Saturday, December 23, 2017

Hoaxer Marc Watson of Luton Village - Convicted - Child Porn and Child Predation -

After nearly a year, Sandy Hook Facts has finally obtained documents related to the conviction and imprisonment of founding Sandy Hook Hoax group member Marc Watson, of Luton Village, U.K.

If you don't know, Marc Watson of Luton Village U.K., has been "inner circle" and a member of the secret hoaxer groups controlled by Tony Mead and Erik Pearson since the very begining.  To those of us keeping tabs on the hoaxers, he was a known predator and stalker and his disgusting images of children and sick commentary set off many red flags.   To Sandy Hook Hoax group, he was welcomed with open arms and encouraged.

It is very concerning that of the small inner circle operated by Tony and Erik, two core members, including the right hand man of Wolfgang Halbig, have been convicted of crimes related to or concerning children.  Sandy Hook Facts has done it's level best to warn people about this group.

A trial witness against Marc Watson made contact with Sandy Hook Facts and wishes to remain anonymous.

His statement is as follows:

"I was a witness against Marc Watson you was not given true details he got 15 months in jail for breaching several orders involving child pornography I wish he rots in there but he was on remand for several months before being sentenced his estimated time of release is end of January beginning of Feb I just hope he never makes it out the dirty low life scumbag."

I asked him if he had any documents concerning the case against Marc Watson and he provided these:

The documents show Marc Watson had a restraining order against him prohibiting him from Child Pornography. He violated that order.  Therefore, there is more information that needs to come to light.

If anyone else has information concerning Sandy Hook Hoax group member Marc Watson, please pass it along so I can share it.  It is unfortunate that the United Kingdom believes more in the privacy of Marc Watson than the people's right to know about predators in their midst.

More information from our Marc Watson trial witness:

In addition to Sandy Hook Hoaxers, this is Marc Watson's friend:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

December in Newtown, 2017

On this December 14, 2017, we remember those lost, families of those lost, and all of those in Newtown who have been forever scarred by the tragedy five years ago.

Here are some photos of Newtown taken a few days ago.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig's $55 million dollar hoax becomes Alt Right fake news

Flat Earth Hoaxer Marty Leeds (yes, many hoaxers insanely believe earth is flat) interview of Sandy Hook Hoaxer leader Wolfgang Halbig is essentially a hoaxporn compilation of debunked Halbigism.

One Halbigism appears to have gained some steam. In fact, it appears to be on the verge of becoming Alt-Right fake news.   Halbig continues to hoax his followers with the claim Lenny Pozner is suing him "for 55 million dollars".

Halbig's claim is slanderous and obviously completely false.

The fake news article:
"Sandy Hook researcher getting sued for $55m by father of victim "Noah Pozner Update"

The author, hoaxer Shepard Ambellas, obviously does not fact check and enjoys spreading Halbig's fake news.

The $55m hoax is old
Halbig has made the false claim many times before during his fund raising tours and in his spam emails. He continues to spread the false claim despite the fact he cannot show a single document that asks for $55 million dollars.  While it takes very little research to  verify Halbig's claim; we are not dealing with researchers. We are dealing with hoaxers; and their job is to sell the hoax, lies, and misinformation.

No money in lawsuit
Lenny's complaint seeks no monetary compensation at all, not even a dollar, let alone $55 million dollars.  The only monetary relief only court costs and attorney fees. Lenny Pozner's original complaint seeks an injunction.

Screen shot of Lenny's relief prayer (link to court file below):

Lenny Pozner is now seeking a restraining order as well as covered here:

There is no court filing by Lenny Pozner asking for  "55 million dollars". In fact, it seeks no  damage compensation at all.

You may view the complaint here:

Incidentally, Halbig claims in the Leeds interview that Lenny is claiming "Halbig intercepted documents". That is, of course, untrue.

Instigating the Hoaxer Hoard
Why would Halbig and Leeds lie about such an easily debunked claim?  Arguably, the hoaxers are using false information to flame and instigate their cult-like followers to violence against Lenny Pozner by making outrageous claim after outrageous claim; claims that have no basis in fact.  If you can think of another reason he would lie about that, I'm all ears.

More and more disinfo
Wolfgang and Leeds didn't stop there; a few more lies (of many):

"Sandy Hook Bio Cleanup"
Wolfgang again cries, "Who cleaned up the blood?" and "I can't get the documents from Newtown, they won't give them to me, wahhh".

You could chalk it up to Halbig's ineptness as to why he was never able to get the documents.  Halbig and Leeds blame Newtown; however, Newtown never had the documents or the responsibility for the clean up since it was a state declared "Mass Casualty Incident".  But Halbig knows that I published the blood clean up documents, so now it is just misinformation.  I'll give Leeds the benefit of the doubt that he is just gullible.

"threw little girl"
Halbig claimed that Lt (now Capt) Venghele "grabbed a little girl and threw her into room 8". He further claimed that the report states that.  Both claims by Halbig are completely false and have been debunked.

"No lawsuits"
Amazingly, Halbig and Marty Leeds both lied claiming "no lawsuits have been filed" by Sandy Hook families.  It takes little research to debunk that claim.  It is blatant intentional deception by Leeds and Halbig.

"Only a doctor can declare people dead"
Debunked long ago, and Halbig knows it.

At some point a full debunking of Marty Leeds Halbig program is due (frankly, most of it has been debunked ad nauseum); however, that is all for now.

"Paralegal represented Pozner"
An after thought debunking- The fake news article in "intellihub" claims a "paralegal" represented Lenny Pozner at the hearing. That would obviously be illegal. A paralegal cannot represent someone in any court in the United States.  The fake news is repeating a false claim made by "We are change, Orlando".  While it is true the gentleman WAS a paralegal; he has now passed the Bar exam and is an attorney and may represent clients in court.

"Pozner Fails to Appear In Court"
Many hoaxers claim Lenny Pozner is failing to appear in court. Lenny Pozner has appeared at every hearing through counsel.  Pozner has no obligation to appear in the pretrial phases of a Civil Lawsuit, unless specifically ordered present by the judge.  It is more than common common for attorneys to appear for their clients in courts coast to coast.

Wolfgang's researcher called me a "globetard"
When you are dealing with people that think the every government and scientist on earth is conspiring to make them believe earth is a "globe when it's really flat"and "no mass shooting is real", this is what you get.   A man Wolfgang considers "a great researcher" actually called me a "Globetard".

Meanwhile, Wolfgang keeps on hoaxing people about the Sandy Hook shooting, Boston Bombing, and the Orlando Pulse shooting, while lining his pockets with donations.

Next Court date:
The next court date is Nov. 12.  Lenny Pozner is seeking a restraining order against Wolfgang Halbig. Several other motions will also be heard.  Lenny Pozner need not appear as long as counsel is present.

Responses requested

Wolfgang Halbig, Marty Leeds, and Shepard Ambellas have all been asked to tell me why they are telling a lie so easily debunked.  It's mind boggling they would be launching a full court press of lies?


More alt right news picking it up:

Monday, August 28, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig claims to Subpoena the Newtown PD, Gov. Malloy

I felt I needed to publicly share Wolfgang's latest email.  I'm very glad he takes the time to CC me as I must admit, I enjoy them immensely.

Wolfgang Halbig is claiming he will subpeona Gov. Dannel Malloy and numerous Newtown Police Officers into Lenny Pozner vs Wolfgang Halbig.  Wolfgang is being sued for posting "Dox" information of Lenny Pozner.

InfoWars fake news reporter Dan Bidondi gives
Sandy Hook Hoax Conspiracy Leader Wolfgang Halbig a duckie.
Wolfgang would later raise money claiming the duckie gave him a
urinary tract infection after he put the duckie in his mouth.

The email was sent to his "witness list" as people he thinks he can depose in the case.  The list is:  (Note: I edited the list removing generic emails like "FBI", etc):
Malloy, Governor
Murphy, Colleen
Christine Plourde 
Hennick, Thomas
Webster, Antoinette
David Altimari
Debbie Leilein
Steven Barry
Newtown Police: James Viadero, Christopher Vanghele, Felicia Figol, felicia, Leonard Penna, Liam Seabrook, 
David Kullgren,  Aaron Bahamonde, William Chapman, Michael Mcgowan, Ben Mulhall, Matthew Hayes.

The second thing to notice about this email is Wolfgang again claims Leonard Pozner is seeking "55 million dollars"; a random number he appears to have invented to help bolster his own fundraising.   Incidentally, I believe he said that in many fundraising interviews. 

Here is the email:
Governor Malloy:

I have never taken the deposition of a Governor before, so please work with me on this.

Ever since our meeting in your office, I sensed that you wanted to help me, so the best way to do that is by allowing me to issue you a Subpoena and take your deposition in Hartford. CT.

As you can see, Leonard Pozner wants answers regarding the Sandy Hook Shooting in my Interrogatories and Discovery Motions and only you will have the truth.  So I need you urgently.

The rest of those on the email I look forward in meeting you and issues Subpoenas for your deposition in the Leonard Pozner Civil lawsuit against me.

I have posted the link so you can follow along.

He is seeking 55 million dollars so you can see my urgency in defending myself with your testimony in court.

I have attached a Chapter of what I found in the Newspapers and the CT State POlice Final Report so you have something to review in order not to forget your statement on the news and in your police reports..

One Chapter everyday.

Do not want to overwhelm you with your stories.

If you have any questions, please call me at 352-729-2559



While my instinct is to scoff at Wolfgang and his harebrained ideas, I've seen many in Newtown bow to his idiotic subpoena's before.  Personally, I think it's an abuse of the states power to attempt to subpoena out of state witnesses without cause and, if he tries to enforce it through the courts, he should be heavily sanctioned.  I'm just not sure they will attempt to quash the subpoena or simply give in to the conspiracy theorist.

They could just simply ignore the toothless subpoena's from Wolfgang.  It's not like Lake County Sheriff's will go arrest someone in Connecticut. They wont even get off their tails and arrest an harasser in their own county.

We are well beyond what should be tolerated from Wolfgang and what Newtown should tolerate.  I would think that once his right-hand man was convicted of harassing a Sandy Hook parent, that would have been enough and they would put a stop to his nonsense. 

The email is part of a string of emails between Wolfgang and Lenny Pozner's attorney.  Lenny Pozner's attorney responded to Halbig by demanding Halbig retract the false 55 million dollar claim. Wolfgang refuses, claiming it's true.

Donate to HONR
If you want to donate to help fight the unmitigated assault on decency by hoaxers like Wolfgang Halbig, visit 

As an FYI, Lenny has spent over $30,000 in the lawsuit against Wolfgang Halbig.   Very few donations have come in to cover the mounting legal bill.

Scott Baio and Renee Baio double down by attacking Sandy Hook mother

While I had hoped Scott Baio and Renee Baio might have some dignity and self respect, that did not turn out to be the case.

Renee Baio doubled down, attacking Nelba Marquez-Greene. As is customary, Nelba handled the tweet with the grace and humility.  If you don't follow Nelba, you are missing out.

Specifically, Renee Baio tweeted at Nelba Marquez-Greene—the mother of Ana Grace Marquez-Greene, who was killed in the 2012 mass shooting suggesting that the young girl was better off dead than living with her mother, insisting the bereaved mother's “ugliness knows no bounds.”

  It is shocking to see such a great woman and family treated in this manner by the Baio's.  Only the worst hoaxer inclined nutjob could say such a thing to a mother who lost a child.

After the tweet, Renee hid her tweets.

Scott Baio fans are swarming the internet denying the tweet. Are the Baio's going to deny the tweet? To date, no public apology has been made by the Baio's which would certainly aid them if they wanted to lie and claim that the tweet wasn't made.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

CW Wade offers to help Sandy Hook hoaxer Scott Baio stop grief trolling families

"As someone born in the 70's, it is my duty to help Scott Baio free himself of being a Sandy Hook Hoaxer grief troll. I simply cannot allow it. Let's hope he takes me up on the offer."
 -CW Wade, Sandy Hook Shooting and Hoaxer expert.

Scott Baio revealed himself to be a Sandy Hook hoaxer grief troll.

Typically, it is my policy NOT to offer private tutoring to hoaxer grief trolls. Instead, I reference them to my comprehensive catalog of debunking videos and articles that, if actually viewed, would help them understand not only how absurd the Sandy Hook hoaxer memes are, but how they are literally invented fakery by hoaxer frauds, grifters, conartists, and opportunists.

Sandy Hook Facts took the unprecedented step of offering to personally help Sandy Hook hoaxer grief troll Scott Baio understand the shooting.

Scott, shoot me a tweet, facebook message, or an email with something that is confusing you about the shooting.  I will help you. I will answer your questions.  Then, you can stop grief trolling and mocking the parents of the victims.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Scott Baio is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer Grief Troll

"Scott Baio, an icon of  my generation, is nothing but a wide-eyed Alex Jones fed Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist hoaxer grief troll." -

While I must admit, I did not ever wonder ,"Where is Scott Baio today?".  Considering I was young in the 70's, it would not have been unusual or surprising if I had.

What is surprising is the answer to that question. So, then, where is Scott Baio?

Well, the surprising answer to that is:

Today, Scott Baio, lacking any semblance of a career, instead spends his time prowling around twitter, and when he finds a family who has lost a mother or a child to gun violence, he attacks and grief trolls them with Alex Jones inspired hateful hoaxer memes.

Simply put: Scott Baio, an icon of  my generation, is nothing but a wide-eyed Alex Jones fed Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist hoaxer grief troll.

Shakes.. my.. head...

Scott and Rachael Baio
Internet Grief Trolls and Hoaxer Conspiracy Theorists

Of course, like Scott Baio's hero, Alex Jones, Scott is not brave enough to admit his proclivities. He issues fake public denials and excusing; making Scott dishonest and a coward.  Quite a personality combination you got there, Scott Baio!

Scott Baio attacks Sandy Hook Families
Scott Baio apparently decided he would launch a broadside attack against two families of victims of violent crimes.  Scott Baio re-tweeted the above hoaxer created meme attacking Sandy Hook victim Vicky Soto's mother and Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer's mother.

The tweet is a clear flag to those of us who understand so called "alt-right gun truthers" - It says "I am a hoaxer". Scott, it says it LOUD AND CLEAR. You can't deny it.  The hoaxers know you are "one of them" and we know it.

What's next, Scott Baio, the earth is flat?

Scott Baio's obvious hoaxerism aside, no reasonable person could believe sending such a meme to 218,000 followers would do anything but seriously emotionally harm families; so hoax Scott Baio's  intent was clear: cause pain to people in grief.

Scott Baio tries to double talk his way out of it, just like Alex Jones

Scott Baio then stood behind his attack on the families by blocking two victims who called him on his hoaxerism.  The Soto family and Nelba Marquez; both well known on Twitter.  How low could Alex Jones loving Scott Baio sink?

He appeared desperate to justify his attack on the families as "just asking a question". That lame defense is right out of hoaxer grief stalker playbook chapter 1, Scott.

Scott Baio's wife doubled down on her husbands hate.  Rachael Baio decided to compare her husbands hateful attacks to simply tweeting "a crayon photo".  First, the attacks a "question" then it's a "Crayon".  That is how Scott Baio and Rachael Baio see their libeling of families of murder victims.

They Baio's must have drank way too much of Alex Jones vitality brain juice; there is simply no other explanation.

By the way, while Scott has deleted his hateful attack on the families, he has not deleted his wife's disgusting take on that hateful tweet.

With both Baio's in on the attack on families, you know the emotional harm they are teaming up to cause is very intentional.

To date, Baio refuses to apologize and simply continues to make excuses for his disgusting post.

Scott Baio disgraced himself and good conservatives everywhere when he revealed he is nothing but a internet grief troll that attacks and hurts families who have lost loved ones in violent crimes.  Intuitively, you would think Scott Baio's sole purpose of grief trolling these families could be for little else than to intentionally emotionally hurt them.

A twitter user did offer a suggestion:

Scott has decided he would rather continue to harm families by leading his following to attack families of murder victims.

 And it is having the only outcome he can reasonably expect, more attacks on the families.

You, Scott Baio, are personally associating yourself with a racist, disgusting, child stalking hate group known as Sandy Hook hoaxers, when you repeat their filthy lies.

Yes Scott, because of what you do, families are stalked to the point hoaxers are jailed.

Scott Baio's half assed attempt at an obvious fake apology was correctly rebuffed:

Don't hold your breath for an apology from a grief troll like Scott Baio. And if you get one, it will be fake or inspired bay a desire to save face.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook FOI Appeal DISMISSED for FAILURE TO APPEAR

Wolfgang Halbig's Appeal verses Connecticut's Freedom of Information Commission has been dismissed because Wolfgang Halbig failed to file a simple appearance.

Wolfgang Halbig spent thousands of donor dollars to pursue Unreleased Dash Cams and Original Newtown Police Officer Statements.  Sandy Hook Facts covered the hearing closely   - such as here:

Issue 1 Dash Cams: - The Commission Ordered Connecticut State Police to release the Dash Cams.  Connecticut State Police appealed the decision.

Issue 2: Original copies of Newtown Police Officer Statements -  The Commission ordered that these were witness statements and not subject to release.   Wolfgang Halbig appealed that decision.

Connecticut Attorney L. Kay Wilson represented Wolfgang Halbig, despite the fact he was publicly degrading her.  Wolfgang Halbig promised his donors he would do what it takes to get the Dash Cams.

Allegedly, L. Kay Wilson finally tired of the public thrashing Wolfgang gave her, (although she never tired of her disgusting beliefs about Sandy Hook manifested by here disgusting treatment of Newtown townies and officials) and she withdrew from representation.

The Judge gave Wolfgang until July 31 to appear. When Wolfgang failed to file his appearance, his case was closed.

Wolfgang never filed an appearance and the appeal is DISMISSED as a nonsuit.

Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax group often demands their cult like followers give money to Wolfgang Halbig.  Apparently, Wolfgang will just flush that money down the toilet and stop appearing in court.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lenny Pozner seeks Restraining Order against Wolfgang Halbig

A hearing has been set for November 7,  2017 to hear several motions in the case of Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner versus conspiracy theorist leader Wolfgang Halbig.

Lenny Pozner sued Wolfgang Halbig because Wolfgang posts "dox" information on Lenny; if proven, this is a clear violation of Florida statutes.  Lenny's latest motion contends that Wolfgang continues to mass-email Lenny's "dox" and seeks to enjoin Halbig's deranged and abusive behavior.

Police Reports filed - Charges sought
Lenny Pozner has filed numerous police reports with Lake County Sheriff alleging harassment and unwanted contacts because Wolfgang continually sends Lenny his unwanted wild-eyed hoaxer nonsense via email.  Thus far, no action has been taken by Sheriff Peyton Grinnell.   To this writer, the is more than enough evidence to support arresting Halbig.

Sandy Hook Hoaxers are well known for their harassment of innocent victims.  Those hoaxers affiliated with Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax Group are particularly vicious and disgusting.

Recently, Sandy Hook Hoax Group founding member Marc Watson was reportedly convicted for exploiting children.  He was reportedly sentenced to 15 years prison for kiddie porn. This hoax group member was particularly vile, especially with his children's posts. Despite a prior conviction, Marc Watson found a welcome and supportive home in Sandy Hook Hoax Group.

Sandy Hook Hoax Group member  Jonathan Reich had his fair day in court and was convicted for harassing the mother of a Sandy Hook child.  He was separately convicted of harassing Wayne Carver.  The hoaxers recently published the phone calls that were used to support the Wayne Carver conviction.  It's no wonder Reich plead guilty rather than allow a jury to hear his harassing calls.

Two serious convictions in a very short period of time of Hoax Group certainly raises alarm bells.

Is Wolfgang Halbig next to face the criminal justice system?

Wolfgang continues to hide from Discovery
Despite numerous clearly worded court orders, Wolfgang Halbig continues to refuse to answer discovery interrogatories with real response.  What is Halbig so afraid of?   The truth?  Halbig had until August 1, 2016

The motion cites a few examples of Halbig's refusal to answer even the most mundane questions, such as "Who controls" and "Do you have a bank account for donations?"

Wolfgang also refuses to answer whether he was the one who (falsely) posted that "Lenny was at the front gate of his gated community" - a claim Wolfgang made numerous times.

Sanctions sought for recording hearing without approval
On May 24, 2017, Wolfgang's Sandy Hook Hoax partner Tony Mead recorded the hearing without obtaining permission of the court.  Tony, on behalf of Wolfgang, then posted the hearing to his Youtube channel. The motion alleges that since the publication, the law firm has received numerous threatening and insulting contacts to the extent that the law firm now fears for their safety.

Wolfgang's defense is to absurdly claim that Lenny Pozner is an "abstraction, a shadow, a figment".  If the best defense the hoaxers have is to hang their hat on a laughable Youtube created defense that Lenny actually doesn't exist, the hoaxers will surely lose, and lose big.

Stay sought for Deposition
Recently the court scheduled Lenny Pozner's deposition for Nov. 15, 2017.  Lenny seeks a stay of deposition because Wolfgang Halbig continues to hide from discovery.  Lenny's motion states that the complaint will be amended based on Halbig's answers to discovery.  To date, Halbig refuses to meaningfully answer even mundane discovery questions. It seems fruitless to have a deposition before the amended complaint is filed because the scope of the lawsuit will likely be significantly expanded.

You may download all of the documents in the case here:

Friday, June 30, 2017

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell Protects Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig

You would think Wolfgang's public attacks on the Lake County Sheriff's Department would bother them; you would be wrong!  But why? That is the real mystery. Why is the new Lake County Sheriff afraid of and protecting Wolfgang Halbig?

Exposing Peyton Grinnell, Lake County Sheriff
Wolfgang Halbig's Protector in Chief

The history of Wolfgang Halbig versus Lake County Sheriff just took a surreal turn as Wolfgang Halbig has apprently come under the protective wing of the new Sheriff of Lake County, Peyton Grinnell.  Grinnell is the newly elected sheriff and it appears his policy is to welcome Halbig with open arms and protect him.

"My own Lake County Sheriff came to my house..."
Wolfgang Halbig has told the story so many times, it is hoaxer lore..."Lake County Sheriffs came to my house to warn me about talking about Sandy Hook".  Wolfgang Halbig has made tens of thousands of dollars degrading the Lake County Sheriff's  Department; Halbig has repeated the story in hundreds of interviews.   In fact, Wolfgang has made making buffoons of the Lake County Sheriff a  part of his money raising pitches since the very beginning of his career as a professional hoaxer; he mentions them in nearly every interview.

You would think Wolfgang's public attacks on the Lake County Sheriff Department would bother them; yet you would be wrong!  But why? That is the real mystery. Why is the new Lake County Sheriff afraid of and/or protecting Wolfgang Halbig?

Wolfgang files Federal Complaint
Wolfgang Halbig filed a Federal Civil Rights complaint because the Sheriff's Department appears to have had him listed as a "Mental Patient".  However, that was before Sheriff Grinnell donned the big badge!

Wolfgang is a Orlando Pulse Hoaxer, too!
Wolfgang Halbig slapped Lake County and Orange County, and all of Florida Law Enforcement in the face when he declared Orlando Pulse Shooting to be fake/hoax/illusion, in numerous emails and interviews.  Wolfgang Halbig's very own attorney, Cynthia Conlin, apparently quit over the connection to Pulse Hoaxerism; yet Sheriff Grinnell is protecting Wolfgang? Very strange!

You would think declaring Orlando Pulse a hoax would bother Peyton Grinnell, but stay tuned, you would be very wrong!  Petyon Grinnell might as well snuggle up to Wolfgang and cuddle!  Perhaps Peyton Grinnell could give Wolfgang a foot rub when he's not protecting him.

Public Shaming of Lake County Sheriff
Peyton Grinnell must love it when his staff are shamed by Wolfgang Halbig.  Here, Wolfgang sticking it to Petyon Grinnell directly and, of course, Wolfgang CC'd the world.

Did Peyton coo when Wolf sent that out?

Lake County Sheriff Lt. Dan Conlee gets punked by Halbig
Wolfgang Halbig ran Lake County Lieutenant Dan Conlee around like a keystone cop when Wolfgang apparently pretended that the rubber duck was GIVEN to Wolfgang LIVE ON INFOWARS by fake news reporter Dan Bidondi was actually placed on his "door step" of his "gated community" by some secret duck stalker  (or was it some other magical duck at the same time? I can never keep Wolfgang's stories straight).  It would seem whatever the story was, Conlee ate it up  hook, line, and sinker and laughably went digging around in the vehicle logs at the gate looking for suspects!  The ducks had been placed on Dan Bidondi's car in Connecticut; yet Conlee just couldn't see through Halbig's story.    Obviously, "sleuth" Dan Conlee found nothing.  Apparently, the story goes, this secret person snuck into the gated compound delivering the same exact type of duck he has received on air on Sept. 30, 2015.

9-30-15 Interview by InfoWars fake news reporter Dan Bidondi:
And here is Lake County Investigator Dan Conlee actually digging around the vehicle logs while Wolfgang laughs at him:

Conlee Seached Sept 1 through Sept 30 in the vehicle logs; even though it is almost impossible Halbig was in Florida and Connecticut at the same time receiving ducks.  We do have video of one of them, and Halbig was in Connecticut.  Logic.

And yes, I even emailed Dan Conlee and told him what Halbig was up to. Did Conlee care he was being punked? Not one bit, apparently! Did he even attempt to investigate what he was told by me? Not according to public records!

Perhaps Dan Conlee was weakened from Wolfgang's very public slaps, like this:

Now he is Halbig's little pet.

Lake County Sheriff "Gutless Cowards"
Wolfgang called Lake County Sheriff Office a bunch of gutless cowards, sending that information all over the news and police agencies.

Wolfgang made it clear he thought the Sheriff  was a coward; sending that exact statement to numerous organizations all over the country.

Note: While not relevant to this article, here Halbig used what appears to be an South African originating email address of a person alleging themselves to be a "Midwest LEO and SWAT" as a reference. Very Curious!  Well at least this reference was living.  Halbig often uses dead people as references!

Lying to the judge
Wolfgang dared to stand in front of Florida Senior Judge Sandy Champ and complain Lenny was e "flooding him with emails".  A bold faced lie!

The exact opposite is true.  Wolfgang emails Lenny Pozner harassing, idiotic, hoaxer nonsense nearly every day and some days,  more than once.   As a matter of fact, since having the nerve (and dishonesty) of complaining to the Judge on May 24, Wolfgang has emailed Lenny at least 25 times!

I have screen capped portions of several below.

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell puts his protective wing over Wolfgang Halbig

But what does this have to do with Sheriff Peyton Grinnell?

Lenny has understandably responded harshly to Wolfgang's nonstop idiotic emails.  Who wouldn't?
I have lost my cool and responded to Wolfgang, myself!

How can you not?

For awhile, I began forwarding the purported harassing emails to Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell and Lieutenant Dan Conlee.

Did the Lake County Sheriff's action take action to protect the public from Wolfgang?

Sandy Hook Facts blocked from making reports to Lake County Sheriff!

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell, bending over backwards to protect Halbig, has apparently ordered me blocked from the entirety of Lake County Sheriff Servers.

I cannot email any email address at all!

So the question is this...
If Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell and/or his deputies are allegedly doing all of these horrible things to Wolfgang, Wolfgang can shame them publiclly, yet Wolfgang can freely email them, as he did to Lake County Deputy Michael Marden on 6/29/17 (yesterday)

Yet, I cannot email that Deputy:
Why is Peyton Grinnell cuddling with Wolfgang Halbig?
It seems plainly obvious Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell has no interest in the incessant emails to Sandy Hook parent by Wolfgang Halbig; and in fact will block the sending of that information to his very department.

All while Wolfgang Halbig calls him a coward to his face and can email them freely.

That is a very strange thing, indeed.

Here are partial screenshots of emails sent by Wolfgang Halbig to Lenny Pozner.  These are just to show the sheer quantity of harassing emails that gets sent to the Sandy Hook parent. Why would Sheriff Grinnell have no interest in Wolfgang's activities?

Why wouldn't Sheriff Grinnell want to know that a resident of Lake County is continually emailing hoaxer nonsense to Sandy Hook families?

Feel free to email or and give them your two cents!

The cover up and fear of Halbig by police agencies needs to end.