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CW Wade, Sandy Hook Research referenced by Discovery News for SandyHook Hoax Debunking

Permit me a moment to brag. If I don't toot my own horn a little, who will?  I'll toss on a rant for good measure.  I've been featured on some alternative news podcasts and radio shows before; however, recently I got a little "love" from Discovery News when they linked to my blog from this article:

As it is, this is the first time my work was recognized by a somewhat “main stream” press.  I like that. I want real Sandy Hook research out there;  I think it is important to get it right.  My series of videos, Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute are factual and report based looks into the Sandy Hook shooting that has sliced through the misinformation, filled in the gaps, and answered many questions.  You will not find these answers anywhere else; because thus far, no one else has taken the time to look through the report and  piece it together.  I found the puzzle pieces fit together quite nicely as it came together.

My work has been viewed by people who know first hand the reality of the war crime perpetrated upon that elementary school; I've appreciated their confidential, positive comments.

Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen.  Adam Lanza, the shooter, shot his way into the school.  His first victims were principal Dawn Hochsprung, Mary Sherlach, and Natalie Hammond. Hochsprung and Sherlach were shot dead.   He then entered the office while a wounded Natalie Hammond dragged herself into a conference room and leaned against the door.  Finding no one to shoot in the office, he quickly exited the office and again stood over Sherlach and Hochsprung, firing at point blank range into their bodies.  He then entered room 10, opening fire.  Two children hid in the restroom; others escaped and ran up the road. In total 5 children died from Room 10 and both teachers.  The shooter then then entered  Room 8, catching an entire classroom attempting to huddle in a small restroom. The shooter opened fire on that group, unloading 80 rounds in under two minutes.  He shot his victims from a very close range, usually 4-5 feet away, sometimes closer. 

My research is named “The Deadliest Minute” because Adam’s time in Room 8 was the deadliest minute in civilian mass shooting history.  In fact, no other “minute” comes close.  To find something close would require the study of war time massacres or 3rd world village raids.

After he was satisfied all were dead in Room 8, he exited  and began to head in the direction of other classes.  He then suddenly retreated to Room 10.   He fired out the windows, dropped the rifle, and soon put a pistol to his head; finishing his attack as he had likely planned, by ending his own life.

A deafening silence, the smell of blood, and the smell of gun power hung in the air.  An entire school had listened to the massacre over the loud speaker and were hiding in their classrooms.  Six educators and Eighteen children were dead on the scene with wounds incompatible with life.  There was no treating them, no saving them.  Their bodies devastated by multiple rifle bullets.  On scene paramedics somberly performed the task of legal presumptions of death for those victims in accordance with mass casualty protocol as directed by Danbury Hospital.  Two other children, a boy and a girl, were mortally wounded. These children were carried by first responding officers to waiting ambulances.  The EMT's and Paramedics performed Advance Life Support measures; however, the children succumbed to their injuries and were declared dead at Danbury Hospital.  Total casualties for December 14, 2012 are well known: Twenty first graders dead.  Six teachers dead.  Two teachers wounded.  The shooter was dead.  The shooters mother found dead at her home. He shot her 4 times in the head. 

The State Police and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner made it a priority to get the bodies of the victims to their families as quickly as possible, and by about 1 pm the next day, those bodies were released to funeral homes, and therefore those families.  The first funerals were held soon thereafter. A small town, stricken with grief, struggled to cope with burying the teachers and children they knew so well, while scores of press crews descended upon them. A "vulture-ish" press, eager for a story, any story, whether true, exaggerated, or blatantly incorrect, published their stories.

These are the facts.   The water gets a little muddy from there.

Enter the Hoaxer: Countless incorrect reports by negligent press sparked a conspiracy. Amateur  video makers and bloggers combed every news video and article looking for any ambiguity, any moment of perceived irregularity or inconsistency, any momentary action that didn't fit within their own definition of "grief", and seized upon in a “Holy Grail” type fashion. Snipping it, editing it, and looping it repeatedly; the like minded parroted and echoed it and it spread, reaching lore status. When hoaxers were unsatisfied with mere irregularity, they fraudulently invented new ones from whole cloth.

Government and private actions taken to in a good faith attempt to protect the families helped stoked the fire. The Connecticut State Police left questions unanswered.  A shocked, saddened nation heaped money and goods, in that direction, wanting to help.  Where money goes, suspicious motive will follow.   Political causes were undertaken by some in the town, adding to the conspiracy theories. Firearms laws were passed and pressed; this fact alone can serve as a contentious issue. Today the fire was rages for a second event, this new event called “Sandy Hoax”.  Sandy Hoax has nothing to do with the shooting."Sandy Hoax" is a contrived invention with a life of it's own.

The Huffington Post calls these Hoaxers "Truthers"; much like calling a giant person “Tiny”, the term “truther” couldn’t be farther from the truth; in fact that term should never be used. They are "hoaxers” and they are the snake oil salesmen of our time, selling lies and distort truth.  My channel and some other channels debunk them and expose their lies and fraud.  Recently I exposed the leadership of two main hoaxer groups, Sandy Hook Hoax and Sandy Hook Justice, organizing systematic stalking of the mother of a young child survivor.

 As it is, hoaxers daily try to intimidate me. I get weird emails and friend requests. I get daily harassment in message and chat.  But this is a small price to pay to ensure they don’t steal the truth and that the reality of these hoaxers become known. Compared to what they do to the parents, these thinly veiled threats to me are nothing.

I've been asked many times "Why do you do it?" I have to do it, now.  I am compelled to put the truth out there; I am compelled to to fight the lies.  If I don't tell the truth, who will? The press? Fat chance.  Even the few press still willing to discuss Sandy Hook refuse to put in the time to get it right.  Maybe the press don’t have the time to get it right; maybe they don’t care to get it right.  Maybe both.

I'm proud of what I've accomplished and I feel like those few of us that are out there that have banded together to fight hoaxers are fighting one of the biggest evils perpetrated in this country.  History will look back on hoaxers with the shame they deserve. Their family names forever linked to the wacko conspiracy theory they espoused.  What will Wolfgang Halbig’s great grandchildren see when they search their family name?  That is all they will know about their family name, like so many other hoaxers perpetrating this fraud. Thoughts like about these hoaxers are a small consolation prize compared to the pain these hoaxers cause people who buried their children.

This is CW Wade, and my mission is truth and I will document Sandy Hook and Sandy Hoaxers, because no one else will.

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