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Sandy Hook Hoax Completely Debunked - Ten Comprehensive Proofs hoax is a complete fraud

"It's well past time people begin demanding Alex Jones, James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, Maria Chang, Tony Mead, and the rest of the hoaxers explain the demonstrably false claims they push as true." 

 Sandy Hook Hoax has not only been debunked, it has been proven to be pushed with fraudulent intent. That is to say that in many cases, it can be demonstrated the the pushers of the information are knowingly pushing false information.    This article shows the top ten proofs the claim that "Sandy Hook was a hoax" is nothing but a fraud.

    One must first understand that there is not a single piece of court admissible evidence of hoax for any mass shooting in the USA, ever.  There has never been a single piece of evidence of hoax produced and there has never been a whistle blower.

   In this article I will present the top ten proofs Sandy Hook hoax is not only completely debunked, the memes pushed are total fakery.

Proof 1: Misrepresenting and manipulating videos"Everyone must check in" & "Walking in Circles"

From Alex Jones to nearly every hoax video published, two videos are used to hook people into believing hoax. Both videos are knowingly and fraudulently represented by the Sandy Hook hoax leadership as they are aware the videos have long been debunked.

Gene Rosen's interview in the front the "Everyone Must Check-In" sign is core hoaxer lore. The hoaxers use it to suggest that the sign is proof of a drill on the morning of the shooting, directing the "participants" to check in before the shooting.

"Everyone must check" debunked as fraudulent
Everyone must check in" was debunked as fraudulent by CW Wade on March 24, 2014; a debunking that sent shock waves through the hoaxer community. Their tricks had been outted!  It was also when CW Wade really began to realize hoaxers were not simply misguided researchers; they are fakes intentionally falsifying their claims.

The trickery is obvious. The interview with Gene Rosen in front of the flashing sign was conducted days after the shooting; yet the hoaxers snip the video or push the photo to represent that the sign was there on the morning of the shooting, Friday. That is false. It was delivered to help control the press late Saturday or early Sunday.

The sign was not there Friday morning and had nothing to do with a "drill".  here is one photo from Friday morning. 

News Chopper footage clearly shows the sign is not present:

Walking in Circles

    Another popular hoax video concept that is used to trick people into believing hoax is the claim that  "Everyone was walking in circles" at the fire house.  Alex Jones uses a modified and even more fraudulent version of the claim; falsely stating the "kids are walking in circles".

   The fraud was exposed when it was proven the hoaxers looped the video, added "going in circles music", and photoshopped arrows.  A total fakery!

The hoaxer video "We need to talk about Sandy Hook" pushed the theory as true, despite the fact the Nazi supporter Peter Klein (aka Tyranny News Network) looped the video 18 times in the film, while claiming authenticity!

 Alex Jones directly lied about this in his Megyn Kelly interview.   Fraud on top of  fraud.

Proof 2: Misrepresenting and manipulating Photos

   Hoaxers are well known for knowingly using fraudulent photos to push their memes. Let's look at 3 instances hoaxers have been not only caught using fraudulent photos.  They still push the meme to this very day.

Christmas Trees
   In 2013, a very popular hoax was perpetrated by hoaxers when they claimed there were "exactly 26 Christmas Trees pre-staged at the fire house".  Articles pushing this falsity with this photo are still online today.

   This was one of Wolfgang Halbig's original questions his alleged "expertise" just could not answer, as shown on this article still online and without correction:

   In fact, Dr. Maria Hsa Chang, a real professor no less, still intentionally pushes this false meme on her blog, Fellowship of the Minds. Here is her post with the photoshopped and blurry Christmas Trees:

   Professor Maria Chang uses the intentionally photoshopped photo labeled with
 1-26 Christmas Trees to support her false claim.

   Sandy Hook Fire Department has sold Christmas Trees as a fund raiser for nearly two decades and there are dozens of news articles available online.  Last year was their 17th annual sale. This press release from Sandy Hook Fire shows that as December 8, 2017, 440 out of 800 trees had been sold.

In 2012, when the shooting occurred, there were dozens of Christmas trees around the fire department ready to be sold.

 Later, 26 were purchased by a donor and set up as a make shift memorial.   The hoaxer claim in demonstrably false.

Facts do not deter Tony Mead, as shown in this 2017 post.  Anything to hook the ignorant, no matter out outrageous and how easily debunked, is good enough for Sandy Hook Hoax:

Proof 3: Intentionally representing false information as fact

    Numerous claims by hoaxers are simply lies and fabrication.  It is fake information invented from whole cloth and pushed as facts designed to trick people into buying into hoax and opening their wallets.

   Alex Jones can be credited the wide spread posting of two key pieces of  false information: the false claim that "FBI Reports no murders at Sandy Hook" and false claim that  the "Wayback machine shows no internet activity at Sandy Hook School".

FBI Shows One Murders at Sandy Hook

    The first ridiculous hoaxer claim Alex Jones pushed hard was the meme that the FBI shows "no one died in 2012 in Sandy Hook".  That is Alex Jones' direct quote.  It is a false claim that takes the report out context.  Obviously, the FBI does not claim "No one died at Sandy Hook".  The statement by Alex Jones is a lie.

Here is the FBI Vault Page on Sandy Hook:

Alex Jones even brought Wolfgang Halbig on air to discuss it!  With all of that "expertise", they pushed false information by omitting relevant information.  When you intentionally omit relevant facts, you are being deceptive.  Falsity by omission of relevant fact.  Alex Jones is press and Wolfgang Halbig represents himself as a"expert"; therefore they should be able to conduct a reasonable investigation before presenting information to the public.   Instead, they weave tales.

The meme is pushed by intentionally misrepresenting the report as a whole.  

The most comprehensive Debunk on this is on Metabunk

I addressed it when debunking Alex Jones as a hoaxer here:

The Hoax is simple, grab one page of the FBI report and show that 0 murders are listed for Newtown.

Then completely disregard the rest of the information that the FBI and the state of Connecticut list in the reports. The state data clearly indicates the Newtown murder total does not include the "27 victims of Sandy Hook".

While the state data does include the 27 Sandy Hook victims:

Why? Because the State Police investigated the murder and that was how Connecticut listed it.

Wayback Machine

   Another favorite of Alex Jones is the false claim that the school was closed because the "Wayback Machine shows no internet activity".  James Fetzer invented this false claim and was debunked by me on May 7, 2014.  Jim Fetzer, in his book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" (written long after this was debunked) declares it to be the "most compelling evidence the school was closed".   Crisis Actors Guild covered that here:

   Alex Jones and Jim Fetzer are debunked in this video and have been debunked by many sources, including by me in this video:

Take the internet activity for one of the Sandy Hook School websites:
    Lie 1: "internet activity": First, they lie to their viewers and tell them that Wayback Machine shows there was no "internet activity from 2008-2012". You know that is a bold faced lie because Wayback Machine does not measure internet activity. It archives websites. 

   Lie 2:  Alex Jones and Jim Fetzer and the other hoaxers also omit the fact that the entire district one offline, by choice of their webmaster:

No Death Certificates

Hoaxers constantly contend Death Certificates are not available.  Fetzer states Death Certificates are not available at least three different times in "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".  Fetzer is lying and he hoaxes many people with his lie.

The Death Certificates are available from Newtown Town Clerk and the State of Connecticut.  Three are available from Danbury County Clerk (because two were pronounced dead at Danbury Hospital and one was a resident of Danbury).

I have personally challenged Jim Fetzer, James Tracy, Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead AND EVERY HOAXER OUT THERE to order the death certificates and debunk my Death Certificate claims.  They refuse because they do not conduct reasonable investigation; they are only interested in lies.

Several Death Certificates are available online  Noah Pozner, Adam Lanza, and Nancy Lanza. Note the Lanza Birth records are also available at that link, debunking their claim "Adam Lanza never existed".   I have other Death Certificates in my possession as well, as shown in this video:

Victims not Listed In the SSDI

James Fetzer Professor Maria Change, and several other hoaxers actively push the lie that the Sandy Hook victims are not listed in the Social Security Death Index.  

The claim is a fabrication. The raw data of the Social Security Death Index has been checked Chang and Fetzer were debunked.

Here is one example from the raw data:

Proof 4: Hoaxers create fake documents

Here are two examples of hoaxers caught red handed pushing fake documents.  The roots of both of these fake documents are Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax facebook page.
FEMA Manual

Tony magically "discovered" the FEMA manual on his angel fire accout and began pushing this document in 2014:

The hoaxers converted a readily available online template for a telephone drill called a  "call down site activation drill" and pretended it was a "FEMA active shooter drill manual" for Sandy Hook.

It doesn't even make sense because it is not an active shooter manual!  It's to practice calling emergency numbers.

This manual was proven fake on this blog here:

There is zero evidence of authenticity of the document and, furthermore, the document template is for a Centers For Disease Control "phone drill" not an active shooter!

The typo-filled document is not on any government server anywhere, let alone an authentic FEMA document.

Flexfit Hat

Sandy Hook Hoax falsely manipulated an email from Flexfit to push the false claim that the hat the Sandy Hook Shooter was wearing could not have been made in 2012 because the band was the "new flexfit band" that was not available until 2014. 

Here is the actual hat:

Tony rolls out his false claim to the public after manufacturing it in Sandy Hook Hoax private group.

Sandy Hook Facts and Keith Johnson contacted Flexfix and immediately debunked Tony's claim.  
Sandy Hook Facts  (Part 1Part 2Part 3).

Compare the headband above to the new head band, available as of 2014:

Hoaxer fakery  is clear on that basis alone!

But there was more...
The president of Flexfit had his IT people confirm that Sandy Hook Hoax Page "manipulated and changed the whole " email!  Caught red handed!  Here is Keith Johnson's interview with the Flexfit Vice President

You heard right, Sandy Hook Hoax literally took an email from Flexfit and changed it to misrepresent what Flexfit said. Moreover, it can be proven that the information itself is factually false through independent analysis of Flexfit's product line and patents! I even had an old flexfit hat with the old band in my personal possession. This old hat I wore in about 2005-2006!

Old hat product line:

New product line as available on ebay:

Despite the fact the email was proven fraudulent by Flexfit and by Flexfit product analysis, Tony Mead will still push is fabricated claim as true:

Total fake, busted!

Proof 5: False claim "Noah Pozner's Death Certificate is fake"

    Three professors egregiously claim that Noah Pozner's Death Certificate is fake. These hoaxer leaders willing lie and convince their followers that the the Death Certificate is fake and hoaxer lore is born!

   In James Fetzer, James Tracy, and Professor Maria Chang's book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook", they directly claim no death certificates have been released (Page 239):

Dr. Fetzer has personally stated in numerous broadcasts, the Death Certificate Lenny Pozner released is fraudulent.

And Alex Jones falsely claims the Death Certificate are sealed:

The problem is, not a single one has answered the challenge by Sandy Hook Facts: Order the Death Certificate from Newtown and debunk my documents!   My copy of Noah Pozner's Death Certifcate was not released by Lenny. It is a certified copy obtained from Newtown.

   Sandy Hook Facts published the Death Certificate released by Newtown and it matches the certificate released by Lenny Pozner, proving Lenny's is authentic and proving Jones, Chang, Fetzer, and Tracy are spreading false information!  If they were telling the truth, they could spend $20 and easily debunk me.  They cannot!

     In addition to the verified Death Certificate, Lenny Pozner has released Noah's report cards, birth certificate, passport, autopsy report, numerous photos that are time stamped with information proving the photos to be from 2012. For example, this photo of Noah Pozner in the Sandy Hook School lobby could not have been taken before 2012 because the movie "Amazing Spiderman" on his shirt was not released in  2012!

   Robert Ussery aka Side Thorn weakly claims the documents are fake and refuses to pay the $100,000 he owes for proof of death!  Tony Mead trumpets the fact Side Thorn refuses to pay up, yet Tony Mead cannot order the documents and debunk me either!

Liars, every one of them.

Proof 6: "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" has been thoroughly debunked as fiction. It is false, fake information.

    "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" written by at least three professors: James Tracy, Jim Fetzer, and Maria Chang.  We can therefore expect advanced level research; not just repeated, unresearched memes.  Holding them to the standard of professor, they pushed so many demonstrably false claims that we can only reasonably deduce that they intentionally presented false information.

The book is completely debunked in these links:
Ten Reasons Jim Fetzer's Sandy Hook book is fiction

Crisis Actors Guild debunks the book chapter by chapter. You can find the blogs from here:

Some examples...

"Rearranged Kids"
The book falsely claims the kids were rearranged in two Shannon Hicks photos.

In the book, Fetzer manipulates and blurs the photos to hide the fact these two boys are obviously different and not "rearranged".

Here's the blurry photo the three professor's used in their book:

To the average Jim Fetzer reader, he could never tell the difference of the two boys - the ruse would easily work.

Shameful! Here are much clearer photos:

The boys are not wearing the same sweatshirt, shoes, obviously do not look alike. They were not "rearranged". In fact, not a single child from one photo can be found in the other!

"Outdated Equipment"
The book falsely claims this printer is "outdated" and from "2008". Fetzer used a blurred photo to hide the model number.

Using an unblurry photo from the report, the machine is clearly a Brother MFC-J825DW. This printer was released in 2011!  Another fabrication!

Video: Jim Fetzer's book Debunked as fiction

Sandy Hook Facts exposed the deceptive tactics used by the Jim Fetzer and the other authors in this video:
Jim Fetzer Debunked and Deceptive Tactics Exposed

The video proved some horrible fakery on the part of Jim Fetzer and co-authors, including this gem:

Fetzer wanted to prove moving vans were in place "setting the stage" before December 14, 2012. 

   First, he had to pretend he was in possession of specially "leaked photos" as his proof.  Those "leaked photos" were actually manipulated crime scene photos and were not leaked photos at all!

(Another lie by Fetzer).   The photos depicted the clean up of the school  Here is the claim in the book:

Fetzer needed another photo.  So he choose this one:

    There was one problem with the original photo.  The photo had a makeshift memorial set up around the stop sign, proving the photo was taken after the shooting!  Fetzer could not use the real photo so he had to snip it a little.

Look closely at the version is Fetzer's book. He photoshopped out the memorial! Proof of fakery!

The dishonesty is simply overwhelming.

Proof 7: False claim of "crisis actors":

Dr. H. Wayne Carver

   Hoaxers love to claim Dr. Wayne Carver is a "crisis actor".  Disgraced professor James Tracy changed the meme slighting claiming he was an impostor. With his research skills, it really is no wonder FAU terminated him.
Here are the claims:

    Alex Jones and James Tracy  link Dr. Carver with crisis actors here:

    Dr. Carver was not a crisis actor. He is a physician, licensed from 1982 until his license lapsed due to retirement in 2017.  He become Chief Medical Examiner for Connecticut in 1989.

    Numerous news articles can be found on him from 1989- 2011.

This photo from 2003 shows the doctor:

Children's Autopsy's

   Hoaxers also like to falsely claim that H. Wayne Carver supported a bill to prevent the disclosure of autopsies. This was debunked by M. Flagg:

    Here is Sandy Hook Hoax article claiming "Carver's bill prohibiting the release of children's autopsy photos".

Sandy Hook Hoax group references this claim by their affiliate page, Insanemedia

    The entire claim by the hoaxers is a complete fabrication. Dr. Carver never pushed a bill to bar the release of autopsy photos. In fact, Dr. Carver OPPOSED the bill as unnecessary stating: "the Chief Medical Examiner does not now and has never released autopsy photos".

The full original letter from Dr. Carver is here:

Parent David Wheeler as "The Sniper"
Another favorite false claim of the hoaxers is the meme that Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler "played the role of a FBI sniper" at Sandy Hook.  

The sniper is FBI Special Agent William Aldenberg. His name is clearly visable on his vest.

Aldenberg is obviously bald. Here he is getting suited up:

Here he is before Sandy Hook:

Here are closeups.  They two don't match, especially the ear:

Here is David Wheeler a few weeks after the shooting; obviously not bald.

The hoaxers are hoaxing people.

Here is a video that details false claims of "Crisis Actors", specifically looking and Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

Yet another claims Veronique Pozner, mother of Noah Pozner, is Swiss Diplomat Veronique Haller. 

Disgraced James Tracy loves to push this false claim

   Of course, the claim is soundly debunked with any reasonable investigation:

In fact, we know what Swiss Diplomat Veronique Haller looks like because she has an active Facebook Page!

And we have video of Veronique Haller Speaking at the United Nations

   Another meme concerns a little girl hoaxers harass. Jonathan Reich went to jail for harassing the family. Wolfgang Halbig promises to "find them.  Yet, the theory is completely bogus.

Proof 8:The claim that "no EMTs were allowed in Sandy Hook" and the claim "Only a Doctor can declare death in CT" are false.

Wolfgang Halbig's Sixteen Questions
     Wolfgang Habig's original sixteen questions were answered by Sandy Hook Facts  March 23, 2014

    But that didn't stop Wolfgang from continuing to push many of the false assertions he pretends are "questions" to this very day.  Two of those claims are the "EMT's were not allowed in the school" and "Who declared the children dead in under eight minutes when only a doctor can declare people dead.

The claims are both false and Wolfgang was long ago made aware of such. He still pushes the claims.

No EMT's allowed in the School

The claim is false on it's face.

    There were EMTs and Paramedics in the school and transporting wounded to the hospital.    The hoaxers cannot support their claim that no Paramedics or EMT's were allowed in the school with any reputable source. Halbig and the hoaxers simply made it up.

There are off-shoots of the false claim: 
*Hoaxers falsely claim no ambulances were allowed to transport wounded.
*The hoaxers falsely claim there were no wounded.

Wounded being evacuated was documented on Dash Cam as detailed in this video. The video also shows the staging of the initial ambulances that transported patients.

Evacuation was caught on dash cam. While the State Police redacted most of it, some of it can be seen:

Enhanced evacuation video:

Sandy Hook The Deadliest Minute: Fallen Angel

Roig's class rescue was partially captured.

Here is a wounded teacher being evacuated from the school:

The Report proves EMT's were in the building

   Book 6 of the Sandy Hook Final Report provides the written reports from the first responding police and medical personnel. Wolfgang Halbig claims he is an expert, therefore, the fact he does not acknowledge these documents in the report are proof that he is intentionally withholding information.

   3 of the most seriously wounded were treated by 2 paramedics and 4 EMTs, within the "first response" time frame. 

Unit: NEWTA2 Paramedic Robert Velleteri w/Marty Folan and John Burke ALS -female juvi ALS
Unit: NEWTA3 - Paramedic Daniel Bradley w/Kenneth Lerman and Laurie Veillete
For the first responding ambulances that transported four wounded patients to Danbury Hospital: See Book 2, doc 260162, Book 6 doc 19274, Book 6 256435, Book 6 258272
Inside the school in direct contact with the deceased were Two EMTs: Sgt William Cario (Book Doc 26724)  and TFC Patrick Dragon (Book 6 Doc 75357)  One Registered Nurse, William Blumenthal (Doc 11235) and Paramedics: Director of Danbury EMT, Paramedic Matthew Cassevechia (Book 6 Doc 2113) , and two tactical Paramedics, John Reed (Book 6 doc 2358), and Bernie Meehan.

Only a Doctor Can Declare People Dead

 Wolfgang Halbig presents he's an "Active Shooter" expert, so he should know about Mass Causality Triage.   As an "expert", he would (or should) know that it is simply untrue to claim "only a doctor can declare someone dead" in the context of a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI).  Obviously, the average Halbig follower could never understand it.

Halbig's claim that "only a doctor can declare people dead is completely false.  In an MCI, people are black tagged, i.e. presumed dead, by first responders and the initials assessment only takes a few minutes.
"Only a doctor can declare them dead" - Debunked in video:

Debunked in May 2014

   At Sandy Hook, after the initial triage assessment, Paramedics under the direction of Danbury Hospital made the legal presumptions of death.  Director of EMS Matthew Cassevechia was in charge of the on scene presumptions of death.   The presumption of death protocols used were detailed in the final report and included running EKGs.

Medical equipment used during the presumption of death by Paramedics:

In a private discussion, a first responder told me that the State Police would not allow the equipment to be removed and it was retained as part of the crime scene until the crime scene was processed.

Proof 9: Fake or misleading FOIA requests

   Wolfgang Halbig has spent tens of thousands of dollars (not to mention wasting tax payer money) pushing false or misleading FOIA requests. He makes request for documents from the incorrect agency or requests documents that don't exist or are not public records. When the documents cannot be produced, he raises money for himself to "expose the illusion" and claims Newtown is "covering up" by not releasing documents.

Lets look at some of his FOIA requestion

"Who Cleaned Up the Blood"

    Wolfgang Halbig has asked "Who Cleaned up the Blood" for years. As one of his original 16 questions, it was answered by Sandy Hook Facts in 2014.  

   The premise of the hoaxers is to falsely claim that there was no one contracted to clean up the blood because there was "no blood".

   Later, the meme evolved to Wolfgang Halbig harassing Newtown with FOIA requests and hearing demanding they provide the "blood clean up contract".  Newtown did not have the blood clean up contract and Wolfgang's donor money wasted on a Halbig's horrible research.

Halbig was targeting the wrong agency!

Sandy Hook Facts easily obtained the blood cleanup contract because the FOI request was sent to the correct agency. Wolfgang Halbig's fake FOI proven false and hoaxers were debunked.

To this day, while claiming hes an "expert", Halbig has still been unable to obtain the cleanup contract.

"Parent Permission Forms"

   Wolfgang Halbig and L. Kay Wilson targeted Newtown's children with numerous FOI requests demanding copies of the parent permission forms for the "Field trip to the Super Bowl".

Wolfgang Halbig was denied these requests. Obviously, children's school records are not subject to FOI requests. As a school principal and administrator, Halbig was well aware these were not public records.

"Sinko's Dash Cam"

  To this day Wolfgang Halbig claims he never received the "Sinko" Dash Cam. That is false. He has received it.   His claim is based on the fact that Sinko was using a patrol car for extra duty instead of his usual vehicle as an Lieutenant. The Dash Cam was labeled for the Patrolman "Mulhall".

The final report documents the fact that Sinko's Dash Cam is identified as "Mulhall".

   Thousands of dollars of hoaxer donations were spent trying to force the release of a nonexistence dash cam - one labeled "Sinko". 

DVD Showing Evacuation
  Wolfgang won the release of the DVD showing the evacuation and Connecticut appealed. Halbig did not pursue his appeal, instead letting the matter drop!  The only thing Wolfgang ever won for FOIA, and he didn't even pursue it!

Full debunk:  

"Exhibit O - The helicopter pilot"

   Halbig raised a lot of money claiming that Connecticut was not responding to his Subpoena for the CSP Helicopter Pilot. Sandy Hook Facts exclusively exposed the fact that, logged as Exhibit O, Wolfgang and his attorney had known for months that the pilot was on military duty and was not available for the hearing! Halbig could have easily changed the date!

Wolfgang then claimed that he never saw the document.  That didn't work either; Halbig is on video holding the document!
Video Proof: Exhibit O

"School Security System"

Wolfgang Halbig falsely claims that Sandy Hook School installed a "new hightech security system in 2012".  He filed FOIA for those records and the hearing was covered here:

Halbig's premise is based on conspiracy theorists, including Halbig himself, misstating a headline and article by the Courant. 

The original article is here:

Sandy Hook Facts initially debunked the Security System claim 2015

The Security System was fully explained here:

The invoice is here:

False Time Stamps
Hoaxers love fake time stamps and time stamps are notoriously wrong online.  

One of their favorite tricks is to use screen captures from the West Coast to disprove time on the East Coast. The three hour different makes great conspiracy fodder. A few days ago, Sandy Hook Hoax group used the trick in a tweet related to the Parkland Shooting.

The time stamp on their tweet shows 11:34
The tweet is here:
If you set your time zone to Pacific, the tweet looks like this - 11:34

If you set your twitter time zone to East Coast, the tweet looks like this - 2:34

Give it a try and see just how fake these hoaxers are!

This is not research, its outright fraud!

Tony Mead does this for several hours a day, according to his own words. he would obviously know this.  It's obviously intentionally misrepresenting the facts.

It's an old trick.
The hoaxers used in on Flight MH17
Boston Bombing

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook EXIF data date time stamps debunked here:

Cache Time debunked

If the time stamps are true, does that mean Sandy Hook Hoax is controlled opposition?

Using Sandy Hook Hoax's own lack of logic and blatant dishonesty, one could the Sandy Hook Hoax page was created before the shooting.

Dash Cams
False claims about Dash Cam Time Stamps are abundant in the hoaxer world. Here are a few debunkings of the Dash Cam claims.

We need to Talk about Sandy Hook Debunked- Dash Cams

Sandy Hook Dash Cam Claim - DEBUNKED

Wolfgang claimed his dash cam DVD's had no times stamps. He was lying:
Sandy Hook Dash Cam and Media Player Information

Proof 10: False claim the Sandy Hook School was closed

  Sandy Hook Hoaxers falsely claim the Sandy Hook School was closed. What evidence do they have the school was closed? Nothing. The claim is based on the Wayback machine, debunked above.  

Wolfgang even offered a reward, then didn't follow through when the reward was claimed.

     However; the proof the school was opening and functioning is abundant. CrisisActorsGuild has a 13 part series proving the school was open and the links can be found from here:

The evidence is irrefutable.  Bombshell Photo Proofs

Dawn Hochsprung and students on video:

As a matter of fact, dating photos prove irrefutably that Sandy Hook Hoax is a complete fraud. Here is the video:

Some photos that prove the school was open. Many are courtesy of Crisis Actors Guild. There are dozens of news articles, PTA meeting minutes, school newsletters, and school budgets available.  Compared to the evidence the hoaxers present (ie a lie about Wayback Machine), the hoaxers are proven fraudulent.

Chinese performance art celebrating the Year of the Dragon - 2012

It's well past time people begin demanding James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, Maria Chang, Tony Mead, and the rest of the hoaxers explain the demonstrably false claims they push.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this garbage? Does this beached whale not read criticism of his "evidence"? I thought he respected science so much?

Unknown said...

Excellent work as always. I recently came upon a thread of comments on FellowshipoftheMinds, where Dr. Eowin made the Wayback claim. I told her she should post the data for all the Newtown districts, they all look the same (as I learned from your post). She replied, "You made the claim, you show them. I dare you!" So I looked them up one at a time directly at the Wayback site and posted the links. Surprise, surprise, my comment never showed up.