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Wolfgang Halbig versus Newtown - FOI Round 2 Preview

On June 3, 2015 Wolfgang Halbig returns to where he loves to be, center stage of the Sandy Hook Hoax community that he leads, as he heads into Connecticut for Round 2 of his Freedom of Information Commission hearing.

As was reported after the first hearing, Halbig and his attorney L. Kay Wilson were soundly thrashed by Monte Frank and the town of Newtown when Halbig failed to demonstrate that Newtown withheld even a single responsive document.   Further, Wilson embarrassed herself when she attempted to introduce hoaxer created and/or "enhanced" news articles and exhibits.  The Town objected to the introduction of the "clearly not authentic" and "hearsay" exhibits and the objections were sustained.

 Halbig contends in recent interviews that they have now learned how the "game is played".  In reality, all that was learned by Kay Wilson (or 'schooled' by Mr. Frank) is known by 2nd and 3rd year law students in a evidence course.

The first day of the hearing was reviewed here:

The "game" is a hearing is about documents.  Did the town respond? If the town withheld documents, is there a valid exemption allowed the documents to be withheld?  Thus far, the Town has not even had to claim a single exemption since Halbig has failed to demonstrate even a single piece of paper has been withheld.

In contrast, Halbig admitted to receiving the requested Security Camera documents, the Dash Cams, the requested Consent Agenda for the Newtown School Board meeting, and the work orders; exactly as he requested; however, he simply does not believe the documents or thinks they are not completed properly.  As the Commission pointed out, Halbig's opinion "carries no weight".  Since the Town complied, Halbig will lose on those issues.

So now... Round Two.

In two interviews Halbig has laid out his strategy for the continued hearing.  That strategy seems to be at odds with the point of the hearing, and therefore destined for failure, as can be easily seen.

Several days ago Halbig was essentially accusing Infowars of selling out and "running scared" and complaining they had not given him a "dime" and in fact, he has "lost all respect for Alex Jones".

The was reported on this blog here:

A few days later Halbig was back on Infowars crooning their accolades. You can skip to minute 40 to get to the new stuff of his interview here:

The second video was "Wolfgang Halbig Sandy Hook Justice" interview by Aaron Wilson; however, this video has been made the video private for some reason.  Sandy Hook has an available copy of the video and has reviewed it for this article. The original location was:

According to the interviews, Halbig's plan for Day 2 is as follows:

1.  Keven Anzellotti, Head Custodian
Halbig has served subpoena on Kevin Anzellotti, head custodian for Sandy Hook Elementary.  It is unknown if Mr. Anzellotti will appear or his supervisor will appear in his place. Regardless of who appears, Halbig's again wants to show crime scene photos taken after the shooting and ask about work orders from dates prior to the shooting.

The Town has already testified they provided all the work orders as requested; end of story. Photos taken after December 14, 2012 are after the requested time period at issue; after a mass causality incident, and are completely irrelevant to work orders.  Thus, the consumption of time outweighs any benefit and the Commission needs to take control and shut down the hoaxers on this point.  The photos are irrelevant; Halbig already has the documents.

2.  Connecticut State Police (CSP) "Chopper 1" pilot Sergeant McClain and his observer.
Halbig contends Newtown must have had communication with Chopper 1.  First, logic and common sense dictates that Connecticut State Police dispatched and controlled their own helicopter.  Numerous CSP personnel were on scene at the time of dispatch and CSP personnel were likely those communicating the helicopter.  The helicopter's mission was to assist ground personnel and to control air space over the school. On scene CSP personnel would obviously communicate with Chopper 1 to accomplish this mission.

Newtown would not likely have or need any communication with the helicopter.  Further, that helicopter would not be in Newtown's chain of command.

However, in terms of FOI; remember, the hearing is about documents.  Therefore, Halbig is again wasting Commission time and Connecticut tax payer money. What possible testimony could a Connecticut State Helicopter Pilot offer concerning documents in the possession of the Newtown Police Department? Obviously, none. That pilot knows nothing of Newtown possessing documents and the NPD Police Chief has testified there are no responsive documents. 

Again, the job falls to Commissioner Streeter to take control of the hearing and not allow this particular hoaxer charade.

3.  Dash Cam's Time Stamps.  

Unbelievably, not even the "brightest minds" of Hoaxers have been able to figure out this technology called "closed captions".  Halbig still contends his videos do not contain them.  If Halbig brings up the Time Stamp issue, he will be made a fool of because the time stamps are imbedded in the videos he received.  Hopefully I don't print anything before the hearing that would dissuade Halbig from traveling down his ignorant delusional road concerning the Dash Cam Time Stamps.  A guilty pleasure is looking forward to.

4.  Kathy Gombos - Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School

It is unknown if Ms. Gombos will appear or a supervisor in her place.   Halbig stated he is going to ask Ms. Gombos where the twenty-six children who sang at the Super Bowl in 2013 went. As is known, Hoaxers believe these children are actually the victims who were killed, alive. and magically aged.

Halbig directly stated he wants the little children's "field trip permission slips" to get those children's identities.   Neither the field trip forms nor any document related to the Super Bowl trip of the Sandy Hook choir are at issue in this hearing because Halbig did not request those documents. 

If field trips were at issue or become at-issue, Newtown would rely on the obvious Connecticut legal exemption that keeps children's school records out of the hands of the likes of Halbig and his followers - as was discussed here:

Once again, the commission needs to control this.  Since Halbig requested the Consent Agenda for January 23, 2013 and attachments and Halbig received those documents, there is no outstanding request; Newtown fully complied. The request at-issue has nothing to do with the identity of the twenty-six little children or Halbig's desire to obtain the little children's identities.  Halbig loses.

5.  emails from Newtown School facility director Gino Faiella to Dawn Hochsprung.

Halbig's original request was vague and the Town objected.  Prior to the hearing, the objection was never addressed by Halbig and Halbig admitted as such under oath.  After the hearing, Halbig announced his attorney Kay Wilson submitted a narrowing request to Mr. Frank requesting specifically the emails from Mrs. Hochsprung to Mr. Faiella for the year 2012.

It is unknown if the Town has had time to provide responsive documents to this newly narrowed request.  Assuming Wilson figures out that the request needs to go to the School District and not Monte Frank, it seems that this request should now be granted and those documents provided as public records. may have more on this in a later post.

It will be several months before the the FOI Commission rules; however, that is how sees the upcoming hearing and we hope the Commission exercises control and stops Halbig and his nonsense in it's tracks.

Halbig states he and his attorney have now learned how to present evidence.
Did they learn their lessons after their legal beat down? We shall see.

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