Friday, December 18, 2015

Report: Wolfgang Halbig raked in over $85,000 this year!

**Another Sandy Hook Facts Exclusive**

Wolfgang Halbig takes home $85,000.00 in Donations!

Sandy Hook Facts can reveal that a credible source has come forward stating that Wolfgang Halbig admitted, on camera, to raking in $85,000 in donations this year via his Sandy Hook Justice organization.

The video interview will be released soon; however, Sandy Hook Facts cannot reveal the source at this time.

In the video, Wolfgang Halbig admits to his staggering earnings!


This is very believable considering Wolfgang Halbig is raking in hundreds of dollars a day via his latest fund raiser.  

Wolfgang's Fails
Wolfgang Halbig raises money to allegedly "investigate" Sandy Hook.  However, to date, Wolfgang Halbig has produced nothing other than a string of legal failures, fully documented on this blog in numerous articles.

Sandy Hook Hoax Wolfgang Halbig's  representative to Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner: "Halbig refuses to speak with you unless you dig up Noah's Body and prove to the world you lost your son". -As reported in Newsweek 12-17-15

 Halbig still has not produced ever a single piece of evidence of "Hoax".

Wolfgang Halbig has promised to take Connecticut to Court; so far, Halbig has only filed a self serving lawsuit against blogs who dare speak out against Sandy Hook Hoaxers.

Hosts "I'm going to quit" Fundraiser
Recently Wolfgang Halbig threatened to quit his Sandy Hook fundraising, claiming he was about to lose his wife. He also rambled nonsensically about ducks.

Wolfgang's threat to "quit" was timed perfectly with a Tony Mead Sandy Hook Hoax Group fundraiser called "Rally before it's too late".  The obvious implication was that if they didn't bring in the cash, Wolfgang was leaving!

Even some of his most dedicated donors, who pledge monthly from their Social Security and Pension checks, questioned the disgusting tactics.

Members Must Donate:
 Tony Mead demanded all members make a donation and accepting "no excuse" for not at least making a small donation.  A single mother tried to explain she had three children and could not afford a donation;  however, this was by Hoaxer leadership with condemnation:

Tony's effort paid off, Wolfgang made thousands of dollars; and Tony was successful in preventing Wolfgang from "quitting".

No Full Accounting EVER

To date, Wolfgang Halbig has NEVER provided a full accounting to his donors.
Wolfgang has never released most of the documents he has obtained using those donor funds via FOI Request. 

For example, Wolfgang Halbig received hundreds of work orders that prove Sandy Hook was obviously in operation; Wolfgang has thus far withheld those documents from donors.

Sandy Hook Facts, through a Florida Freedom of Information Act Request, released Wolfgang's filings last year; the filings raised many questions as they did not add up. Further, they included odd expenditures such as "$5,000 Pay Informants".  

To date, wolfgang still refuses to answer any questions about his accounting practices or to provide  full disclosure of his income and expenditures.

According to Florida's Charitable listing, Halbig recently changed his filing status from "Under $25,000" to unlimited, supporting the sources claim of Halbig's astounding earnings.

Of concern is Wolfgang Halbig's constantly claim he in not raising enough money; begging and cajoling his followers nearly every day.

$85,000! means a very, Merry Christmas to the Halbigs!

The Halbig's are doing very well with their "investigation".

Sandy Hook Facts will be releasing more information on this development soon.

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Peter said...

Don't think I Can agree that $85K is a staggering amount. It sounds good, but as soon as you get lawyers involved, it shrinks very quickly. At the end of a day you'd be lucky to have enough left to buy birdseed.