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Sandy Hook Noah Pozner Death Certificate, Birth Certificate, Proof of Life, and Proof of Death

* Several World Wide Exclusive Photos and Documents*
Noah Pozner - Irrefutable Proof of Life and Death

Lenny Pozner releases full documentative
 proof of the life and death of his son,

Noah, murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary,
in hopes of quelling online conspiracy theory

Noah Pozner can debunk the entire Sandy Hook Hoax meme that is pushed by the collective hive of opportunists, liars, nutjobs, and frauds we call "hoaxers".

In an effort to quell online conspiracy theories, Lenny Pozner has taken the step to go above and beyond, and to publicly release very private information related to his son Noah.  Lenny has also released dozens of photos of his family.  If you put the information Lenny has released in one presentation of evidence, we have undebunkable proof of the life and death of Noah Pozner.  Noah was killed December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Updated Notice: Side Thorn's $100,000 reward has been officially claimed. Side Thorn refuses to pay.

The hoaxers, in return, will doubtless do what hoaxers do about the information. They lie. For example, just yesterday Tony Mead lied, claiming he has never seen a victim's birth certificate.  The birth certificate was released in 2014 and Tony knows it. In fact, the birth certificate is even host It is hosted on his sister site, Max Resistance right now.

Government certified or produced and authenticated or authententicatable documents have been produced as conclusive, irrefutable, proof, of the birth and death of Noah Pozner.

The following documents have been produced regarding Noah Pozner, victim at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Noah Pozner Birth Certificate - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Death Certificate - Parent's copy that includes social security number  - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Death Certificate - Current, publicly available copy obtained from Newtown Town Clerk.
Noah Pozner Autopsy Report - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Postmortem External Exam   - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Report Cards for Sandy Hook Elementary School  - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Passport
Copy of the official Master Social Security Death Index raw file for Noah Pozner

Note: All documents and images are released with exclusive permission to If you intend on using these images or documents, especially if you are a hoaxer conspiracy theorists, you are on notice.  Contact Lenny for permission.

Sandy Hook Facts has released this information via video - Social Security Death Index - Debunked

Note: Video on Youtube has been made private due to censorship issues.

Here are the scans of those documents.

Noah Pozner Birth Certificate
Noah Pozner Birth Certificate.  Birth Certificates in Connecticut are not public records.  This was released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.

Noah Pozner Death Certificates - Parent Copy
In 2014, Lenny Pozner released Noah Pozner's Death Certificate.  Death Certificates in Connecticut are public record and are publicly available.

You may order your own copy of Noah's Death Certificate from Newtown Town Clerk
You may also obtain them through the state of Connecticut.

Noah Pozner Death Certificate - Public Copy
This document was released on video by; however, this is the premeir release of this document by blog. Hoaxers defamed Lenny falsely claiming the certificate was fraudulent.  Hoaxers who publicly defamed Lenny include James Tracy and Jim Fetzer.   Here is a Certified Death Certificate, available to anyone publicly. This was obtained in 2016 from Newtown Town Clerk.  For $20, any of you could order this copy. This is especially true to the hoaxer defamers.

Social Security Master Death Index

Noah Pozner entry in the Social Security Master Death Index. The raw data from the Master Social Security Death Index master file (Social Security number partially redacted). The death index was obtained by

Web available info regarding the Connecticut and Federal Death Indexes:

Noah Pozner Postmortem Examination / Autopsy

Noah Pozner Passport
Noah Pozner's Passport was released by Lenny Pozner is 2016.

Noah Pozner Report Cards from Sandy Hook School

Noah Pozner - Proof of life

Photographic Proofs with undebunkable Time Stamps

The following documents and photos have been made available by Lenny Pozner for use by

Many of the photos contain irrefutable time stamps proving the time period the photos were taken. These photos irrefutably debunk hoaxer claims Noah was not 6 in 2012.  They also prove Sandy Hook School was in operation.

Let's begin with the most famous photo of Noah.

Noah is clearly standing in the Lobby of Sandy Hook Elementary School. This photo was taken in 2012, a few months before the shooting. The lobby looks very much as it did on the day of the shooting.  Note this crime scene photo.

Noah is wearing an "The Amazing Spiderman" Wall Crawler Youth T Shirt.

The Amazing Spiderman was released in 2012. Here is Noah wearing the shirt. He is with his twin sister.

In another similar photo, Noah is holding Lego Star Wars "Anakin to the Rescue". That book was released 9-1-12.  Therefore, this photo could not have been before that time period.

The hoto series of Noah in the Lobby is not refuatable by rational people; however, there is more..  Take a look at the flag display on the south wall of Sandy Hook School.  You can see that display here in this Newtown Bee photo of shooting victim Jesse Lewis.  The magazine in the display case is from Highlights 2012 magazine. Credit for this undebunkable find: CrisisActorsGuild

In yet another Sandy Hook School lobby photo, with Noah in his "Amazing Spiderman" t-shirt -

The books being held by Noah's sisters are:
Ponyella  -released Jan 18, 2011.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever - released Nov. 15, 2011

Here is another photo of Noah and his twin sister.  Taken on 11/20/11, proudly holding their new toy. The children are holding "Ultimate Optimus Prime" Dark Side of the Moon toy.

Transformers: Dark Side of the moon was released in 2011.

Toy from Amazon is here.
  The first Amazon review for this toy was left  August 25, 2011 by a verified purchase.

The movie "Transformers Dark Side of the Moon" was released in 2011.

Another photo of Noah at a very open Sandy Hook School.

Kindergarten graduation from a very open Sandy Hook School:

Sandy Hook Facts is in possession of two videos of the 2011 Kindergarten children putting on a graduation concert for the parents in the Cafeteria stage area of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Noah and his sister are wearing the clothese pictured above. At this time, I do not have permission to release the videos or even stills of the video. Time stamping this video  is an Iphone held by a parent recording the concert in front of the camera. Several victims can be seen singing, in addition to many other children. When Sandy Hook Facts is given permission to release this video, Hoaxers will have face the fact they are proven to be lying demons.

Birth announcement of Noah and Arielle:

The whole family:

Noah playing Angry Birds - the irrefutable time stamp is the Iphone.

Lenny and his children:

Veronique holding the twins:

Photos from the video of Noah's funeral:

Veteran's Day 2012 - $1,000 reward
Wolfgang challenged debunkers to provide him with photos of the 2012 Veteran's day; for which, he would pay $1,000. Two debunkers answered - and  Wolfgang refuses to pay.  However, Lenny's children are seen in one of the photos provided:

Side Thorn $100,000 reward claimed
Wolfgang is not the only hoaxer to refuse to pay awards. Side Thorn is another.
Robert Ussery, aka Side Thorn, has offered a $100,000 reward for proof of Death. Lenny Pozner is formally claiming the reward.  Obviously, Ussery is a hoaxer and will not pay his debts. Sandy Hook facts previously claimed the reward. Now, Lenny Pozner claims the reward.

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