  California prosecutes many for this crime every year and certainly Robin Weigel would should appropriately face justice and get his day in criminal court.

The lawsuit anticipates it will exceed $75,000:

My video where I showed this attack on Angel Colon: "Racist rager targets Erica Lafferty". will closely monitor this case.

Here  is the complaint:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sandy Hook FEMA Manual Debunked - Ten Proofs of Hoaxer Fraud

Sandy Hook FEMA Manual Debunked - Ten Proofs of Hoaxer Fraud

This video takes a look at the Sandy Hook FEMA manual that hoaxers began pushing on October 6, 2014.

I present ten proofs that the Sandy Hook FEMA Manual is a complete fraud.  Hoaxers are on notice that pushing this fake manual as part of fundraising schemes and products sales is fraud and a violation of Federal law.

Here is the video:

Ten Proofs of Fraud
Here is a link to the fake FEMA document on a neutral pdf hosting.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Stream "Newtown" - The Documentary beginning this WEEKEND!

If you have been waiting to see Newtown, now is your chance!

Edit for price lowering - View it as a rental from 3.99.  Purchase from 9.99- $14.99.

Stream it for less than $5.00 this weekend!

Shown is Connecticut State Police Sergeant William Cario - an EMT for over 30 years.  Sgt Cario served a major role in the initial triage of the victims at Sandy Hook.  To learn more about what happened at Sandy Hook and Sgt Cario, watch my documentary Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute or read my three part Sandy Hook Shooting Analysis blog series here:

Official Trailer:

Stream it from these links -

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Sandy Hook Facts makes no money off of advertising or linking this film.  Sandy Hook Facts is not affiliated with any private or government agency at all. Sandy Hook Facts receives no compensation whatsoever for Sandy Hook research, links, or videos. Donations are not accepted.

Sandy Hook Facts is a private, volunteer, journalistic endeavor and labor of love backed up by the First Amendment. Numerous hoaxers have attempted to shut Sandy Hook Facts down in their effort to silence the truth about Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook Facts has been threatened, sued, stalked, harassed, defamed, and intimidated.  So far, all of the hoaxer attempts have failed.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Trial Updates

"Reich is still showing as having no motions filed by his public defender. This would seem to indicate that hoaxer leaders Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead still have not helped Jonathan Reich, despite raising nearly $100,000 promising to help Reich with his case." -

Let's do a brief update on the hoaxers on trial or in the court system.

Hoaxers have presented ZERO evidence of hoax.
First, my challenge still stands unanswered. With so many hoaxers facing the court system, as listed below, I challenged all hoaxer conspiracy theorists to present even one court admissible piece of evidence of hoax to help all their pals facing the court system.  I was nice enough to allow them to provide evidence of hoax of any mass shooting in the USA.

The challenge was nearly rhetorical.  I am fully aware hoaxers do not have a single piece of court admissible evidence of hoax, despite their years of digging. That is amazing considering they contend tens of thousands of people are "in on it".

Their photoshopped memes, looped videos, and outright lies have no factual foundation and thus would be flatly rejected in court.

To date, not a single hoaxer or hoaxer leader, to include Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, or James Tracy, has stepped up and provided even one piece of court admissible evidence of hoax that could help themselves or their followers in court.

Let that sink in. Some of the biggest names in Hoaxerism have active cases; not one piece of evidence has been present.   James Tracy, Jonathan Reich, Wolfgang Halbig - where is the evidence of hoax?

Do you know that when I beat Wolfgang Halbig in court to the tune of about $25,000, he provided zero evidence of hoax.

Where is the evidence, hoaxers?

Now the update.