Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jeremy Christian - Another Alex Jones inspired nut job rampager

Another Alex Jones inspired white supremacist nut job has gone on a rampage.  Alex Jones attacks innocent families himself on one hand, all the while inspiring his viewers to go on the attack.

Here is a selection of posts by by Jeremy Christian.

We know exactly what flavor nut job he is; Alex Jones made him.

Jeremy Christian put the entire world on notice he was going to kill people. It was clearly posted to his Facebook page.   He even threatened, openly, to kill Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  He literally swore a blood oath to assassinate him and the authorities did nothing. Facebook didn't even remove the posts.

Some other posts by this man who was clearly advertising what he was going to do:

Of course, he was a big Bundy fan:

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Connecticut Attorney L. Kay Wilson continues to try to get away from Wolfgang Halbig

Is the third time a charm?
Connecticut attorney L. Kay Wilson sacrificed her dignity, her career, in her glee to represent Wolfgang Halbig. Now she is desperate to get away from him.

Finally, after nearly two years of being publicly degraded and humiliated by Halbig, L. Kay decided she has had enough and is trying to withdraw from Halbig's case.

Demonstrating the same skill that we saw in her FOIA representation of Halbig, i.e., little-to-none, Kay Wilson's ex-parte request to withdraw has been denied twice. She has filed the third request. This time, she followed Connecticut's procedure and requested a hearing.

Biggest Sin
Kay Wilson's biggest sin was not going on anti-semetic racist Jim Fetzer's show and admitting she "no longer believes the official narrative"; it was her filing of multiple requests to get school records of the Sandy Hook Choir due to hoaxer belief the choir is actually the children who were killed at Sandy Hook.   All of her requests were denied and rebuked by the Freedom of Information Commission.

 Kay Wilson filed these requests despite clear Connecticut law that makes school records exempt.  Even if she didn't know the law, she should have had common sense. Obviously little children's school records are not "public records".    Her desire to put into the hands of the hoaxer community the personal information of little children that were being stalked by Sandy Hook hoaxers was disgusting. To date, she has never publicly apologized. Sandy Hook Facts gave her that opportunity; which she ignored.

nd even indicated she was a Hoaxer ("I no longer believe the official narrative" to Jim Fetzer, no less)

Alex Jones is "Hoaxer Zero" - Founder of the Sandy Hook Hoax meme

From the earliest moments of the Sandy Hook Shooting, Alex Jones began promoting a "hoax" meme in regards to the Sandy Hook Shooting.

Today, Alex Jones is seeing the big money and he attempts to distance himself from the grief trolls, the Sandy Hook Hoaxers, that he helped found.  Back on December 14, 2012, the very day of the shooting, he began trolling the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting.

For this, he is Hoaxer Zero.

Sandy Hook Shooting - Biological Clean Up

Hoaxers have long tried to answer the question, "Who did the biologicial clean-up at Sandy Hook School?"  Wolfgang Halbig, the leader of the hoaxer, spent thousands to attempt to get this information; however, he was unable to differentiate between Connecticut's 'Department of Homeland Security' and the Federal agency of the same name. As a result of the hoaxer inability to process actual information, they were never able to answer this question. To a hoaxer, their inability to research translates to "conspiracy", when it should point to their incompetence as researchers.

Sandy Hook Facts definitively answers the question: "Who cleaned up the blood at Sandy Hook?".

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner seeks restraining order against Wolfgang Halbig

*Another Sandy Hook Exclusive Report!*

Continued abuse of the court system and processes by self-represented hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig, has led to Lenny Pozner seeking a restraining order. Pozner will seek a restraining order protecting him from Wolfgang Halbig by setting terms of deposition and Halbig’s conduct.

Wolfgang Halbig, through his for-profit business called “Sandy Hook Justice”, is the leader of a group of particularly nefarious cult-like followers called “Sandy Hook Hoax”.  Lenny Pozner sued Halbig. The lawsuit alleges Halbig published private information of Lenny Pozner on Halbig’s website.  Mr. Pozner's attorney indicated in open court that an Amended Complaint would soon be filed with more allegations.

Halbig’s hoaxers believe Lenny Pozner is a secret agent, the earth is really flat, NASA moon landings are faked, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, the Orlando Pulse shooting, San Bernardino, and just about every other shooting was faked and are “illusions and hoaxes” created by FEMA. Halbig’s hoaxers are the ultra fringe militant walkers created by the Alex Jones propaganda and brainwashing machine.  If you ever wondered, “who would give Alex Jones $20 for a tube of toothpastse?”; the answer is Halbig’s cult. They give to Halbig as well; giving Halbig well in excess of a  $100,000.  They keep giving despite the fact that Halbig has not had a single tangible success.

Halbig is well known for slandering Sandy Hook families and children , including Lenny Pozner, as part of the continuous fundraising pitches.  One slanderous false claim pushed by Wolfgang Halbig is that Lenny's son Noah was reported as killed twice; once in Sandy Hook and one is Pakistan.  No such report has ever been made by anyone, except by hoaxers themselves.

Wolfgang Halbig primarily uses the Pozner lawsuit as a fundraising prop and gimmick.  Halbig  claims he needs donations for "attorney fees"; yet Halbig does not even have an attorney.  All of the donations seem to be going straight into his pocket.

As to the lawsuit itself, Halbig has been desperate to avoid discovery.  While avoiding discovery, Halbig has been abusing the court process by propounding to Pozner unusual, irrelevant, and conspiratorial based discovery requests of his own.  Lenny objected to Halbigs absurd discovery requests and the court agreed. Halbig's discovery requests were an abuse of process; the court quashed every request Halbig has made.

On the tails of a string of defeats in court, Wolfgang Halbig was apparently attempting to lure Lenny into some sort of social media published ambush by demanding and bullying Lenny to come to an unknown location on May 24 for some sort of “deposition”.  Presumably, Halbig would be attacking Pozner on issues not related to the present court case, such as the Sandy Hook shooting.  After all, Halbig has been promising he would “expose Sandy Hook” at a deposition for years.  Considering Halbig's past antics and his dangerous, ever lurking cult like followers, the possibility this was a set up that would lead to harm Lenny Pozner, was very real.

Halbig, ever the wide-eyed conspiracy theorist, has gone on record stating that he believes he can use Lenny's privacy case  "to expose Sandy Hook" which, according to Halbig, will also "expose Boston Bombing, Orlando Pulse, and 911 [as hoaxes]".  

This reveals an underlying unreasonable intent behind Halbig’s request.

A serious concern is that one of Wolfgang Halbig’s Sandy Hook Justice leaders and producers, Jonathan Reich, was recently CONVICTED in TWO different cases of harassing Sandy Hook related families.  One of the families Reich was convicted of harassing has been publicly targeted by Halbig, as well. A 25 year restraining order was issued by Connecticut Courts against Jonathan Reich.
For Lenny Pozner, Halbig and Halbig's minions continued disgraceful conduct is too much, and he has sought protection of the court. The motion states in part "[Halbig] has made continuous threats to [Pozner] which has resulted in [Pozner] being concerned for his safety."

I think anyone targeted by the Sandy Hook Hoax cult could and should reasonably fear for their safety. I have personal experience; I  receive such death threats on a near daily basis.

A hearing on the restraining order and other motions is set for May 24, 2017 in Lake County Court.