Sunday, May 4, 2014

Newtown! Tear Down that Wall!

Wolfgang Halbig is off to Newtown armed with Freedom of Information requests.   Along with Nevada based attorney Day Williams, professional Conspiracy Theorist and blogger James Fetzer, some hard core supporters, and a film crew, the trip is planned for May 5-7.    Those who believe that Sandy Hook is a "Hoax" have donated nearly $20,000 to fund Halbig's trip.

Halbig has stated he is going to check charities public records, attend a scheduled Newtown school board meeting, to serve several Freedom of Information Act request; I suppose he intends to generally cause a ruckus and to cause Newtown'ers pain.

Wolfgang Halbig is a fraud who uses lies to instigate paranoid conspiracy theorists to donate money. He is a predator, preying on the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

On some levels, I hope he is arrested; further, I doubt I would lose much sleep if some Newtowner served an 'Old School Beat Down' upon him; however, in reality, in real life, we are a nation of rights and law.  In that light, I know Newtown and Connecticut must comply and Halbig should prevail here, where legally appropriate.

Freedom of information and government access is not only for when its convenient, warm, or nice; it's for when it's vile and disgusting.  It's for the lowest of the low in society, for the Halbig, for the Fetzer, or freedom of information and transparency is lost.

In the past,  Newtown town clerk Debbie Aurelia Halstead  has gone so far as to blatantly violate the law , her own published policies, her oath of office, and her duty as a public servant when she refused to release the death certificates of the victims. Death certificates in Connecticut cost $20 and are public documents.  Her blatant refusal was a clear violation of law and policies.

On one emotional level, her refusal was commendable.  The clerk was trying to protect the victims.  But that is not the place of a town clerk who must dutifully perform their ministerial task.  She has no discretion here. It is not for a town clerk to usurp access to public information.

The same goes for Halbig and his requests. I've reviewed his FOIA requests and while I'm not an expert on Connecticut law, and while some requests are somewhat burdensome, none seem patently unreasonable.

Some consequence of government officials not following the law is a decrease in trust and an increase in paranoia.

If Newton refuses to release all records for which Wolfgang Halbig legally requests and is legally entitled, the result will be a fueling of the fires of the conspiracy. 

Some weeks ago, my mother was over at my house looking at some of my videos on Sandy Hook. My fourteen year old niece walked over and asked what we were doing. When we told her, she stated "Oh Sandy Hook? I heard that this was fake or something, right?"   This is the new reality of the information age, don't underestimate the power of the internet and the Hoaxer videos to form ideas and impression.

Connecticut, through a lack of transparency, has brought some of that upon themselves with their failure to provide answers to legitimate questions.  This is what's at stake.  The truth.

I know why I use my own time and money to do what I do. I am compelled to investigate and publish the truth about the Sandy Hook tragedy because the press does not care enough to put the energy into getting it right. I do care.

The Connecticut State Police left a lot of questions unanswered; on Day 1 Lt. Vance promised the answers. Even today the State Police continue to withhold information they should release.   Examples: a failure to explain how Adam Lanza perpetrated the shooting, a failure to release Adam Lanza's forensic information, and a failure to release items related to the data found on Adam's external hard drive. The list could go on, really.

I ask Connecticut officials to not further victimize the families; not fuel the conspiracy theory fires further, not allow the truth to be stolen by Sandy Hoaxers.

The families and your reputation suffer if government officials do not do their job and follow the law, no matter how distasteful at times.  It doesn't matter that Halbig is a first rate disgusting filthy nauseating pig who has even called to exhume the bodies of deceased children; the officials still must do their job.

Newtown has said they won't be defined by the Sandy Hook tragedy.   I say then, don't be defined by it, do your job in spite of it.  Hold your head high and proud. You were heroes that day. You have nothing to hide.

A motive to "protect the parents" through a lack of government transparency, even with admirable intentions, is counter productive.  The parents suffer more as hoaxers use Connecticut's hampering to bolster claims that Sandy Hook was a hoax, to post absurd videos about their children.

Information for which Halbig is entitled based on freedom of information, should  be given it to him so long as he complies with proper policy and protocol.  Hold your nose and deal with him professionally, Newtown.

Newtown, tear down that wall.  What is there to lose?


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