Friday, October 23, 2015

Judgment against Wolfgang Halbig formally ordered

you On October 9, 2015, Santa Clara Superior Court in the Great State of California formally issued judgment against Wolfgang Halbig for his ongoing attempt to chill free speech of bloggers.

The matter was heard August 11, 2015 and has been fought out in the months prior.  This blog has published numerous articles; however, until now, we have not had judgment documents to present.

Wolfgang Halbig likes to go on the web, radio, video, online, and television and speak on himself, Sandy Hook, and of course, his favorite topic, fundraising. At the same time Wolfgang uses his public figure status to raise donor funds, he uses those donor funds to silence anyone who would speak on those same subjects he speaks on, if Wolfgang disagrees with the content.

As a public figure, Wolfgang should know better.  Using his charitable organization funds to batter anyone who speaks out on Sandy Hook is clearly un-American and anti-free speech.

At the very heart of free speech is the right to speak on public figures and matters of public concern and the courts have consistently ruled in favor of the defendant.

 The court agreed here as well, and has found Wolfgang in violation and awarded this blog fees and costs of $22,450.  The judgment collects interest at a statutory rate pursuant to state law.  

Amazingly, and unfortunately, Wolfgang's attorney (in addition to Wolfgang's personal lap dog and troll, Tony Mead) is stating Wolfgang will appeal the ruling.  If Wolfgang does appeal, the stage is set for an epic battle whereby Wolfgang will face cross appeal that will be in the $100,000 ballpark; however, admittedly the exact figures are unknown at this time.

Wolfgang will lose the  appeal because he is clearly in violation of California's very rigid Anti-SLAPP laws.  One need only look at the cases involving Larry Flynt and Jerry Fallwell to see that Wolfgang simply does not stand a chance

With regard to Free Speech, if a good man like Rev. Jerry Fallwell cannot beat a slime ball like Larry Flynt, what chance does a radical conspiracy theorist hoaxer scumbag and public figure like Wolfgang Halbig have against bloggers fighting for the rights of Sandy Hook victims?  He has no chance.

Wolfgang's use of donor money would obviously be better spent elsewhere, such as perhaps, doing what he promised when raising his money, going after Connecticut.

Wolfgang's attorney has convinced Wolfgang that unrelated case law regarding a divorce case would apply to the California provision that concerns only Free Speech; clearly the divorce case law is not even the same code section that was addressed by the code section at issue. Since Wolfgang's attorney makes Sandy Hook Justice donor money either way, one can see the probable motivation in Wolfgang's attorney advising him to pursue a frivolous appeal.

One thing that is for sure, this is more Sandy Hook Justice donor money that could be used against Connecticut and for FOIA requests; instead Wolfgang is using it to attack and chill the First Amendment of bloggers.  Why? Petty rage?

At the same time, Wolfgang has dismissed his case against Newtown as reported here:

Could Wolfgang have done better versus Newtown had he not dumped tens of thousands of donor dollars into failed attacks on bloggers?

What could Wolfgang have done if he was not paying attorneys to fight against bloggers?

Wolfgang is claiming he needs money now.   On the same day the judgment became availabe via the attorneys, Wolfgang published his "ALL CALL FOR HELP", which oddly, even included the Sandy Hook Facts" name.   Coincidence?

Is Wolfgang Halbig using hoaxer donation money to their benefit and in accordance with his promises?

Or is he wasting the money on personal vendettas that stand no chance of success.

Sandy Hook Facts stands ready to vigorously defend our rights in court. We will not be intimidated by hoaxers.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A look at the pain caused by Hoaxers - Chris Mintz

This Facebook post by Umpqua Community College shooting survivor Chris Mintz shows the true pain caused by the rabble known as "hoaxers".

Hoaxers are vermin that prowl online, going shooting to shooting with claims the shooting was a "hoax" by the government to "take their guns".  These Hoaxers believe the victims are "government agent" and therefore hoaxers believe they are justified in stalking and harassing these people.

One must ask:
Do those who are so mentally ill as to believe such radical delusional tripe really need guns?

The hoaxers have no ethical or moral boundaries. Whether you are a veteran, hero, wounded survivor, or a small young boy or girl, or parent of a murdered child, they will stalk and harass you relentlessly.  This writer has been personally stalked and harassed by Hoaxers and knows their pain first hand.

Hoaxers are in fact domestic terrorists.  These domestic terrorists remain to be substantively addressed by Government and therefore they still stalk and harass victims of well known tragedies without restraint.

HONR Network has vowed to speak out against these terrorists and Sandy Hook Fact stands with HONR in that honorable mission.  Sandy Hook Facts has been exposing Hoaxers for two years and will continue to do so.

We have documents the harassment Chris Mintz faces - Sandy Hook Hoax Group members are already threatening to kill him.  We know how dangerous this group, in particular, is.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A few recent must see videos - Sandy Hook

I would like to feature a few must-see videos because there have been a few real good ones of late.

Of and concerning Sandy Hook Hoaxers and the Illuminati...

Research videos by Keith Johnson

Magulater has been posting several great videos that includes exposing hoaxers, a few "call-outs", and some epic rants.  Her perspective is on target and she really stands up for those victimized by Hoaxers.

Dutchoven and other hoaxers, You Mad Bro?

Hoaxers, once again, calling for children to be dug up.

Subscribe to Magulater.

Duckgate swept through the Sandy Hook Hoax community as Professor Doom invented an entire "Oregon shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, and the all knowing CW Wade conspiracy" based on little rubber ducks.  Yes, the hoaxers were serious.  Jerome Lamb and Magulater present it best...

Wolfgang went so far as to call the Ducks an Assassination squad.  Very strange, those hoaxers.

Enjoy these videos!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig Withdraws Lawsuit vs Newtown - A LOSS!

The Connecticut Judicial website is reporting that Wolfgang Halbig has filed a withdrawal of his action.

Newtown has prevailed!
We will watch for the court documents to become available and update this post accordingly.

Wolfgang Halbig openly complained that the Judge told him he had no case. This is exactly what Sandy Hook Facts has stated since the very beginning. Wolfgang, in fact, had no case.

Wolfgang's Legal Fails
Reminiscent of Halbig's tenure as a football coach and inability maintain employment as a state trooper beyond his rookie year, his legal actions have been marked failure at every turn.  Wolfgang's legal failures result from pursuing bogus claims.

Sandy Hook Facts believes his lawyers knowingly pursue his bogus legal claims just to rake in fees. 

Failure 1 & 2 - FOIA Hearing vs Newtown
Wolfgang filed two complaints vs Newtown alleging they withheld certain documents. The entire proceeding has been covered extensively by this blog; moreover, the outcomes were predicted by this blog.

 Wolfgang lost both hearings decidedly.  One complaint was entirely dismissed and the second complaint nearly completely dismissed except the Commission (inappropriately) found Newtown to be slightly tardy in their response; although ruling they fully complied.

Sandy Hook Facts believes the most shocking moment was when Attorney Kay Wilson attempted to submit hoaxer contrived evidence; a photo of the Sandy Hook Choir singing at the Super Bowl imposed on a legal document.  As pointed out by Attorney Monte Frank, the document was "clearly not authentic"; however, that is not the worst of it.  Wilson can live with shame because it is well known hoaxers believe these children are the "actors" who "played" the children killed during the shooting. Absurd!

Wolfgang actively goes after these children on a near daily basis.
Kay Wilson has played her part.

Failure #3  Administrative Appeal (lawsuit) vs Newtwon
Wolfgang appealed one of the above discussed rulings with the Superior Court in New Britain.
According to a source close to the case who cannot comment officially, the Judge told Wolfgang that he had no case whatsoever.

This FOI failure cost Wolfgang no less than $20,000 by all reasonable accounting of attorney fees and travel costs.   

Incidentally, Sandy Hook facts received all of the same documents Wolfgang receiving for under $200.  Further, unlike Wolfgang, we have released many of them to the public.  Wolfgang's donors have received little value for their investment; other than some side show entertainment.

Failure #4 Lawsuit vs Bloggers
Wolfgang Halbig filed a lawsuit versus several bloggers.

In numerous interviews, Wolfgang bragged he was "Taking on the US Government" and had "issued 10 subpoenas across the country" and would be exposing "Sandy Hook".   In fact, he was doing nothing of the sort. As a personal vendetta and a dox, he sued a random collection of bloggers who were simply exercising their free speech on the same thing Halbig, as a public figure, was commenting on, Sandy Hook.

While Halbig did succeed in chilling the first amendment of these bloggers; several of the blogs closed down, his case is finished. The court had granted Halbig an extension until July. That extension lapsed and his case sits legally expired awaiting full dismissal; more of a ministerial act than actual court ruling.

The blogger lawsuit cost Wolfgang approximately $10,000.

Failure #5 Lawsuit vs Sandy Hook Facts
Wolfgang Halbig challenged Sandy Hook Facts blogspot attempting to chill our first Amendment speech and he lost. The court awarded Sandy Hook Facts just under $23,000 in compensation for Wolfgang's attack.

Current status: Wolfgang's lawyers have approved the order against Wolfgang and the order has been forwarded to the Judge for signature.

Tony Mead has claimed Halbig has said he would appeal. If Halbig does appeal, the judgement against him will be significantly higher.

Despite Wolfgang's claims, we have never threatened him, no do we want to see him threatened, we never called him a Nazi (and factually do not believe Wolfgang is a Nazi, unlike his friend, Professor Doom1, who is a real Nazi) and we hope Wolfgang leaves all bloggers alone; although we stand ready to fight for our rights if Halbig comes back to "our house".

This lawsuit cost Wolfgang approximately  $30,000, counting his own attorney fees and the judgment he will be paying.

How long will Wolfgang continue to harass Newtown and Bloggers with his vexatious litigation and idiotic FOIA requests?

For now, it is over.  All of us who have been victims of Wolfgang Halbig stand ready if he returns.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers threaten to stab UCC Hero Chris Mintz

The stalking of the victims of the Umpqua Community College school shooting by Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxer conspiracy theorists is in full swing, and they wasted no time threatening to stab hero Chris Mintz. reports that Hoaxer Kelly A. Hunter, in what appears to be a delusional schizophrenic rant concerting the Umpqua Shooting, states:

"I want to stab Chris and make him have
some more wounds we can really see."
-Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist

This is a small taste of things to come and authorities should take the necessary protections because this group has harassed, threatened, attacked, and killed in the past and they are very serious in their paranoia and violent disposition.  Furthermore, most are heavily armed.

This is the same group of people that created the Sandy Hook conspiracy video that UCC lead investigator, Sheriff John Hanlin, promoted from his facebook.

The Sandy Hook Hoaxers offer many examples that would give reasonable cause to be concerned, such as this message sent to a parent of a slain six-year old Sandy Hook student.   victims of the UCC shooting might take notice, because the hoaxers are coming.

Hoaxer Jerrod Miller when on a rampage that left three people, including two police officers, dead. Miller and his wife Amanda killed themselves, bringing the death toll to 5.

Prominent Sandy Hook Hoax group member Ryan Ehlis killed his 5 week old daughter by shooting her with a shotgun as she slept. He escaped prison or the death penalty by claiming his medication is wrong. He currently spouts delusional paranoid rants, declaring nearly every shooting a government hoax, is angered by  "chemtrails", brags about his extensive fire arms collection, and promotes drug use. 

Ryan provides his expertise on gunshot victims:

Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers line up behind Sheriff John Hanlin

 TheSandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers have taken to the internet in support of their Sheriff, John Hanlin.  Their main target was the video where CNN directly asked Sheriff Hanlin if he posted the Sandy Hook Hoaxer link. Obviously, he denied making the post; an absurd denial.

Hanlin also stated "That is not a conspiracy theory belief that I have".  It is unclear if he is alluding to perhaps other conspiracy theories he may share with hoaxers such as "Flat Earth" "Chemtrails" and calling every shooting in the news a "hoax" and every victim a "actor", "shill", or "government agent".

The comment section was the most shocking because Hoaxers showed what they really are about; typical anti government rants, psychotic rants, mean spirited  comments about children, threats of violence; and of a course, a subject this blog has covered many times; Sandy Hook Hoaxers calling to dig up the children's graves. This blog has covered the hoaxer propensity to grave stalk many times before.

Magulater took to her channel to expose Hanlin's supporters and Sandy Hook Facts believes that her video is very important. With this video, you see just how vile Sandy Hook Hoaxers really are.

Her twitter:

Wolfgang Halbig, the leader of the hoaxers made calling for exhuming the children part of his fundraising sales pitch.  We documented that with this video:

Sandy Hook Facts believes Sheriff John Hanlin should have apologized. When he lied about his post, he showed his true colors. Hanlin's refusal to take responsibility for his own Facebook account was more akin to acting like a child lying about eating candy with chocolate all over his face than acting like a sheriff of a county.

Hanlin's failure to apologize showed a sociopathic level of lack of empathy; it is remarkable and sick he didn't even consider apologizing for the hurt his post caused families of Newtown.  Radical conspiracy theorist beliefs and sociopathic behavior is indicative of mental illness; he should be investigated fully, including a mental exam, and Sheriff John Hanlin should RESIGN.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sandy Hook Room 10 Window Debunked Again

The final report on the Sandy Hook School shooting conclusively found that the shots through the window frame came from inside and were fired by the AR-15.  Unfortunately, novices and those without any firearms experience whatsoever have muddied the water with their inept analysis and weak "google-foo".

In July 2014 Sandy Hook Facts conclusively proved that the shots through the window frame came from the inside when we duplicated the shots through thin aluminum and the results were exactly the same as Room 10.


Keith Johnson also debunked it here:

Slow motion video solves the matter once and for all; the hoaxers are more than thoroughly debunked.

Complete slow motion video:

Blog post: Penetration of 223 rounds

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Congratulations to Monte Frank, New England Bar Association President

On 10-3-15, Mr. Monte Frank, Newtown's Town Attorney, was installed as the new president of the the New England Bar Association. Sandy Hook Facts congratulates Mr. Frank and is sure he will do a fine job.

Sandy Hook Facts appreciates those front line warriors fighting the good fight on behalf of victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Mr. Monte Frank is one of those warriors.  Previously, Mr. Frank represented victims of 9-11.  Mr. Frank is the real deal and a truth warrior.

Mr. Monte Frank is known for his most recent destruction of Wolfgang Halbig's idiotic claims during the FOIA hearing.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sheriff John Hanlin The Lying Hoaxer Must Resign

Resign John Hanlin
Hoaxers like you are sick.
Sheriff John Hanlin had an opportunity to apologize for his vile Hoaxer views.  Instead, he choose to prove he is nothing but a liar when he denied making the comments. Those of us who watch hoaxers know you are liars, so guess what Sheriff Hanlin? You did what we expect of hoaxers.

Meanwhile, all of your families will experience gang stalking hoaxer videos and intrusions into their lives.  This is the behavior you encourage.  When these type of videos are made about little children being killed,  such as Sandy Hook you beg people to watch them with an open mind.

Some dope head in his mom's basement makes a video about "Sandy Hook is a hoax" and uses debunked crap and looped video, and you fall for it and recommend it. What kind of sick bastard are you?

Now, your county hurts from yet another mass shooting; a hurt no one deserves.

Will you beg your followers to watch the "Oregon Umpqua Community College" hoax videos with an open mind?  

Do you know your fellow officers and first responders still have not recovered from December 14, 2012 let alone anyone affected by losing a family member or child.  But do you care that you hurt them? No you do not.  

Sheriff John Hanlins lie:

Sandy Hook Facts believes people like you are unfit for office.  In fact, you are likely mentally ill and should be stripped of your badge and all of YOUR access to weapons. That's right sheriff, mentally deranged hoaxers should not have guns, you are dangerous.  You are a disgrace to your department, good Americans, and your state. You are a disgrace to good law enforcement officers everywhere.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sheriff John Hanlin a scumbag Sandy Hook Hoax hoaxer

Dear Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin,

You need to apologize and resign for your disgusting Sandy Hook Hoax post.  You are a disgrace to law enforcement.  As your filthy hoaxer bretheren stalk the women and children of your community in response to the horrble tragedy at the college, remember this... they are you. That is what you encourage.   They do not deserve the stalking the hoaxers will bring upon them; you deserve whatever you get.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Your department, doubtless very good people, have been shamed by you.  You have dishonored all of the hard work they do.

Deleting the comment from your facebook today, as you have, doesnt change what you are and what you said.

We archived it, to make sure it stands forever:

Archived link #1:  

Sheriff, you are an enemy of good people  and victims of violent crime. You joined the hoaxers, who daily stalk women and children.  You sicken me to no end.

Full credit to the awesome members of HONR Network who made this discovery and archived the link.


John Hanlin, instead of manning up and apologizing,  did what all hoaxers do.  He lied his cowardly ass off.  What a scum bag you really are. 

When asked about the video Friday, Hanlin told CNN that "I know what you're referring to, but that's not a conspiracy theory that I have."