Thursday, July 30, 2015

Confirmed: Paypal has terminated Wolfgang Halbig's Account

Sandy Hook Facts was pleased to learn Paypal terminated Sandy Hook Justice's account, purportedly  for unspecified violations of the user agreement.  Wolfgang Halbig made the announcement by proxy through Sandy Hook Hoax group, who added ominously "[Halbig] is pissed!"

Paypal will not release details as to why the financial giant terminated Halbig's account. It is easy to speculate that Paypal found raising money off of the Sandy Hook tragedy by making false, outrageous statements  to be objectionable to Paypal's own terms of service; however, it's also possible Paypal discovered something much more sinister at play, behind the scenes.

Today, Wolfgang Halbig updated his website to remove the "PayPal" button from his page; therefore, the matter is obviously settled.

Hopefully Halbig releases some of the email's he sent to Paypal; I bet they were doozies!

Halbig's website now asks you to go ahead and send money directly to Halbig's home address.


In a recent article, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) renewed their campaign to compel Paypal to terminate the accounts of various recognized Hate Groups.  In the article entitled "Financing Hate", the SPLC claimed that 69 recognized hate groups conduct their financial activities through Paypal.

SPLC has been waging that high pressure well financed campaign versus Paypal for nearly three years.


Not withstanding  SPLC's unrelated campaign against Hate Group financing, it appears Paypal HAS acted on their own to terminate Halbig's financial dealings. We applaud Paypal on their action on Wolfgang Halbig's account.

Halbig appears persona non grata far and wide based on several recent devastating defeats.  Paypal's cancellation follows Halbig's FOIA failure and an embarrassing formal warning never to return to the St. Rose of Lima School and Parish, issued by the Legal Officer of the Bridgeport Diocese.   Paypal's action also follows the termination of Wolfgang Halbig's GoFundMe crowdfunding site.

More on the St. Rose incident here:

We would hope Wolfgang Halbig uses this opportunity to reevaluate his current hurtful activities against families, victims, and small bloggers. Put your "normal person hat on" for a second Wolf, and see what the world sees:

St. Rose of Lima 911 Call

Wolfgang Halbig's Epic Tantrum turns evil

Saturday, July 18, 2015

St. Rose of Lima 911 Call Released - Hoaxers reportedly filming children at school

St. Rose of Lima 911 Call
Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers
"I've got two cars here from out of state that are video taping children as they leave the school
 and the guy gave me a rough time about leaving".

Newtown, CT - A troubling 911 call is shed new light but raised troubling questions regarding an incident that occurred at St. Rose of Lima School on June 2, 2015. The incident was first described by Wolfgang Halbig in an internationally broadcast interview.

Wolfgang tells the story:  He he went to St. Rose of Lima in "Sandy Hook" with a documentary crew to meet with  Monsignor Weiss.   Halbig claims he went there to obtain the names of two nuns for his Hoax Group.  "What I wanted to know was the name of the two nuns.", Wolfgang explains (as if that's normal).  The actual reason Hoax Group needed the names of the two nuns is not clear.  We are aware conspiracy theorists have targeted the nuns in the past, such as this article:

The hoaxers have targeted St. Rose of Lima School for their ire in numerous articles and videos as any Google search will reveal.

Add caption
According to Halbig, the Monsignor refused to meet with him and when Halbig exited St. Rose, six Newtown Police cars surrounded his vehicle.  "What is that all about?" Wolfgang asks, during the Richie Allen Show.

Newtown Police Department has released the 911 call that prompted the response, and it is chilling.  The caller states "I've got two cars here from out of state that are video taping children as they leave the school and the guy gave me a rough time about leaving."    Considering the massacre of December 14, 2012 and the continued targeting of Newtown schools by Hoaxers, it's no wonder six cars responded to that shocking claim.

According to the police report, a white van, described by hoaxers as a "licensed film crew vehicle transport", left the scene just prior to the arrival of police  The registration of the van returned to 'EAN HOLDINGS' and was therefore, likely a rental.

Halbig left the scene in a blue Honda, shortly after police arrived and without being questioned.

The 911 call can be heard on this exclusive Sandy Hook Facts video:

Hoaxers are no strangers to Harassing Newtown schools and officials.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Timothy Rogalski was spared prison after he begged for mercy of the court. He was convicted of Harassing Newtown schools just this past May.

One of the most famous Hoaxer arrests involved Hoax Group hero, Jonathan Reich.
Arrest Photo Courtesy Avon Police

Reich was prosecuted; however, as the son of a wealthy attorney, he was able to employ high priced lawyers who went to work on behalf of Reich.  Reich and the State of Connecticut waived time NINE TIMES, in legal maneuvering that allowed Reich to even avoid entering a plea.  Reich's slick attorney's then obtained a sweet deal for Reich, consisting of short-term diversion and some sort of mental health program (apparently an unsuccessful program at that).  As of today, his case is presently statutorily sealed.  Having money has worked out well for Reich.

Since his criminal case appears completed, he has openly jumped back into the fray on behalf of Hoax group as part of Wolfgang's exclusive inner circle.

His latest video "Sandy Hook A Trip Down Memory Hole Lane" focuses on harassing a parent of a child slain at Sandy Hook and in doing so, violates the parent's privacy on numerous levels.  It is noted that Wolfgang often mentions Lenny Pozner, indicating a possible mutual preoccupation with the beleaguered parent.

It is therefore not so shocking to find Jonathan Reich right smack dab in the middle of the Halbig's St. Rose of Lima controversy.

Reich was, apparently, the man Wolfgang selected to provide his response via Reich's popular  Youtube channel,  The channel, of course, still obsesses on Sandy Hook conspiracy theory.  In Reich's 5 minute response he  "debunks" the 911 call by simply declaring the call fabricated and promises the entire event was recorded.

"You see, the ACTUAL incident has been fully recorded and documented."

 Reich also provided screen shots of a letter purportedly received by Wolfgang Halbig from St. Rose of Lima's attorney that orders him to never return to parish property or he faces legal action and advising him that his mere presence is considered a "trespass and a nuisance".

The remaining 4 minutes of Reich's video consists of Halbig speaking at a Catholic Church function nearly fifteen years ago.  It is unclear what relevance that has to the instant issue; however, it is not always easy to follow thought patterns of Hoaxers.

"Incident Recorded"
Since Halbig, through Reich's channel, has promised the entire incident was recorded, Sandy Hook Facts is reserving judgment on the incident itself.  After all, there are two sides of every story.   We await Reich's full release of the incident.  The full release of the video is necessary because Wolfgang Halbig is running a licensed charitable organization that uses events such as these as talking points during international broadcasts done to raise money.  Sandy Hook Facts does request that Wolfgang and his well financed film crews redact any children who were filmed; if indeed they were filmed.

Several questions remain.

Was Halbig or his film crew filming children and giving Security a hard time, as the Security Officer reports?

Who was in the mysterious white van that fled just prior to the arrival of Newtown Police?  The identity of the "licensed film crew and transport vehicle" was never ascertained.

Why is Halbig's inner circle using this event as an excuse to harass a Sandy Hook parent and attempt to threaten and intimidate Sandy Hook Facts, in video?

What agency "licensed" Halbig's film crew and were they claiming to have permission?

Were a licensed film crew and/or a licensed charity sole proprietor giving a elementary school security officer a hard time?

Why is Halbig's inner circle slandering Sandy Hook Facts by claiming we committed the crime of fabricating an official police 911 call?

Who was the driver of the blue Honda with Connecticut plates?  In the past, Wolfgang has been seen chauffeured  in a blue Honda, such as this video:

his driver is known to to be a Youtuber and Connecticut resident who goes by the name of "Sleight of Sin".  This was solidified when Sleight of Sin demonstrated first hand knowledge of the police response to St. Rose of Lima:, appearing to taunt an NPD officer:

McGowan was the reporting officer of th St Rose of Lima incdent and also a Sandy Hook first responder.

Sandy Hook Facts is working on the answers to these questions and anxiously await Wolfgang Halbig's explanation, in the form of a release of the video to show what he and his film crew were doing at the private elementary school.

Simple questions that deserve an answer.

Actual Police Reports:

Other relevant reference and research links:

@20 sec

Hoaxer attempts at threats and intimidation over this incident continue. Historically, hoaxers who attempt to threaten and intimidate Sandy Hook Facts are met at the door, so they might want to check themselves.

These people are very scary.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Check-in Sign update

  “Check-in signs” - Update
    Sandy Hook Facts (and also Keith Johnson) have made mention of the fact we were obtaining documents as to the actual delivery of the infamous “Check – In” sign.

     In early June, Sandy Hook Facts contacts had received email notice from the Lead Counsel for the Connecticut Department of Homeland Security stating that the “variable message signs” were delivered to Sandy Hook Elementary scene on late December 14, 2012 or early December 15, 2012.  There was no indication as to when they were put in service.

     It should be noted that most hoaxers  incorrectly assumed that First Selectman Pat Llodra meant the Federal Department of Homeland Security during the FOI hearings.  

    CT Homeland Security further advised that the signs were provided through mutual aid from the Cities of Danbury and Waterbury.     In response,  documents were requested to support the claims made in the email. The document we were provided alludes to signage; however, nothing specifically addresses these “variable message sign" that was parked in front of the Sandy Hook Fire House.  

   The remaining options are to seek FOIA through the cities of Danbury and Waterbury and see what can be fished out of the city records or to let the matter go.  Since the consumption of time and energy in trying to track down this sign outweighs any possible relevance, Sandy Hook Facts has decided to drop the matter. 

The hoaxer contention has been that the signs were there as a “check-in” for a drill and that the sign was there on the morning of the 14th.  The hoaxers have been thoroughly debunked by video evidence, time stamped police dash cam evidence, and now by the CT Department of Homeland Security. 

Since the signs were demonstrably not there on the morning of the 14th, the hoaxer premise loses all  "hoax evidence" value.  At this point, whether the sign(s) were delivered late 14th or early 15th and at some point were put in service, and whether that specific sign was from mutual assistance from Danbury or Waterbury really has no bearing on the original over-debunked (and absurd) hoaxer claims.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sandy Hook Facts will not release Sandy Hook clean-up contract andcompletion invoices

As discussed with several confidants, Sandy Hook Facts has come into possession of copies of the original work orders and completion invoices for the clean up of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  These documents were not released with the final report.

For nearly two years, the issue of the biological clean-up has been brought up by hoaxers as they presumed the answer to the question "Who cleaned up [Sandy Hook Elementary school]?" might provide them, at long last, their first piece of evidence of hoax. Sandy Hook Facts debunked them last year, answering the question and proving that answer using research from the final report.  Clean Harbors, a biological clean up company, cleaned up SHE.

Wolfgang still asks the question, Fetzer was unable to grasp the answer.  One hoaxer even threatened a Judy Wood-esque Qui Tam lawsuit over the clean up.  

It has long been the policy of Sandy Hook Facts to release the documents we obtain in the interest of public knowledge.  First and foremost, this site is for investigation, not "debunking".

The reality is, there is not a lot left to be researched into the Sandy Hook Tragedy and there is nothing left to debunk of the hoaxer invented "Sandy Hook Hoax".  In fact, the last five or six "bombshell" pieces of hoaxer "evidence" have turned out to literally be fabricated fraud.  An example of this fraud is when Sandy Hook Hoax Group manipulated an email from Flex-Fit Corporation. Hoax Group was caught red faced and red handed when the vice president of the company spoke out against Hoax Groups fraud.

More recently, Hoaxers were caught lying about the identity of a Connecticut State Police Sergeant. 

 Hoaxers go beyond getting debunked, they get proven to be fakes and frauds every time they piece together their drivel.

Therefore, at some point it, it seems there must be a line that shouldn't be crossed just to prove hoaxer craziness.  The pain that the documents I've obtained could cause outweighs their "debunk value".  Is there anything really new in the documents? No, other than details that are unnecessary to investigation.   The documents prove Clean Harbors did in fact do the clean up, exactly as stated in the final report and they were paid for their work.  The invoices show a horrific job in the aftermath of a horrific tragedy.

If at some point hoaxers get the documents and release true copies, the documents will affirm what Sandy Hook Facts and the Final Report contend, Clean Harbors did the work. If the hoaxers cut bait and release fabricated documents, we have original copies in reserve to refute.

For me and some others who have seen these documents, perhaps it's a matter of "be careful of what you ask for."

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig throws tantrum as FOI Commission dismisses majority ofclaims

The Connecticut FOI Commission met today to consider the two matters of Wolfgang Halbig vs Newtown.  The hearing was going as anticipated (Halbig lost), when towards the end of the proceeding, Wolfgang Halbig raged; throwing a epic tantrum as he walked in circles. This charateristic display showed once again that Halbig is a rank amateur.  A blend of unprofessionalism with irrational, compulsive, bullying behavior that is not new; in fact his hometown Lake Count blog mentioned it years ago.

This time; however, Halbig topped it off with some very strange and threatening statements.

To add to the oddness of Halbig's outburst, one of his Hoax group followers began screaming "I have been threatened by the Italian mafia in Connecticut for challenging Sandy Hook!" as Halbig paced back and forth with exaggerated hand gestures. Quite a pathetic episode.  A Newtown insider watching Halbig's fit declared "You literally could hear the Benny Hill music playing in the background."

At the close of the hearing, Halbig crossed a new bridge of filth when he told Newtown Attorney Monte Frank "Were going to find Curtis Urbino.  I tell you what, we are going to find Mr. Urbino. And Avielle Richman.  We're going to find Avielle Richman, what do you think about that, Monte Frank? You're protecting these people.  Avielle Richman, Avielle Richman. I'm going to find her and you are protecting them." His repetitive statement regarding a six year old girl was very chilling on an otherwise comical scene.

Sandy Hook Facts has no idea why Wolfgang is hunting 'Curtis Urbino'.  We did find this article about a "Curtis Urbina"; however, it is still unclear why Wolfgang has targeted 'Curtis Urbino or if his target is the same person as in the article.

Avielle Richman, of course, is a six-year old girl that was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  It is unknown what prompted Halbig to taunt that he is hunting a deceased six year old little girl. Perhaps Halbig can explain his outbursts and delusional-type talk.  We sincerely hope he does not represent a danger to others.

As to the hearing itself, the proposed hearing officers report discussed here:
was adopted with only a few minor scrivener error corrections.

Therefore, the commission has found:

  • That the first complaint be dismissed in it's entirety.
  • That all documents were provided to Halbig.
  • That all documents were authentic.
  • That all documents in the first complaint were provided in a timely precise, methodical manner.
  • As to the second complaint only, the commission found that Newtown committed a "minor technical violation", in the words of Commissioner Streeter.  The emails of Dawn Hochsprung were untimely.  Newtown was ordered to be more timely in the future.

Halbig spent at least $20,000 of his donor's funds for this hearing and he failed to prove (or provide a shred of evidence) of all but a single minor technical misstep by Newtown.  He will receive no additional documents.

Proof of Delivery:

 Sandy Hook Facts was has received proof that Halbig's attorney, L. Kay Wilson, had been provided the hearing officers report on June 25, 2015.

If you recall, Halbig accused Sandy Hook Facts of the crime of slander because we dared publish opinion as free soeaking Americans on a matter of public record; publishing it before he had read ithe same Hearing Officers report.

Halbig stated, upon reviewing the Commissioner's Report on Sandy Hook Facts:

How is that possible since I and my Attorney Kate Wilson have not received those findings from your office or Commissioner Streeter?
If this is true that others are receiving this information before my attorney and I have a chance to review in order to prepare for the full commission hearing on July 8, 2015 which I do not even know if that is the real date.
I have purchased a $650.00 Airline ticket to be present in order to Challenge the Commissioners findings.
Please dear God tell me that your office does not operate that way.
I have been slandered as you will see without me or my attorney even having the opportunity to see it first.

That turns out to be untrue.

The Freedom of Information Commission released proof Halbig's attorney, L. Kay Wilson, received the ruling the report via email delivery confirmation:

Therefore, Halbig owes an apology to Sandy Hook Facts for accusing us of the crime of slander.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook Hoax

This video serves two purposes.

There are many new to the "Sandy Hook Hoax" scene looking at the issue from a different point of view and many of these are unfamiliar with Wolfgang Halbig. For those people, Sandy Hook Facts wanted to put out a introductory video.

This video represents an ongoing project of collecting and cataloging Wolfgang's comments.  That cataloging is part of an ongoing investigation into Wolfgang Halbig's statements made as part of fundraising for his Charity, Sandy Hook Justice.. That work will be made privately  available upon request and may at some point be published publicly .

Wolfgang Halbig is a very famous conspiracy theorist leader and very public figure who has appeared on hundreds of television, video, documentary, Podcast, radio, blogs, articles, news reports, and internet broadcasts. 

A search using Google or Youtube reveals the level Halbig fame as a public figure.

Please see this new video -
"Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook Hoax"

Halbig is the sole proprietor of a licensed charityin Florida called Sandy Hook Justice.  Wolfgang Halbig uses his charity to engage in activities such fundraising for filing lawsuits against Bloggers and Youtubers who fall into his wrath. In contrast, to his followers, Wolfgang claims he is taking on the "United States Government" and therefore needs funds for his legal bills. 

You can visit and browse many of his published conspiracy theory pamphlets and articles and view his donation links.  

There has never been a known 3rd party accounting of his income from donations.  In 2014,  Halbig raised the ceiling of his donation request from $100,000 to $250,000 prompting some to speculate that he had surpassed his original $100,000 fund raising goal.   Florida records indicate Halbig claimed he made exactly $32,000 through 12-31-14.  Halbig has not released his income records for 2015; however, it is doubtful he has raised in less than $50,000 considering some of his appearances are on shows with millions of international viewers.  Not bad for the self-made internet celebrity and his enterprise.

Halbig has thousands of devoted followers worldwide; some of whom brag that they donate to him every single month, so the money continues to flow.

"I am Lucky enough to receive an old age pension so my monthly donation is sent."  Proudly declared one of his devoted followers on social media.

Documents filed with the State of Florida by Wolfgang's Charity reveal odd accounting practices, odd expenses  (such as $5,000 to "paid informants") and also reveal he did not receive a license to fund-raise until September, 2014 despite the fact that according to his own court filings, he began fund raising in March, 2014.  This is covered in detail in past blog posts.

Hundreds of hours of Wolfgang's interviews and presentations are under review as part of a investigation into whether or not he is making false statements to induce others to donate money to his Licensed Charitable Organization. The following is a very brief compilation of some of Halbig's broadcast statements.  

Screen shot from May 2014 displaying creation date of March 14, 2014

Court filing where Halbig admits establishing his Fundraising site on March 14, 2014

Florida License issued September 2014, according to Florida Records:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig gets news of FOI Hearing from Sandy Hook Facts!

Sandy Hook Facts was bemused to learn that according to sources close to Wolfgang Halbig, Halbig had not received word of the FOI Commissioner's Report until he learned of it while reading Sandy Hook Facts!

Full coverage of the Commission's can be found here:

One can almost picture the scene, Halbig happily eating a jelly doughnut and drinking his hazelnut coffee, surfing his favorite "bookmarked" websites, when he checked our Sandy Hook Facts article, doubtless #2 or #3 on his favorites list.  We need to FOI the FBI's surveillance video of Halbig's face when he read that ruling!

Wolfgang Halbig presents Sandy Hook Facts screen shots at the FOI Hearing.

As we reported, the hearing was nearly a total failure with the recommendation being the majority of Halbig's complaints be DISMISSED in their entirety, a finding that ALL documents have been received by Halbig and a finding that ALL documents were authentic.   Newtown was found to be tardy in providing the Hochsprung emails.  The Commission's Report fully vindicates Sandy Hook Facts' contention that the Dash Cams were authentic and embedded with Time Stamps as Closed Captions.

Wolfgang's internationally broadcast news interviews with InfoWars and other outlets.

Sandy Hook Facts had accurately predicted the Commissioner's ruling because it was obvious Newtown offered overwhelming evidence of compliance; equally obvious, Kay Wilson failed to offer even a shred of evidence that even a single piece of paper was withheld by Newtown.

Wolfgang was apparently enraged at our analysis and accurate prediction and fired off an email that brings a smile to our face.  

Email purportedly from Wolfgang Halbig to FOI Commissioner Colleen Murphy.

Mrs. Murphy:

I am requesting under the CT FOIA laws from your office copies of addresses and names of people who used the CT FOIA laws to receive the CT FOIA Hearings from my case since it now posted all over the internet regarding Commissioner Streeter findings in my FOIA case.

How is that possible since I and my Attorney Kate Wilson have not received those findings from your office or Commissioner Streeter?

If this is true that others are receiving this information before my attorney and I have a chance to review in order to prepare for the full commission hearing on July 8, 2015 which I do not even know if that is the real date.

I have purchased a $650.00 Airline ticket to be present in order to Challenge the Commissioners findings.

Please dear God tell me that your office does not operate that way.

I have been slandered as you will see without me or my attorney even having the opportunity to see it first.

Very Unprofessional if it is true.

You are supposed to be a safeguard for the truth if people ever challenge a government failure to disclose documents.


Unfortunately, Sandy Hook Facts cannot lay claim to any "Special Knowledge" on this issue, as amusing that the accusation is. The facts are, the upcoming agenda is publicly posted on FOIC's website and that was checked, link to the ruling clicked, ruling reviewed, and an article published with direct links to the ruling.

It is unclear how Wolfgang Halbig can claim our posting of the Ruling as a "slander".  Halbig seems to always consider truths about himself to be slanderous.  Hmmmm...

The commission's letter is dated June 25, 2015.  Sandy Hook Facts believes this evidences the fact that Kay Wilson had in fact received proper notice from the Commission. Whether Wilson opened her mail or not, that's another matter entirely.  If Wilson's disorganized presence at the the hearing is any indicator, one can suspect that Kay Wilson was at fault for Halbig's lack of notification.

Commissioner Streeter's term ends!
Sandy Hook Facts notes that Commissioner Matthew Streeter's term ended June 30, 2015.  Commissioner Streeter was the FOI Commissioner who heard Halbig's case.  At the time of the printing of this blog, it was unclear if he would be or had been reappointed.

Links to the FOI Ruling

You may download the Commissioner’s Report in it’s entirety here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig FOIA Hearing Report Issued

Wolfgang Halbig FOI Hearing Report Issued as Halbig's Legal Woes Mount

Cliff Notes Version: Halbig's hearing was nearly a total failure with the recommendation being the majority of his complaints be dismissed in their entirety, a finding that ALL documents have been received by Halbig; Newtown was found to be tardy in providing the Hochsprung emails.

Commissioner Matthew Streeter has issued his Report on the Wolfgang Halbig FOI Hearings of 4-23-15 and 6-3-15.  The Commission's ruling was as predicted by Sandy Hook Facts, Wolfgang Halbig's attorney failed to show that Newtown failed to provide even a single responsive document.

As most are aware, Wolfgang Halbig's crew broadcast these hearings live; additionally a documentary is allegedly in the works.  Further,  Wolfgang conducted several broadcast interviews throughout and after both proceedings.

Wolfgang's Infowars Interview was broadcast
on several channels.

You may download the Commissioner’s Report in it’s entirety here.

The entire FOI Commission will consider the Commissioner's report on July 8, 2015. Generally speaking,  we can expect the report will be adopted as it is or with only minor technical changes or additions. For example, the report incorrectly spelled "Sinko's" name as "Sinka". 

Therefore, it appears that the ruling will be as follows.

FIC 2014-461 - Dash Cams, Porta-Potties, and Security System

Halbig had requested Newtown provide responsive documents as to Dash Cams, Porta Potty ordering, and the Security System installed at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012.

At the hearing, Halbig further contended the Dash Cams and Security System documents were not authentic or not complete, offering as his proof, a screen shot of Sandy Hook Fact's video.

The Commission ruled entirely against Halbig finding the all the documents were authentic and complete. As to the Porta Potties, the finding that Newtown had no responsive documents and therefore had fully complied. The Commission further found that Newtown had responded timely stating [Newtown's] response was "nothing more than methodical, deliberate, and rigidly precise."

The Commission found that the Dash Cams were a true copy of the Dash Cam from Lt [Sinko's] Dash Cam; fully vindicating Sandy Hook Facts and in support of our videos and articles proving Halbig had indeed received the correct Dash Cam videos.


 The Commissioner recommended Halbig's complaint #2014-461 be DISMISSED in it's entirety. 

It does not appear that the Commissioner addressed several other requests docketed as 2014-461.  Some of these requests include the Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal contracts, the Sign-In Logs, and the Newtown School Board Minutes of 1-23-13.  Perhaps these matters will be taken up by the full commission. 

As to FIC 2014-823 Work Orders & emails The Commission further found as follows:

Wolfgang Halbig has received ALL documents responsive to his request.

Therefore, the issue is closed. They will not be receiving any other documents for this request.

The Commissioner found that Newtown was not prompt as to the requests for emails, as required by the FOI act, and was ordered to henceforth comply with promptness provisions of The Act. 

Wolfgang Halbig's spent about $20,000 raised through his charity, Sandy Hook Justice, for two days worth of hearings. He was awarded no documents and the majority of his complaints where dismissed in their entirety.  It should also be noted that the documents Halbig obtained at a cost of  about $20,000, Sandy Hook Facts obtained for under $100.  Sandy Hook Facts does agree that Halbig's hearings were a good show.

While Halbig's followers may think it was a victory for the First Selectman to admit "Homeland Security" (likely meaning the State Dept of Homeland Security) was on scene; all one really had to do to learn this was refer to the report. The agency is listed as one of the State's responding agencies; as would be expected of Mass Casualty Incident

This ruling was nearly entirely predicted by Sandy Hook Facts in previous articles.

UPDATE. Sandy Hook Facts broke this story exclusively!  Yet another exclusive By Sandy Hook Facts.  Even Wolfgang Halbig's attorney was so disorganized she had to refer to our web blog for the ruling, according to sources close to the case.  Par for the course for Kay Wilson.

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