Saturday, August 26, 2017

CW Wade offers to help Sandy Hook hoaxer Scott Baio stop grief trolling families

"As someone born in the 70's, it is my duty to help Scott Baio free himself of being a Sandy Hook Hoaxer grief troll. I simply cannot allow it. Let's hope he takes me up on the offer."
 -CW Wade, Sandy Hook Shooting and Hoaxer expert.

Scott Baio revealed himself to be a Sandy Hook hoaxer grief troll.

Typically, it is my policy NOT to offer private tutoring to hoaxer grief trolls. Instead, I reference them to my comprehensive catalog of debunking videos and articles that, if actually viewed, would help them understand not only how absurd the Sandy Hook hoaxer memes are, but how they are literally invented fakery by hoaxer frauds, grifters, conartists, and opportunists.

Sandy Hook Facts took the unprecedented step of offering to personally help Sandy Hook hoaxer grief troll Scott Baio understand the shooting.

Scott, shoot me a tweet, facebook message, or an email with something that is confusing you about the shooting.  I will help you. I will answer your questions.  Then, you can stop grief trolling and mocking the parents of the victims.

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