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Sandy Hook Death Certificates and Records Sealed- Alex Jones Fully Debunked

"All Death Certificates from the Sandy Hook shooting are available from Newtown Town Clerk; I have five of them to prove it."

Recently, Alex Jones' crew at Infowars began spreading the false hoaxer meme that the Death Records are not available from the Sandy Hook tragedy.  The crew also spread the false hoaxer claim that the Social Security Death Index lists Adam Lanza's death as December 13th (a day before the shooting.)

This is all part of Alex Jones' campaign to cause harm and pain to families of Sandy Hook with false  hoaxer claims.

Incidentally,  Sandy Hook has debunked every claim made by Alex Jones:

Alex Jones Wayback Machine Debunked: 
CNN Debunks Alex Jones
Alex Jones Conspiracy Lies Debunked
Alex Jones is a Black Hearted Sandy Hook Hoaxer 

As with the other debunked memes Alex Jones spreads during his fake news casts, the claims about the death records are unresearched hoaxer tripe and disinformation spread to intentionally trick people into believing his claims are "evidence of Hoax" and that the "children are actors" - a few of the evil hearted beliefs held by Alex Jones.

Infowars Rob Dew and Owen Shroyer have both
been caught spreading disinformation about
Sandy Hook 

Infowars Rob Dew Debunked
Alex Jones appears to enjoy using the lies to attack and hurt the Sandy Hook families. It was never more apparent than when  Alex Jones dispatched his reporter, Rob Dew, to spread the blatant lies invented by Hoaxers.  Sandy Hook Facts notified Rob Dew of his error and Rob Dew refused to ackowledge facts.  Therefore, you know the disinformation and lies are intentional.

Rob Dew and Infowars was debunked by Sandy Hook Facts in video here:

Let's look at the claims made by Infowars.

Infowars claims Death Records in Newtown are sealed and it's a felony to "check them". This is a bold faced lie and easily debunked.

According to Connecticut Law:
"A certified copy of a Connecticut death certificate may be purchased for a fee by anyone over the age of 18 years.  All CT death certificates include the decedent’s cause of death. "

Therefore, since anyone over 18 may purchase the Death Records, it is obviously not a "felony" to obtain them.

Newtown -
All Death Certificates from the Sandy Hook shooting are available from Newtown Town Clerk. is in possession of Newtown issued Death Certificates for Noah Pozner, Avielle Richman, Benjamin Wheeler. has chosen not to release them at this time; however, they have been shown in video - screen cap here:

Two children, Olivia Engel and Benjamin Wheeler, were pronounced dead at Danbury Hospital. As such, Death Certificates for those children may be obtained from Danbury Town Clerk, in additon to Newtown or Connecticut. This can be confirmed by search of Danbury online records:

Sandy Hook substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau was a resident of Danbury, so her Death Certificate is available from the Danbury Town Clerk, in addition to Newtown or Connecticut.

You may search the Danbury Death Certificate index yourself here:

You may obtain copies of the Death Certificate from Connecticut here: challenges Rob Dew
Crisis Actors Guild I'd like to extend a challenge to Rob Dew: if I - as a private citizen - am able to procure the death certificates, he must donate the cost of each death certificate ($20) the comes into my possession to a charity of my choosing. I wonder if he will put his money where his mouth is or continue parroting debunked horseshit on his fake news show.

Heck, I'll order them if Alex Jones comes up with the money.  That's the least Alex Jones or Rob Dew can do after all the lies they spread about the shooting.

Nancy Lanza Death Certificate  Adam Lanza Death Certificate
The Death Certificates for Nancy and Animal are available from Newtown and Connecticut. Sandy Hook has released those documents to the public.

The Lanza family death and birth records can all be viewed here:

Another lie told by Infowars Rob Dew is that the Social Security Death Index lists Adam Lanza's death as December 13th, 2012. That is incorrect.  Apparently there was initially a typo on a genealogy website caused by funeral director's form; however, the death certificates and Raw Social Security Death Index Data both clearly show December 14, 2012.

Death Certificate:

Social Security Death Index Raw Data:


You can view the Social Security Death Index Raw Data for all victims and the Lanza's here:


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