Friday, May 22, 2015

Sandy Hook Shooting Dash Cams - Sandy Hook Facts Exlcusive releases never before seen footage from the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012.

 Two new Dash Cams obtained from the Newtown Police Department.  These videos have never been released to the public before.  The videos include Officer Liam Seabrook and Lt. George Sinko's Dash Cams; they were released today and coverage provided by OpEdNews.

The article by Keith Johnson can be viewed here:

Four Videos have been released.

1. Seabrook with Date and Time Stamp:

Complete version of all Seabrook' Dash Cam  DVD's  on two videos.

2. Seabrook Vid 1

Seabrook Vid 1 combines two ISO DVD files.

3. Seabrook Vid 2

Seabrook Vid 2 combines three ISO DVD files.

4. Lt Sinko Vid

About 30 min of Lt. George Sinko's Dash Cam

As to date and time stamps:
Due to the technology that imbeds the date and time stamp into the DVD's from the Dash Cams, producing the videos onto youtube with Date and Time Stamp displayed is proving difficult.  The process of getting all videos with Date and Time stams up and running is on going.

The time stamp video was produced by laying a screen captured video onto the ISO audio track. So  far that is the only way I have found to render the ISO DVD files as mp4 displaying the closed caption time stamps.

As to Lt. Sinko's Dash Cam:
Youtube rejected the full version of Lt. Sinko's Dash Cam because of multiple copyright conflicts.

These copyright conflicts were caused by the FM Radio playing country music throughout the video. had to post an edited version of the last half hour. Even during the half hour, audio had to be muted to remove the song.   We are still exploring how we can realistically post the full version.

We would like to thank the Newtown Police Department for their prompt and professional responses.

Sandy Hook Facts continues to work on a factual investigation into the Sandy Hook school shooting.   These videos are released because the public has a right to see them; keeping them to ourselves was not an option.

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