Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Assistance to the bloggers being Sued by Wolfgang Halbig

People are starting to receive subpoena's from Wolfgang Halbig and his hoaxer financed war on bloggers and free speech and yes, some are concerned.  For whatever reason, the hoaxers have decided their course of action is to sue Facebook users and Bloggers who speak out. 

Why would the hoaxers want to worry about government oppression on one day and then donate their money to fight free speech against online bloggers and Youtubers on another?  Your guess is as good as ours.  But for whatever reason, Wolfgang Halbig has decided to leave Connecticut alone and attack Bloggers, YouTubers, and Facebook users.

Since I have received questions from a couple of those who have received subpoena's from Wolfgang Halbig, I decided to write a quick post.

Despite promising to sue various organizations hoaxers believes are responsible for Sandy Hook, the hoaxers have chosen to take the donor money and sue various bloggers and Facebook users for libel.

It is obvious the hoaxers wants to further silence free speech and terrorize by taking tens of thousands of donated dollars and bully bloggers.

So what do you do?
If you are being sued by Wolfgang Halbig, the fact is you very likely need a lawyer.

Wolfgang's lawsuit is known as a "SLAPP". A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

The lawsuit is designed to chill the First Amendment by intimidating those who would speak out.  As a famous public figure conspiracy theorist who raises money claiming Sandy Hook was a "FEMA Drill" and "No Children died" there is probably little you could say about Wolfgang Halbig that is truly slander or libel; however, while that argument will prevail at some pretrial stage, there is still initial court phases; which is where we are.

Facebook, Google, and GoFund me all require California Subpoena and California leads the nation in protecting their companies and citizens from SLAPP suits and California protects Anonymous bloggers with this law.

You can file to quash Halbig's foreign subpoena on free speech grounds and fight it out in California. California SLAPP laws are much stronger than Florida laws.

If you prevail, California Courts can and likely will award you fees and costs including attorney fees.  That means Halbig will be paying you with Donor Money, in addition to quashing the subpoena and protecting yourself.     With an attorney, you can retain your anonymity and fight the oppression in California Courts.

You must act quickly on these subpoena's.    A  couple of good online resources are: 

There are numerous attorneys that handle slander and defamation in California, so you will just need to search one of those out; however, do not delay.

Hope the helps and God Bless the United States of America and Free Speech.  Don't let Halbig take your rights away from you for hoaxer anti-free speech agenda.

Good luck to all of you!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Voice of Dissent on release of new Sandy Hook Evidence

Thanks for the comments VOD!

Published on May 23, 2015
On December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, 20-year-old (shooter) walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and fatally shot 20 children and 6 adult staff members. In the aftermath a small but determined group of domestic terrorists went right to work spreading outrageous lies and malicious propaganda. The result was a full scale attack on the grieving parents, numerous death threats, fraudulent fund raisers and most recently a man convicted on five counts of second-degree harassment and one count of disorderly conduct.

Sandy Hook Dash Cam Ofc Seabrook -1 Runtime 2:23:32

As always, thanks go out the men and women that have spent an enormous amount of time and effort bringing the facts and counternarratives to the general public.

CW Wade

Keith Johnson -

Mike Flagg -

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sandy Hook Shooting Dash Cams - Sandy Hook Facts Exlcusive releases never before seen footage from the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012.

 Two new Dash Cams obtained from the Newtown Police Department.  These videos have never been released to the public before.  The videos include Officer Liam Seabrook and Lt. George Sinko's Dash Cams; they were released today and coverage provided by OpEdNews.

The article by Keith Johnson can be viewed here:

Four Videos have been released.

1. Seabrook with Date and Time Stamp:

Complete version of all Seabrook' Dash Cam  DVD's  on two videos.

2. Seabrook Vid 1

Seabrook Vid 1 combines two ISO DVD files.

3. Seabrook Vid 2

Seabrook Vid 2 combines three ISO DVD files.

4. Lt Sinko Vid

About 30 min of Lt. George Sinko's Dash Cam

As to date and time stamps:
Due to the technology that imbeds the date and time stamp into the DVD's from the Dash Cams, producing the videos onto youtube with Date and Time Stamp displayed is proving difficult.  The process of getting all videos with Date and Time stams up and running is on going.

The time stamp video was produced by laying a screen captured video onto the ISO audio track. So  far that is the only way I have found to render the ISO DVD files as mp4 displaying the closed caption time stamps.

As to Lt. Sinko's Dash Cam:
Youtube rejected the full version of Lt. Sinko's Dash Cam because of multiple copyright conflicts.

These copyright conflicts were caused by the FM Radio playing country music throughout the video. had to post an edited version of the last half hour. Even during the half hour, audio had to be muted to remove the song.   We are still exploring how we can realistically post the full version.

We would like to thank the Newtown Police Department for their prompt and professional responses.

Sandy Hook Facts continues to work on a factual investigation into the Sandy Hook school shooting.   These videos are released because the public has a right to see them; keeping them to ourselves was not an option.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sandy Hook Shooting Photo Essay

This photo essay presents some of the lesser known photos and screen captures from documents provided in the Sandy Hook Shooting final report as well as some factual context to go a long with the photos.

This photo shows paramedic equipment contrasted with a small child's back pack; a striking reality of the Sandy Hook school shooting..  The cardiac machines were used as part of the formal Presumption of Death protocols ordered by the supervising physician, Dr. Broderick, in accordance with Connecticut State Law.  Other paramedic equipment, including a tactical helmet, can be seen in the distant background. Since this equipment became  part of the crime scene, police did not allow paramedics to immediately remove their equipment when they completed the formal procedures. .

This screen cap and the one below clearly shows the outline of the feet of Nancy Lanza under her blankets as she lay deceased in her bed at home. She was shot four times in the head with a .22 rifle.  All four shell casings were recovered.

More photos of Nancy Lanza laying deceased in her bed.
Another photo of Nancy Lanza

In this photo you can see one of the victims; likely Mary Sherlach (based on the clothing as reported by the Final Report).  The white board was placed in front of the bodies of Hochsprung and Sherlach by CSP to hide them from exiting children (CSP Final Report).

Some photos showing the shooter laying dead in Room 10 of a self inflicted gunshot wound. He is described as in the "Fetal position".  A police rendering is in the Room 10 sketch below.

Shooter's knees can be seen on the right side.

A drawing showing the body positions of the victims in Room 10 and the shooter laying near the doorway.

Some blood on the door of Room 9.   Lead Teacher Natalie Hammond leaned against this door 
after she was shot.  The 911 call from a parent in this room with her lasts nearly 20 minutes.

From the shooter's closet; the same type of ear plugs he wore during the shooting.

The silver key is the type of key used to open the make of gun safe found in the shooter's gaming room..
It is noted that this key is not attached to a key ring and is in the immediate
possession of the shooter.  The logical conclusion is that shooter obviously had unfettered access to the guns.

Shopping list of Ammo and Mags - Appears to be Adam's handwriting
(Thanks for the assist Reed!)
The ammunition is high grade ammunition, consistent with online discussions he had.

This photo depicts a drum magazine for the Saiga Shotgun found in the shooter's car at Sandy Hook.
  Also shown is a shotguns shell pouch, and 12 gauge shotgun shells.
Unusual is the green .410 gauge shotgun shell inside the box since there was no .410 shotgun mentioned in the report.

The shooters gun cleaning kit bordered on absurd.  This kit did not represent a weapons aficionado
but rather the minimum needed for his shooting mission.
Blood coated barrel of the rifle. The blood was Nancy Lanza's.
One of the four head shots was point blank range through the bifurcation of her eyelids.
CSP Final Report

This article found in the shooter's desk discusses the 1891 school shooting by James Ferguson.
He fired a shotgun several times into a group of children in a school yard, wounding several.

Bookmarks, presumably by Nancy Lanza discussing Aspergers Syndrome, depressive disorders,
and obsessive  compulsive traits.
New York Times article from Feb. 2008 discussing the Northern Illinois University Shooting.  Five were killed and twenty one injured. The shooter carried a shotgun, a Glock, and two .380's including a Sig Sauer

Silent Hill 2 is a horror slasher survival game

More violent video games from the 1990's leading one to speculate if the shooter wasn't
exposed to extremely violent video games at a very young age by his older brother Ryan.

The book is about American homes haunted by ghost. Several boxes of legos.
The shooter was an avid fan of legos.

A cartoon about the adventures of children, "Rugrats" along with violent horror movies.
The shooter was a fan of puppet videos, weird children's shows, and psychological horror movies. 
Other interests included mass murder, pedophilia, chimp society, hamsters, and guns.

The shooter and Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook hoaxer leadership contends that there are no photos of the shooter and his brother Ryan Lanza together as their proof the shooting was a "hoax".  There are several photos that clearly show that Ryan and the shooter are two are different people and in fact shown together.

The shooter owned several pair of the Nunn Bush shoes.

It is speculated the Shooter wore gloves when handling the ammunition.

Hoaxers contend there is no way Nancy Lanza could have driven the BMW because it is "clean".
As proof hoaxers cherry pic photos. The car was not clean, as the photos clearly show.

Look under the tail light on the left
 Close -ups

Nancy Lanza - Alcoholic
"When she drank alone, she preferred to drink by herself."
In addition to failing to obtain proper mental health care for shooter, not following up or complying with medications for the shooter, purchasing the shooter numerous violent video games, and of course purchasing the shooter a deadly arsenal of firearms and vast quantities of person shooter ammunition which she allowed him to store in his "Guns and Gaming" room, has no doubt that Nancy Lanza was a raging alcoholic who drank significant quantities of alcohol, alone in her home. A decorating theme of the home was alcohol.  This combination of parent had disastrous results for the town of Newtown.