Monday, January 29, 2018

Sandy Hook Justice Financial AnomOLies - Part 2

The numbers just don't had up with my math. Wolfgang, help the fellow tax payer answer this simple question.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sandy Hook Justice Organization Questionable Accounting

Documents filed with the State of Florida by Wolfgang Halbig on behalf of Sandy Hook Justice are raising eyebrows.  This video looks at just a few of those issues.  Stay tuned for more!

Why did attorney Caleb Payne claim he was pro bono if Halbig claimed in tax filings he paid Caleb Payne $6,700?

Who is this mysterious alleged paralegal named Richard Carlisle that Wolfgang claims he paid over $9,000?   Is he licensed, is he working with a supervising attorney, or is he practicing law without a license?  What was the $9,200 for?

Why didn't Wolfgang attempt to recoup that alleged $15,000 in legal costs when he filed his motion for costs against Lenny?

Why did Wolfgang only claim GoFundme in 2014?  This would mean not a single dollar was sent to Wolfgang by Paypal or in the mail.

Sandy Hook Facts looks at these questions and more.

Wolfgang Halbig declaration filed under penalty of perjury -
2016 liabilities of Sandy Hook Justice

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Side Thorn versus Sutherland Springs - is a storm is brewing?

Side Thorn has recently published several of his phone calls and encounters with victims and families of victims of the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting. Residents have have been made aware of Side Thorn's deeds and are responding. They are warning the hoaxer: "stay out of town". 

The residents of Sutherland Springs are reacting because Side Thorn has been going into the town and contacting and harassing victims of the shooting while secretly recording them. He is then edits the video and posts them on his numerous channels throughout the web.

The Sutherland Springs Church Shooting
On Nov. 5, 2017, 26 were killed and at least 20 injured when a shooter opened fire inside the First Babtist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tx.  8 children were among the dead.  This made the national news.  The shooting was instantly declared a "hoax" by the Sandy Hook hoaxers.

Hoaxer Side Thorn hails from Lockhart, Texas; about one hour drive from Sutherland Springs. Since the news broke about the shooting he has trolled the streets, churches, cemeteries, and homes of Sutherland Springs making secret videos of the victims; subsequently publishing videos accusing them of being crisis actors.   It is the pattern hoaxers have repeated many times before.

Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Virginia Reporter, Pulse Night Club, Las Vegas; the list of victims hoaxers revictimize goes on and on. The harm the cause to people in unimaginable grief is disgusting. Yet society does nothing.

To this point, the police agencies in Sutherland Springs and Lockhart Texas seem to fully support Side Thorn; or at a minimum, look the other way.

In this video, filmed by Side Thorn, Caldwell County Sheriff Deputy Flores dismisses the complaints of the father of a Sutherland Springs Shooting victim (on the phone) and continues getting the "facts" from Side Thorn. He then promises to forward his report about the "death threats" Side Thorn received to the "DA".  Thus Side Thorn gets a good laugh reporting a mother of a Sutherland Springs victim for "death threats".

Who is Side Thorn?
Side Thorn is an hoaxer and considers all of the victims of many shootings to be "Crisis Actors".  He makes no bones about the fact that he intends to see those he considers crisis actors to "hang" or otherwise be murdered.  He has victimized Sandy Hook, San Antonio Mall, and Pulse Night Club, Waco Shooting survivors and families; to name a few.  Sutherland Springs has been his target for the past few monhs.

Side Thorn's premise itself is a hoax. "Prove One Death and Get $100,000" he repeatedly declares.  The $100,000 has already been claimed. Anyone attempting to claim his reward is not met with the potential of reward but  met with vitriol, death threats, and harassment.
Side Thorn is promoted by and affiliated with Sandy Hook Hoax Group.  It should be noted numerous Sandy Hook Hoax Group members  have been imprisoned for their harassment, threats, attacks, and most recently, child porn. 

Side Thorn has also been promoted by Texas based Info Wars. Austin native Alex Jones owns Info Wars and is the founder of the "Sandy Hook Hoax" meme. Alex Jones is responsible for countless attacks on innocent victims.  Alex Jones is responsible for emboldening Side Thorn.

In this video, Owen Shroyer of Info Wars proudly holds up Side Thorns $100,000 flyer.

It should be noted that Side Thorn's "dox/true identity" is well known and is not going to be a part of this article to ensure Google does not remove the article for TOS violations.  Side Thorn's identity is easily located if you need it.  Obviously the authorities know full well who he is.  He is most certainly not hiding his brazen conduct.

In fact, Sutherland Springs Deputies seem to fully enjoy their video contacts with Side Thorn.  This Deputy was part of the first response to the Sutherland Springs shooting scene. Side Thorn posted a video of his friendly contact. Side Thorn was filming a victim in her car.  The deputy departed with a handshake and a smile.

The residents, however, appear to be saying they have had enough and are warning Side Thorn to stop harassing and threatening their families.  In response, Side Thorn promises to continue on.

It should be noted that I've seen more than one video of Side Thorn standing in the middle of Texas bikers telling them the Waco Biker shooting was fake.   A couple of victim mothers and cousins calling Side Thorn and asking him to stop harassing them is certainly not going scare him off or detour his activities.

$100,000 Reward already claimed by Sandy Hook Facts
In Side Thorn's recent video he stated no one has ever provided him documents to claim the reward. That is a bold faced lie.   I have personally provided him with irrefutable proof of death of a Sandy Hook victim.

Certified Death Certificate of Noah Pozner - this certified document was obtained through the Newtown Town Clerk and was not the copy released by Lenny Pozner; Noah's father. This document was independently obtained self-authenticating proof  Noah Pozner was killed during the Sandy Hook shooting.

The documents provided to Side Thorn are still available to the public; posted with the full permission of Lenny Pozner.

Noah Pozner Proof of Life 
In this video and blog, Lenny Pozner and Sandy Hook Facts provides proof of life and death of Noah Pozner.  Side Thorn refuses to pay.

Additionally, he was provided the Birth Certificate, Post-Mortem exam, and the report cards of Noah.

Side Thorn Death Threats

Side Thorn's response was to tell me to sue him (in between his threats to murder me).  That is where we stand at this point.  I have a potential costly legal battle to attempt to collect $100,000 from a guy who is quite likely "judgment proof".  But the reward is nonetheless claimed and Side Thorn owes me $100,000.

He made a video declining to pay and instead threatening to murder me.

Others have attempted to provide Side Thorn with proof and they are met with the same type of language, threats, and attacks.  I have archived videos of victims of Pulse Night Club, Las Vegas, and San Antonio Mall shooting attempting to claim the reward; they are met with the same treatment.  It's safe to say that anyone from Sutherland Springs giving documents to Side Thorn would be met with similar threats and harassment.

The reality is Side Thorn secretly filmed the open casket funeral of one of the San Antonio Mall shooting victims.  He used racist disparaging remarks to describe the "crisis actor in the casket".

Screen Caps from Side Thorn's video "Crisis Actor Open Casket Funeral".

 If an open casket didn't prove it to Side Thorn and certified documents didn't prove it to him, it's obvious the "reward" is nothing more than another hoax by a the Hoaxers.

Help your neighbor
I do take his threats very seriously and I do believe he is dangerous and expresses a real intent to do harm to others.

Let's hope Sutherland Springs finds some peace.  Hopefully the residents or police decide to stick up for their own.  The shooting was only a few months ago and most shooting victims or families are not ready to deal a "Side Thorn" character.  Sutherland Springs needs to, once again, help their neighbor.

Side Thorn video to "Government trolls and crisis actors and false flag hoaxes".