Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sandy Hook Shannon Hicks' Iconic Photograph and Newtown Officer William Hull

I've been sitting on this information for awhile; however, I am getting ready to update the main SHF Website and want to include this photo in my scrolling pictures so I need to publish some of the information I have discovered.

I will complete my more detailed analysis of these events at a later time and likely via video.

Many hoaxers, such as Jim Fetzer, claim that the photos are from a drill in October. While that is idiotic disinformation on it's face, I wanted to point out that the evacuation of children is occurring with at least one photographed officer taking a position of cover, protecting the children.

Shannon Hicks' photo is below. This is a high resolution version; click to enlarge.

If you look closely, you can see Newtown Officer William Hull in the background.  Officer Hull was on an extra duty assignment prior to responding.

Officer Hull had arrived very early and took a position covering parents who were hiding behind the dumpsters on the (essentially) south side of the school.  His arrival at 9:46 is documented on Seabrook's Dash Cam and by radio.  Obviously, this is not an "October School Drill"; the children are escorted under armed cover.

Later, at 10:43, we see Officer Hull return and get crime scene tape. The events match his statement.  As can been seen, soon after Hull's arrival, he removed his bright yellow jacket, as any intelligent person preparing himself for a possible firefight would do.    

One of the parents Officer Hull was protecting can be observed in another Hicks photo. Again, this is a high resolution Shannon Hicks photo.

You can see what appears to be a woman hiding behind the dumpsters.  We know from the report, two women hid behind a dumpster while an Officer protected them. This appears to match the report.

It is believed Officer Hull can be seen evacuating the parents in this portion of the video:

 Officer's Hull's statement - doc #2101.

The other officers in Shannon Hicks' photo are CSP Detective Rachel Vanness (hoaxers pretend she is an FBI agent) and State Trooper Edward Bennechi, seen here on the left with Captain Rios (middle) and CSP Lt. Davis.

 Trooper Bennechi

More details during a later publication..


Mortician911 said...

I am curious about you still shots of body/dash cam stills, where did you pull them from? Many folks claim date/time stamps are missing from dash cam footage?

Did you personally review it or do you have someone close to the police department? said...

Hi I own copies of the dash cams. they have time stamps, they toggle on/of .. wollfgsng is liying. I covered this in many other articles.

Interested in your posts. in your area would it be unusal for people to see family murder victims for the firrst time at the funeral home ( as opposed to at the medical ecaminers)? said...

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