Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pulse Night Club Body Cam Footage - Raw footage

Using a FOI request, SandyHookFacts.com obtained all of the "Body Cam" footage released by Florida's Orange County Sheriff on Nov. 11, 2016.

These videos are being uploaded to my channel for research purposes.


11/15/16 - Update- The videos are being uploaded as four sets due to the number of files involved.  Please be patient while I clean up the mess.

Set A - Active Shooter

Set B
Set C
Set D


Anonymous said...

Paranoid under-achiever scumbag, Robin Weigel is using these videos to claim the Pulse shooting a hoax. Apparently, in the world of this dishonest unemployed screenwriter-wannabe, proof of an event IS proof it didn't happen.

What a pathetic slice of stupid, he is.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

it is amazing he can get people to fall for his hoax. he's a racist that rails about the government while taking money from them