Friday, January 29, 2016

Pete Santilli stays in jail for the weekend

Pete Santilli and the Malheur militants appeared in Federal Court on Monday for a detention hearing.

The government called Pete Santilli a 'danger to the community and a flight risk with a professed unwillingness to abide by any authority...' The prosecution once again used Pete Santilli Show words against him when he professed that all his guns were buried, he's not going to be at the mercy of the system."

That's the understatement of the year.

Pete Santilli was remanded without bail for the weekend while the judge reviews the case against him. The judge may make a decision on bail/release on Monday.   Let's hope she determines he stays in jail.

A memorandum in support of release was filed by Santilli's government paid defense attorney; however, I doubt it is worth the $.10 per page it would cost me to download it from Fed Court records.

Santilli's lawyer argued that detaining the self-styled journalist would punish him strictly for his speech and would shut down his livelihood
"Making YouTube videos?'' Beckerman asked. 

Full Document

As to the non-hoaxer militants, release was denied for Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Jason Patrick, and Dylan Anderson.  Josephy O'Shaughnessy and Shawna Cox were released with ankle monitoring and GPC.  O'Shaughnessy's release was appealed by the government.  Brian Cavalier and Duane Ehmer will be reviewed on Thursday.

Meanwhile at the FBI, the 4 Refuge holdouts offered the FBI:

Let us leave with our guns, no checkpoints, and amnesty.

 The delusion is strong in Bundy Followers.

*Update*   View these recent videso on Pete "the Shill" Santilli:

The "arrest" of Pete Santilli in hi-def

Caliber's bombshell podcast: (language warning)

Other shillary:

Hoaxer Matthew Mills gets his jury

A Bridgeport, Connecticut judge has signaled that Connecticut's tolerance for Sandy Hook Hoaxer harassment might finally be coming to an end.

As the Judge was considering whether to grant Connecticut's diversionary program, Jillian Soto tearfully pleaded:  “Please don’t give him (diversion), he shouldn’t get it.” Jillian Soto tearfully pleaded as she stood before the judge. “He over and over again has harassed my family.”

Mill's attorney attempted to argue it was Mill's first amendment right (to harass the Sotos). The prosecution objected to diversion stating he had no rights to confront the Sotos.

 The judge denied Matthew Mills request for diversion and the case is set for Jury Trial.

Hoaxers have often stated they wanted a jury so they can prove "Sandy Hook was fake" so here is their chance!  Considering the propensity of the court, it seems likely Mills will be in jail if he is unable to convince the court that Sandy Hook was  FEMA Drill.

Good luck with that!

Apparently the government is not as afraid of a "hoaxer jury trial" as Mills & Hoaxer Co. thought.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lavoy Finicum Shot - video - enhanced and Slow Motion

The FBI released video of the Lavoy Finicum shooting.  This video debunks the Bundy contentions that Lavoy was shot with his hands up.  The video proves without a doubt Lavoy drove his truck recklessly at a Police roadblock, nearly stricking an officer. Finnicum jumps out of the truck, then as officers engage him, Finnicum reached at least twice into his jacket.  Oregon State Troopers shoot and kill him.   FBI report that Finnicum had a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol in the pocket where he was reaching.  FBI also report they found two rifles (5.56 likely AR's) and a pistol in the pick-up.  This is case closed on the conspiracy theories.

Lavoy Finicum is driving.   Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, and Victoria Sharp (an 18 y/o girl) are passengers.

FBI Quick Version is here:

Sandy Hook Facts Slow Mo/Enhanced:

FBI Full Version:

Interesting Frames

Lavoy was stopped for about 4 minutes in the road before he
 took off speeding away and towards police road block.

Trying to get around the road block, Lavoy nearly kills a officer. According to the FBI, the police are using deadly force at this time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The United States versus hoaxer Pete Santilli

Pete Santill finally faces justice!

Sandy Hook Facts loves when Sandy Hook hoaxers face justice for their idiocy; so it is with great pleasure we bring the charging documents that follow the news that Pete Santilli has traded his pocket constitution for orange pockets and shackles as he faces felony Federal charges.

Reading the complaint, it is obvious Pete Santilli's own mouth is his worst enemy.  Most of the complaint comes straight from Santilli's Youtube channel.  Congrats mouth, there go your vet benefits.

Related: Pete Santilli threatens Newtown:
Pete Santilli's vicious lie-

Screen Shot from the Complaint.  The complaint uses numerous "Pete Santilli Show" statements in the portion of the complaint about the Santilli show and mentions Santilli's affiliation with the curiously absent Idaho III%'s.  

Protective Custoy?
Frankly, I have suspected Pete "The Shill" Santilli was simply taken into protective custody and charges might be dropped at some point after it's over.  After all, it would be impossible to have any hope for this to end peacefully with Pete running around instigating with his lies, threats, and bull horn.  The Government has charged him with a serious offense; lets hope the charges stick.

The entire complaint can be downloaded here:

The complaint does not charge the 'YallQueda with appropriate terrorism related charges; however, Ammon Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer, Joseph O'Shaugnessy, Ryan Payne, Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox, and Pete Santelli are charged with Felony Conspiracy to Impede Officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats.

There is a hearing on custody Friday.  I'd be very surprised to see them released if the occupiers are still in the refuge.

I don't think Santilli will sit in jail for more than a few months before he whimpers into his plea deal.
For the purposes of the blog, the highlights of the complaint would be the section against Pete Santilli.

By way of a few notes of opinion. Lavoy Finicum essentially appears to have committed suicide by cop, running from the police and then charging them. That's too bad, Sandy Hook Facts does with this could have ended without loss of life, and especially Lavoy's.  I wish he had made better choice because his death really meant nothing; unlike what he believed.

The only live feed I know of comes by way of a gamer channel DefendYourBase:

Delusional Holdouts
It is hoped that the remaining few holdouts realize there is no "revolution"; the time to surrender is now.  No reason to die for nothing.  If you listen to the live feed, the hold outs are so out of touch with reality, they still think people are coming to help them. They believe Navy Seals are coming to rescue them via helicopter, III%'ers, etc.  That is obviously not happening.  When I hear them talk I hear people on the verge of surrender; just in denial that they are going to jail.  I anticipate that after some psyops by the FBI and the demoralizing realization NO ONE IS COMING TO HELP, the remaining militants will be calling it a day.

If not, the rag tag gaggle really has no hope against the trained force that has amassed against them.  They talk of a miracle; there will be none, unless the FBI figures out a way to take them without killing them.  That would be a nice miracle.

As to Pete Santilli, in addition to be a filthy hoaxer, Santilli is a minister of lies and misinformation.  Hopefully this Felony Complaint shuts Santilli down permanently.

Continue to read the rest of the complaint vs Pete Santilli.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bundy Clash going down - Santilli detained on his own live feed

*This blog will continue to be updated with information*

I-27-16 0730-    The truth about Lavoy.. imo suicide by cop

9:27 FBI Portland adds Pete Santilli to "the list"

9:22 Sad but true:

9:19 Ritzheimer turned himself hin after tearful goodbye and plea for donations he posted to Facebook.

8:20 Lavoy Finicum is the militant reported to be killed. Very sad situation.

FBI Has confirmed Pete Santilli's arrest.

8:05 pm PST Pete Santilli confirmed as arrested.

Santilli has been at least detained. Maybe arrested.  This happened on his live feed so I'm sure video will be out soon.. Right now their feed sucks.

This is the statement released by FBI
I pray for the safety of all.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

FBI Agent impersonating Malheur Protester Debunked

"FBI Agent impersonating Malheur Protester"- Debunked!
Hoaxer Pete Santilli nearly incited Malheur violence using blatant disinformation.

Pete Santilli is attempting to incite violence within the armed militant encampment that currently occupies the  Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  Pete Santilli is accusing a protester of being a FBI agent "posing" as a protester.  Santilli appeared to be attempting to incite immediate violence when he began yelling that the protester was an FBI agent as Pete Santilli flashed a photo of the agent.

Pete Santilli's hoax was published in his video "Pete Santilli blows FBI Agent's Cover at Refuge in Burns Oregon":

Pete Santilli went so far as to yell to the crowd "He's FBI until he proves otherwise" while pointing at the protester.  The heavily armed crowd angrily began accusing the protester of being a "fed".

The fact Pete Santilli is hiding is the small stature of the FBI Agent compared to the protester.

The below photographed militant occupier aided Pete Santilli's provacateuring by claiming he saw the protester "with the FBI Director". This was an obvious lie by the dishonest militant, since the FBI Director has not even been to the stand-off, to date.

Hoaxer's Hoax this Hoax Often
Long time hoaxer watchers are well accustomed to their false identification hoaxes.  Since Pete Santilli is also a wild-eyed hoaxer conspiracy theorist, it is no wonder he would attempt to pull a hoax off, even if violence could cost the lives of innocent protesters and militants within the refuge.

Past Examples
Pete Santilli's partner, Wolfgang Halbig, accused a Connecticut EMS Director named Robert Kenny of impersonating a Connecticut State Trooper who responded to Sandy Hook Elementary School. That claim was debunked with CSP identified the officer as Sergeant Troy Anderson.

Disgraced former FAU Professor James Tracy, Jim Fetzer, their book partner Wolfgang Halbig, and numerous other hoaxers have pushed the false claim that a Sandy Hook parent "played" an FBI Agent.

That idiotic claim was debunked when the FBI Agent was identified as Special Agent William Aldenberg.

Pete Santilli's latest claim follows the same pattern as the other conspiracy theorists, and it is just as wrong.  It is fair to admit the protester and the FBI agent look similar. This enables Pete Santilli to pull-off his hoax.

However, the mouth shape, nose, and ears are clearly different and the two men are obviously not the same person.

The most distinctive difference is the height difference. The protester is very tall, towering over both Pete Santilli and Jon Ritzheimer.  The FBI agent is much shorter than the protester; about the same height as Pete Santilli.

For example, here is the protester next to violent militant Jon Ritzheimer.  Ritzheimer is literally dwarfed by the protester.  

It is notable that when that video was produced, Pete Santilli, without a scintilla of evidence, accused the very same protester of being paid by George "Sorros" (sic).  Now, without a scintilla of evidence, Santilli continues to make wile accusations.

Another photo.  The protester towers over Pete Santilli, even while Pete is aided by a ten gallon hat.

Here is the protester as he walks past Pete Santilli.  Santilli was so frightened by the protester's height that Santilli began yelling "woah woah woah".  Ignoring Santilli, the protester kept walking.

After the protester walked by Santilli, Santilli was obviously a little shamed at his freight.  Santilli attempted to regain some pride by chasing after the protester yelling "If you touch me I will be forced to defend myself" "If you touch me, If you touch me!"

Luckily, the much larger protester appears peace loving. Despite the efforts of rabble rousing "yippy chihuahua" Pete Santilli, we did not get to see the protester whup Pete Santilli's scrawny ass.

Compare the photo above and below. There is no doubt the Protester towers over Pete Santilli.
 The FBI Agent is much shorter. 

Even Pete's big ole hat does help Pete's size compared to the proteser


The FBI Agent in question is not tall; he is about the same height or possibly even shorter than Pete Santilli. Here is the FBI agent in question and Santilli in the same frame.

Pete Santilli and these two FBI Agents are all about the same height.

Pete was eyeball to eyeball with the FBI Agent above. Since Pete must look up at the protester, he is more than aware the two are not the same.  This is blatant disinformation by the shill, Pete Santilli.

It is simply impossible for the FBI Agent to be the Protester. The FBI agent is much shorter; not withstanding other obvious differences.

Pete Santilli was nearly able to cause the attack, riot, or murder he desired.  Enraged, the armed militants even demanded that the innocent protester not put his hands into his pockets.  

The protester denied several times that he was the FBI agent; to no avail. The militant would have none of it as they continued their verbal assault on the protester.  Apparently, "Free Speech" isn't allowed in the Refuge, unless you agree with Bundy's militants.  

The paranoid, armed militants swallowed Pete Santilli's FBI Agent hoax hook, line, and sinker.

We, the people, ignore hoaxers and their absurd paranoia, ridiculous claims, willingness to lie to cause panic and disruption, to our own peril. It is time to start taking these hoaxers very serious or we will have more radical liars take over more Malheur Refuges.  You don't want these hoaxers coming to your town.

You especially don't want Pete Sentilli there, as there appears to be no lie he wont tell to eacalate the situation.

Video references:
Pete Santilli confronts the FBI
An excellent video to determine the height of the FBI agent in question

Friends of George Sorros Arrive In Burns - Give Agenda 21 Schpeel At Malheur Refuge 
Showing the protestors height in clear video especially compared to the dwarf sized John Ritzheimer 

Pete Santilli Blows FBI Agent's Cover

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Brief History of Sandy Hook Harassment

Keith Johnson has produced a video that provides a "tip of the iceberg" view of some of the harassment that goes on towards victims of high profile crime.  From Newtown, to Boston Bombing, to attacking young Cassidy Stay, the online mob of violent hoaxers and their harassment of victims is rampant.

A Brief History of Sandy Hook Harassment

Monday, January 18, 2016

The People versus Pete Santilli the Shill

"Santilli claims he didn't help take over the refuge because that would be illegal.
 This is a little like a narc who wont try the cocaine for the drug buy." -- Sandy Hook Facts

Pete Santilli's criminal case documents have been sealed!  The obviousness of Pete Santilli's shillary becomes too blatant to ignore.

Related: Wackjob Santilli promises to march Bundy Militants into Sandy Hook.

 Full story:

As covered before, Pete Santilli was arrested for illegally having a loaded gun in his car.    According to the "story", the Newtown, Ohio Police Chief pulled Santilli over for driving too slow.  When the Chief  ran a check on Santilli, Santilli came back on some sort of  'watch list'. The Chief asked Santilli if he had any guns on him. Santilli answered in the affirmative and Santilli was subsequently arrested at gun point.  Santilli reportedly illegally had a loaded pistol concealed in the car.  You can hear the audio of this arrest below.

Happy Mugshot of Pete the Shill

Shortly after the arrest, Pete Santilli appears in Burns, Oregon pretending to support the conspiracy theorist militants that have conquered a reserve in the Malheur National Forest.  Santilli claims he didn't partake in the actual take over because that would be 'illegal'. This seems a little like a narc who wont try the cocaine for the drug buy.

Pete Santilli in battle dress.

Meanwhile, back in Hamilton County, Ohio, a criminal court case has been filed and the tax payers are footing the bill for Pete Santilli's Public Defender.  Apparently, despite Santilli's rants, Santilli is willing to accept this public assistance.  The case is marked, oddly, as "ignored".

All the documents is case are marked as "Locked". I must admit, this is pretty good service by a Public Defender especially when there has been no appearance by the Defendant.  You would almost expect a PD to do little-to-nothing at this early stage of proceedings, like they do with everyone else on any docket anywhere.  What's so special about this heretofore unknown Youtube jockey?

The Police Chief. of course, has "No Comment" on the disposition of the charges, as can be heard in the video below.  

Back in Burns, Oregan Pete Santilli is making a mockery of what is otherwise an otherwise ridiculous charade. While Ammon Bundy tweets about God, Pete Santilli's is selling autographed Dildos.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli makes mockery of term Militia

Pete Santilli is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer conspiracy theorists who believes the school shooting was a "FEMA Drill" by our Government to "take guns". Santilli has gone so far as to threaten to march on Newtown, CT with Bundy's militia in retaliation for the massacre Newtown endured.

Now, Santilli's erratic and irrational conduct is making a total mockery of the term "militia" and whatever Ammon Bundy is hoping to accomplish in Burns, Oregon.

Militia is a proud tradition in the USA going back to the founding fathers. This mob of bullies and neanderthals that have conquered and occupied the snow covered bird sanctuary in Oregon showed yesterday that the "look at me show" that they are putting on makes a mockery of the term.

Santilli, dressed in Desert Camo, pretends he is "press". The reality is he is making the entire action about him and about donations for him; thus he forfeits the right to be considered "press".  Santilli, as Bundy's primary Lieutenant Provocateur, is clearly running the "Bundy show."

Pete Santilli began his big day by leading a band of Bundy's hooligans to protest the FBI.  When a couple of conservationists showed up at an impromptu press conference and attempted to speak and express their opinion, Santilli shouted them down.  Santilli even used a bullhorn and the bullhorn's siren to drown the man out. At times, the Bundy's thugs surrounded the protester, clearly attempting to bully and intimidate.  It is obvious that in "Bundy's vision of freedom", only those who agree with Bundy will be allowed to speak.

Bundy's "Goverment" (sic) does not appear to be much better than his wild eye perception of the U.S. Government.

After Santilli got his fill of bullying and intimating citizens, Santilli drove up the road and attempted to intimidate an FBI agent. When the FBI agent told him "Don't threaten me" Santilli squealed like a little girl, calling 911 with his clam shell  phone and demanding the dispatcher send a "Constitutional Sheriff".

Apparently Santilli has forgotten that the Sheriff and the community itself has spoken, and the concensus was that they want Santilli and his to thugs leave. 

 Santilli whimpered about the FBI agent's comment ad nauseum for the next 20 minutes.  Santilli laughably claimed he would "own the town" and rename it "Peteville" if the agent shot anyone.  It is obvious that Santilli either is, or borders on completely irrational and insane.

Other FBI agents came and soothed Pete Santilli's bruised mania and fortunately, thanks to the FBI's professionalism, Santilli was unable to provoke a violent incident.