Monday, August 4, 2014

James McGovern - Connecticut Candidate - Sandy Hook Hoax ConspiracyTheorist?

Sandy Hook Hoax groups are conspiracy theorists that believe the Sandy Hook tragedy is part of a grand conspiracy to take guns.

Recently they received posts by a candidate for Connecticut State Legislature, James McGovern.

Posting side by side a photo made to appear as an undead child, holding her dirty fingers to her lips, a grotesque mock of the first graders who were murdered December 14, 2012, is Connecticut Candidate for State Representative, James McGovern.

Here is James McGovern inspiring Sandy Hook Hoaxers:

Why are you posting there?  Why are you inciting, inspiring, and aiding these people?
A few sample posts by Mr. McGovern's new friends:

No children died Mr. McGovern?

Tell that to the families in Newtown and the surrounding communities that are still trying to come to grips with what happened..  Tell that to the police officers and first responders. Tell that to the children who survived.

9/11, Sandy Hook, and Boston Bombing... Are you you a complete tin-foil hat wearing wack job Mr. McGovern?  Connecticut voters have a right to know.

After posting on Sandy Hook Hoax, James McGovern sought out another Sandy Hook Hoax site on the same exact day.  This site was Wolfgang Halbig's face book page (now closed) - Sandy Hook Justice.

Are you comfortable with your friends in that post?

I could go on, but to what end?  You know exactly where you were posting and who you were posting with, didn't you James McGovern?

I was disgusted by your post.

And I confronted you.

 I gave you the information. You could have distanced yourself from them, but you didn't.   You stood firm!


Oh, you don't have an opinion?  You don't have an opinion of out of state conspiracy theorists that stalk Connecticut residents, seek to dig up graves, seek the identities of minor children in Newtown, and make a mockery of a tragedy where your state's teachers and first graders were slaughtered, yet you go there and try to make new friends and inspire them about guns?

Well, that is your right. But I sure have an opinion about that.  We don't need people like you in government, at all.  That's my opinion.

We need people with good judgement and sound discretion.  You don't pick your friends very well, Mr. McGovern.  You exhibited horrible judgement.

 Apparently, you have taken your motto to heart.  Hopefully Connecticut residents expect more and are disappointed in you.

  • James McGovern
    James McGovern

    I have no opinion on Sandy Hook Hoax. I do have an opinion on government transparency (or lack of), bad legislation, etc.

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