Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Wolfgang Halbig vs SHF lawsuit - SHF awarded $262,000!

$262,000 Awarded in monumental victory!

Legal victories versus hoaxers continue!

A four year legal battle finally concluded ON 11/5 with Wolgang Halbig failing to appear in court and judgment for SHF in the amount of $261,967.89 as compensation for attorney fees and including an additional 25% as compensation for Halbig's shenanigans.

Halbig and Infowars- a hoaxer team

Wolfgang Halbig sued a number of bloggers with a SLAPP suit to attempt to silence them; SHF fought back and has soundly defeated Halbig at every hearing and on every point.  The first judgment totaling about $23,000.  Halbig then appealed and lost. ShF cross appealed because $23,000 was too low. The appeal court agreed and  instructed the trial court to recalculate the original insufficient award to SHF and to now include cost on appeal.  The appeal was a published decision, meaning it is now new case law.


Prior blogs have discussed this in detail.

After the appeal, Halbig fired his attorney and laughingly attempted to represent himself.

On Monday, prior to the hearing, Halbig apparently lied to the court when he phoned in a request to continue. He reportedtly tried to claim he did not have notice; his lie only more preposterous considering the countless ridiculous emails he has sent to SHF attorneys in preparation for the hearing.

Sample email from 10/29:

The court was not impressed with Halbig's nonsense and the hearing went forward.

SHF fully anticipates Halbig will continue his shenanigans upon the Court and the award will continue to rise. 

Official orders should issue relatively soon.

Online info may be found here by searching for Wolfgang Halbig under civil case information


Blogged case summary:


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Wolfgang Halbig vs Sandy Hook Facts - the lawsuit coming to a close

Wolfgang Halbig vs Sandy Hook Facts - the lawsuit's final battle!

Halbig's fundraising took a nosedive after sound debunking by SHF.

The stage has been set for what is hopefully the last round of the four year legal battle - Wolfgang Halbig vs Sandy Hook Facts.

As many know, in 2015 Wolfgang Halbig violated free speech when he attempted to use the courts  to silence Sandy Hook Facts.

 The case has trogged through the courts for years; however, it appears to be drawing to a final conclusion.

 On 9/17/19, on remand from appeal, the trial court will hear oral argument on the amount Wolfgang Halbig owes Sandy Hook Facts.  The only issue on the table at the hearing is "How much" is owed to SHF.  SHF filed briefs seeking compensation for the rightfully owed amount of nearly $300,000.

That amount could go up, depending on actions of Halbig and findings by the Court.  Halbig, of course, filed briefs attempting to duck his obligations entirely.

A brief background -
Wolfgang Halbig, with his attorney, Orlando based Cynthia Conlin, filed suit against a people who were speaking out against Halbig's vile lies and defamation of Sandy Hook families and victims.  Debunking Halbig was hurting the fundraising. Cynthia Conlin and Halbig wanted the opposition silenced.

Wolfgang Halbig's attorney Cynthia Conlin filed a SLAPP suit against debunker and those speaking up for Sandy Hook victims on Halbig's behalf.   Soundly crushed on all fronts, Halbig has filed a malpractice claim against Conlin.

A lawsuit to silence people is called a SLAPP suit (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).  While Halbig and Cynthia Conlin's SLAPP suit silenced a number of Halbig's detractors; SHF refused to be silenced by their bullying and hired counsel.  More information on SLAPP can be found on the links below.

Here is a timeline and informational links:

May 2015:  SHF's post forshadowed what would happen if Halbig decided to bring Sandy Hook Facts into their SLAPP lawsuit. SHF, a California resident, would use California's anti-SLAPP laws to defeat Halbig and Cynthia Conlin's anti-free speech lawsuit. 

Ultimately, SHF's attorneys followed SHF's blue print to set precedent in California.


Aug 2015: Wolfgang Halbig decided to ignore California law when he attempted to use a subpeona to drag Sandy Hook Facts into his ridiculous Florida lawsuit without justification.  Sandy Hook Facts and his skilled counsel prevailed and were awarded $22,495; far below what was owed.  Halbig, soundly defeated in California, soon had his his entire Florida SLAPP suit dismissed by the Court.

Halbig promptly appealed the California Decision. SHF cross appealed because the amount awarded was far below what was owed by Halbig.



Nov 2018:  Victory on appeal.    In a precedent setting published decision, SHF prevailed over Halbig on every point before the appeal court.  Halbig was completely defeated. The case was returned to the trial court to recalculate the amount owed.


You may view the published decision here:
In re Google:


Wolfgang Halbig's original, dismissed, lawsuit in Floria.


You can search for the California case at the link below. No direct link is available.
Easiest Method: Case search for "Wolfgang Halbig"
Case number is: 2015-1-CV-280191