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Sandy Hook Justice - Jonathan Reich Guilty and Sentenced

Sandy Hook Justice Served!
Jonathan Reich sentenced
Sandy Hook Hoaxer conviction

Wolfgang Halbig threatens to find family LIVE ON INFOWARS
Now Sandy Hook Justice member Reich is sentenced on his
 harassment case regarding that family and has a 20 year restraining order!
Sandy Hook Hoax Group and
Sandy Hook Justice members have direct ties to the attacks.

In an Infowars interview, Attorney L. Kay Wilson stands proudly beside her long time client, Wolfgang Halbig,
as Halbig threatens to find the family that was the victim in Reich's harassment case.
How much did L. Kay Wilson know about what Sandy Hook Justice was planning?

FACT: Did you know that on Caravan to Midnight, Jonathan Reich claimed L. Kay Wilson was also his attorney?

Jonathan Reich Pleads GUILTY!

Convicted harasser Jonathan Reich, of Sandy Hook Justice - GUILTY

Connecticut courts are now reporting that hoaxer and Sandy Hook Justice leader Jonathan Reich has pled guilty and been sentenced in both the Avon case and the Danbury case.  At this time, details are scarce; however, the sentence includes a twenty year restraining order protecting a Sandy Hook family!

Photo courtesy: Connecticut Department of Corrections, 2017

Avon Harassment charges
In the Avon case, Reich was accused of harassing Dr. Wayne Carver. Dr. Carver was the Chief Medical Examiner at the time of the Sandy Hook shooting.  Reich was reported to have made five harassing phone calls to Carver's home at about midnight, January 31, 2013.   Reich dragged the case out for years, at one point a interstate fugitive for over a year. Sandy Hook Justice and other hoaxers raised money and pushed monetized Sandy Hook video's using Reich as a show pony, pretending Reich was facing charges for a call to Carver's office; a completely false claim.  Wolfgang Halbig raised over $100,000 promising, in part, to use the Jonathan Reich case  as his "key to exposing Sandy Hook".

Sandy Hook Justice also revealed their plans to use Reich's fugitive status until capture, whereupon they claimed they would use his extradition hearing to "expose Sandy Hook".  You can't make this stuff up! Wolfgang dished the Kool-aid, and Reich definitely drank it!

When Reich was arrested in New York, Sandy Hook Justice again vanished. Instead of providing Reich an attorney; Reich was assigned a public defender.  Reich spent three months on Rikers Island Prison in New York fighting extradition; however, the hoaxers did not have any evidence (of course) and their ill-conceived plan came crashing down on Reich's head.

Jonathan Reich was arrested by NYPD on a fugitive warrant on November 21, 2016. Reich desperately tried to avoid facing his charges, spending three months in jail in New York.

Danbury Harassment charges
While Reich was in jail, it was learned Jonathan Reich was facing new harassment charges out of Danbury; two counts of harassment. Police claim he was harassing a Sandy Hook mother at her work.  Reich's sentence out of Danbury includes a 20 year restraining order!

Wolfgang Halbig threatens to find family LIVE ON INFOWARS -
Jonathan Reich's mentor and partner, Wolfgang Halbig threatened to find the Sandy Hook family and this was broadcast by Alex Jones Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi!

This is a glimpse of the depravity of these hoaxers, including Wolfgang's promoter, Alex Jones. How low does Alex Jones sink?  This is a small glimpse:

It's very clear, Sandy Hook Justice is well beyond any decency at all.

This post will be updated when his exact sentence has been ascertained.

Reich's Fugitive warrant can be seen here:

Some of the details of the case:

Jonathan Reich, fugitive

This post will be updated when the exact sentence is ascertained.

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