Wednesday, December 10, 2014

James Tracy is a big dumb liar- a response

James Tracy has published a article on me on his conspiracy theorist rag, Memory Hole blog.  His fabricated article maligns me; containing many false allegations.

I continue to receive near daily death threats, hack attacks, and video attacks as hoaxers continue their attempts to intimidate me and infringe on my freedom of speech.  My videos and channels have been flagged many times.  Can you say, Hypocrites!?!

Hoaxers are compounding their efforts by publishing bold faced lies to further instigate their minions to attacks on me. 

James Tracy' blog, declaratively and with zero evidence, states that I, CW Wade, am operating several blogs as well as the  "Newtown Post-Examiner" website and blog.

This is exemplified by James Tracy's in his lies on his blog.
” Through first one and now a handful of blogs....” [to slander and defame his precious hoaxers.]

There is NO handful of blogs, there is THIS blog. ONE Blog. MY blog. And I do not slander anyone, I copy paste what they say. If what they say “slanders” themselves, maybe they shouldn't say it! Making a false claim to instigate further attacks on me only proves my point.

Tracy goes on stating:

"In a bold move that only leads people to further suspect deception, Wade published another blog that this time he acquired a domain name for. The reason why a proprietary domain name was a requirement in this case was that it was needed to create the impression of being a regional news site. Writing articles now for the “Newtown Post-Examiner,” Wade appears to be making an attempt to pose as a writer working for a non-biased news organization. The strategy appears to be paying off to some degree. A few news stories on the web site quotes from the Newtown Post-Examiner. They don’t bother to clarify that it’s a blog and likely doesn’t employ an editorial review process."

As with most of James Tracy's drivel; this is poorly researched and inaccurate.  In fact, this is a bold faced lie.

As is well known, the ONLY blog that I own, write, operate, or publish is THIS ONE,

I, in fact do NOT publish, write, or own the Newtown Post-Examiner blog and I have never "written for" that blog.

The fact of the matter is there are several people who are tired of "hoaxer" groups stalking innocent people online, on their social media accounts, at their work, on the phone, and at their children’s schools.  The people stalked are either in some way related to high profile incidents or some hoaxer has imagined they look similar to someone involved in a high profile crime, such as the Sandy Hook tragedy. Some of those tired of this stalking write blogs. 

Additionally, there are some family members of victims and collateral victims that ARE sick of the daily harassment heaped upon them by hoaxers, they are sick of hoaxers stealing their intellectual property, and and they ARE fighting back.

THIS is my website.  I have stated many times before and sworn I work for NO ONE in regards to Sandy Hook. I stand up for truth on my dime, in my free time of my OWN free will, with my OWN right of free speech and I too research this tragedy.

Newsflash! Hoaxers are not the only ones with free speech, hypocrites.

Lies about Copyright

As to the Copyright complaints, tough crap!  (and no, I didn't file those either) 

Unfortunately for the producers of the movie "We need to talk about Sandy Hook", the reports are the producers may have stolen quite a bit of material and there are MULTIPLE Copyright claims against that movie and certainly not limited to " HONR Network".  Some legal agents may be involved at this point.

Reading the tea leaves, it appears independent claims from various potential plaintiffs, including companies and agent represented people who  hold legal and registered copyright to that material, have been or are being filed and/or pursued. I personally have spoken with TWO different claimants  and know of at least one - two others.  

That is a lot of claims!  

Youtube also seems well aware of the multiple independent copyright claims; although that is just based on their reaction, which I agree is very stiff, although I'm not sure its permanent.

In short, it appears that the film and the collaborators are in or soon will be in very serious legal hot water. Guest what, Hoaxer? You don't have a first amendment right to steal stuff!

So before all of you hoaxers get a your panties bunched..  I have a great idea!  Put out a film that doesn’t steal other peoples stuff.  Problem solved!  No copyright claims.

By the way, contrary to hoaxer belief, slapping "fair use" in front of stolen material is not the definition of "fair use".  It needs to fit the criteria of fair use.

Further, Fair Use is an AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE.  It does not mean that there isn't a valid claim to the property you are stealing, it means that once you are sued for stealing it, you have a handy defense you can ATTEMPT.  

Since there several claims against this film, I don't know how this will turn out. I personally doubt the film makers could claim "fair use" on at least three of the items I know of; however,  I don't have a dog in that particular fight.

I know I stand with the families for truth against hoaxers and their intimidating tactics and harassment. Period.

By the way, the film makers KNOW exactly what they stole.. so ask them what it is that really getting them shut down. 

Maybe, for once, you would get a straight answer from them… but I doubt it.

Since my forte is in depth research, that is what I do... so...
Coming Soon.. 

"We need to talk about Sandy Hook"
 – DEBUNKED by CW Wade!

I will not be intimidated by you hoaxers.

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